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Leet Resumes is a magical service. All I had to do was email my resume, and I got back a powerfully worded and focused resume that helps highlight my achievements and bring attention to my skills. Thank you for your insightful work!
A great resume rewrite, done by a professional resume writer. Clear, concise, and to the point.
My resume writer did amazingly fast work in compressing my chock full, 3-pg resume to 1-pg page that captured everything, all in a clean, up-to-date format that truly blew me away. I have very high standards and my writer surpassed them. I would definitely recommend Leet to others.
Received my rewritten resume a while ago, would say it's definitely worth trying. It's a clean rewrite of my otherwise clumsy resume, and I regret not having found this earlier.
I was thoroughly impressed with my Leet resume. With a diverse background across multiple industries, it’s sometimes daunting to highlight all of your experiences in a succinct way. The team at Leet did just that, and now I’m a fan for life. Don’t hesitate to use their services, you won’t regret it.
Your help is appreciated, you have done a great job. Cutting lots of clutter that I was hesitant to do. But that's how you create a readable resume that is easy to digest and simple to understand, I have been doing that to my code day to day and I know the benefits.
Leet Resumes is the first Resume Writing Service I have used, and I am very happy I chose them. They specifically tailored my resume to my career goals and job search, and it is visually appealing and simple. I would absolutely recommend to anyone in need of resume help.
Leet's technical resume was a necessary refresh of a resume that I've been using for years. Having another set of experienced eyes to tweak things and concisely portray my skills as an engineer was quite valuable. I would definitely recommend having Leet look at your resume even if you aren't looking for a job or don't think you need it.
Leet did a great job on my resume and I am very pleased. Using my new resume, I have already secured two interviews and am getting noticed by recruiters.
Leet Resumes really helped me clearly explain my skills and strengths in a marketable way. They were fast and responsive, and the entire process was very smooth. Will definitely recommend to friends.
These guys are really good, my resume is looking so much better now thanks to their help. Even if you think your resume is already great, they'll boost it to the next level!
Wow, thank you for your time and effort on this, it looks great! I wasn’t expecting so much work to be put into the transformation, so I appreciate the wonderful surprise.
Leet focused on what was truly important about my professional history and transformed my resume from just ‘ok’ to awesome. They helped shape a message that emphasized on the impact of my work in prior roles in a concise manner. I highly recommend them.
Leet Resumes helped me to rethink the core content / message of my skill-set and better convey my strengths as a candidate. The approach of using skills, roles, and numbers as first-class citizens in a resume fundamentally improved my resume!
I very much appreciate your help with improving my resume. The revised version is much “crisper”, looks and reads much better, and clearly emphasizes my achievements, strengths and benefits that I can offer to potential employers. I’m quite certain that it will result in their higher interest as well as interesting, challenging and best-fitting career opportunities. Marc, thank you for your time, patience and helpful advice!
I'm very excited to try out my new resume. Your revision and insights improved it a lot in a very short time. Thanks a lot for your time, I'm glad that I came across you!
Leet really helped me appreciate the value of highlighting the objective measures of achievement in my career. They also helped me turn an essentially historical document into a forward looking one, which is really what any resume should be. I would definitely recommend Leet's insights for anyone revisiting their resume.
Seems like my resume got a Botox treatment! It looks very compelling with all my unique technical skills being highlighted properly. My previous resume had a smaller font and felt less readable. Leet’s resume made it look clean, readable, and full of energy! My confidence level just went up a few points because I know there is no bias and has been reviewed by an expert!
I would definitely recommend Leet to others. The process was amazingly quick and easy. I am extremely pleased with my new resume!
Marc at Leet Resumes helped me rewrite my resume that I hadn't updated in years. I appreciate his thoughtful feedback and emphasis on highlighting data-centric, quantifiable accomplishments and impact. I would recommend Leet Resumes to anyone looking to improve their resume.
Leet definitely did a professional and comprehensive rewrite of my resume. Whereas the original was long, and seemingly cumbersome, Leet created resume is now sleek and far more concise. Plus, it is a lot easier on the eyes. Highly recommended.
My Leet resume is more focused than my previous one. It highlights my accomplishments without all the fluff. I found the process easy and really helpful. Thanks again!
My new and improved Leet resume really gets to the heart of what I did and what I want to do. It covers all important and relevant information employers need without being too content heavy. It's already getting me results.
I really liked my Leet resume! I found the Leet version to be more condensed, and thus impactful. I learned how to position myself more effectively through the edits. Highly recommend giving Leet a try!
I would highly recommend Leet resume service. With the upgraded resume, I was able to land nearly 4 interviews in a week.
Before Leet offered to rewrite my resume I would use the limited LinkedIn export tool whenever asked for a resume. Not only the resulting layout was not matching my expectations, but little did I know the content itself was ineffective and lacking key information. Thanks to Leet I now have a resume I'm excited about and looking forward to share with recruiters and interviewers. The process of rewriting also opened my eyes on the importance of success verbs and data-driven accomplishments. I will keep an eye on this type of data moving forward so I'm ready to iterate when the time comes. Thank you!
Leet Resumes was great! They were responsive, professional and truly wanted to do the best job on my professional resume. I am grateful for their help and service.
I appreciate this and will be referring some bright colleagues of mine to you.
This is awesome! Thanks so much for your work.
My resume is much more clear, concise and readable. Leet Resumes was very accommodating when redoing my resume and answered all my questions every step of the way. I highly recommend them.
The combination of fresh perspective with years of experience of resume editing reflects greatly on my new Leet Resumes. They were able to make it concise, polished and more appealing to the reader. I highly recommend this service!
Marc, helped me get my resume from good to great! At first I was skeptical on how this is even free but brushed it aside when I spoke to Marc. He's a genuine and compassionate individual who will get your resume up to snuff with no judgement. Give the resume service a shot, you have nothing to loose!
I looks amazing! Thanks for your great work.
Marc, I love it! I don't know how you're going to scale, but amazing work! Mark
I love the updated resume following the style guideline that you shared. It's neat and to the point. Also, I notice that the Workday portal successfully scanned this resume without any errors.

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