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Last updated on July 18, 2022
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Pricing Analyst Resume Example

Price analysts are the brains of pricing models. See those recurring Netflix payments that leave your bank every month? Well, at some point, the numbers were determined by a clever mind by analyzing the company, competitor, and customer data to attract the most business. Sounds complicated, and that's because it is, and the annual salary reflects it.

With the high salary, competition for these roles is huge. So, having a killer resume is paramount for your success in landing the role of a Pricing Analyst. These days, with the dawn of the internet, information overload can be a massive headache when deciding what and what not to include in your Pricing Analyst resume.

Fear not; Leet Resumes will steady your feet. We can write you a flawless resume specific for Pricing Analysts completely free! Or, if you want to go it alone, we will walk you through it in our fully comprehensive breakdown.

Price Analyst Resumes: A Breakdown

Numbers calculated by price analysts are everywhere. From the cost of tomato soup in the supermarket to your monthly $9.99 Spotify bill. These numbers aren’t just plucked from thin air. There is actually a lot of brain power behind them.

Bringing together all aspects of business data isn’t an easy task. Thus this can be one of the most crucial roles within a company. As a price analyst, you’ll be integral to your company’s future and directly manage these vital pieces of information.

The company needing you is one thing, but how the company resonates with you is another—finding a company that allies with your values is worth thinking about deeply. When you find this synchronicity in a role, you’ll first need to let your resume do the talking before you get your foot in the door.

As you can imagine, securing that dream job might not be an easy task. This is a specialized field, so it’s well expected that candidates will be scrupulously reviewed. Only the best will be deemed worthy of an interview. This is where your knight in shining armor comes into place; your resume.

Thankfully, by reading this guide, you’ll be halfway there. That elusive interview will be just around the corner for you. Follow our steps, let your Pricing Analyst resume template do the talking, and let the amalgamated data - of yourself - on an A4 piece of paper show them you mean business.

What to include on your price analyst resumes is the first question to think about. It’s similar to structuring pricing models. The key is what data to include and what to throw in your spreadsheet's trash bucket. Just like your pricing models, your resume should be concise and informative. After all, it’s not a biography.

When writing your Pricing Analyst resume, here is the concise list we advise you to include:

  • Name and Contact Information
  • Captivating Headline
  • Strong Introduction
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Skills & Competencies
  • Achievements & Awards

Get the Intro Right

Having that powerful hook is indispensable. This is where the power profile comes in. Even though you may be the data-driven analytical type, remember your audience may not necessarily be. You’re talking to other human beings, most likely hiring managers or other areas of human resources, not spreadsheets. Make it personable yet professional.

Name and Contact Details

You’ll want to put your name in a large font so it's easy for your prospective employer to see who you are. Following your name, you’ll want your contact details, including your street address, telephone number, and email.

Make sure the phone number is one that you readily have access to. For your email address, you might want to consider getting rid of the email you set up when you were 14 years old. The last thing you want is to give off impressions of lacking professionalism. The best advice is to keep it simple and easy to read. Make it effortless for them to reach you when it's time to call you in for an interview.

Captivating Headline

Provide your readers with a captivating headline to lure them into reading more about your work history in the rest of your Pricing Analyst resume. Your headline should only be a few words long and relay a strong message about what type of candidate you are and what you have to offer the company.

Strong Introduction

Next, you’ll want to follow your headline with a brief summary to wrap up your introduction portion of your Pricing Analyst resume. Much like the rest of your resume, you want to keep things brief. Take two to four lines of text to showcase yourself.

Think about what defines you and will make you stand out from other Pricing Analyst candidates. You want to leave a good enough impression on hiring managers that they aren’t able to forget the rest of your stats.

Work Experience

The list of work experience is fundamental to a resume, but it’s significant for the Pricing Analyst resume template. Moving up the ladder to more senior roles won't happen first without a good few years in a lower-ranking position. If you’re looking to apply for a more senior position for the first time, use previous related roles and state the transferable skills you gained.

Title each previous position and include the time you worked in that role, including the month and year. Then, write a short synopsis of your duties and how you grew. Showing your adaptability and ability to learn is the principal aspect here. Instead of providing wordy paragraph descriptions, use a bulleted list to relay only the most pertinent information.


You’ll need a related degree to start your data-driven journey. A bachelor's degree in business, finance, marketing, accounting, or management will provide the necessary knowledge to become a successful Pricing Analyst in most companies. Further education in these fields will be beneficial but not a total requirement. Make sure you look for company-specific job requirements before applying.

Like your work history, you will write a clear heading for your education. Include where you studied, relevant coursework, and the dates you attended.

If you have limited work experience, you can include detailed information about your education to help beef up your resume. A synopsis of what you learned during your studies and how your skills transfer into this industry could be beneficial.

Skills and Competencies

Add any other skills and competencies that have not yet been mentioned on your Pricing Analyst resume at the bottom. You can summarize any software you are comfortable using, such as PriceShape, Optimus Price, or Skuuudle.


Did you aid your last company in winning a Global Bridge award? Here is the place to state any achievements and accolades. Don't worry if you don't have any; that's fine. But, if you do, definitely don't leave them out.

The Zing and Zest to Writing a Great Pricing Analyst Resume

When writing your Pricing Analyst resume template, remember that showing rather than telling is always a superior articulation to present yourself. Humans are drawn to a good story. Reading is boring without them. Show who you are by creating a story of your expertise.

Try to make your resume stand out from the pile of poorly formatted and overly wordy. Use free online tools like Leet Resumes to spruce it up and add a bit of zing. You’ll indeed wow any employer with our help.

Then for the zest. Think about what you bring to the company that others can’t. How are you a good fit for them? Put yourself in the firm’s shoes and ask yourself why you would want to employ you.

Stick to companies in line with your internal values. You’re after a long-term position. You don't want to be filled with shame because your company doesn't have values that line up with yours.

Show Don’t Tell

To be a Pricing Analyst, you’ll need to be data-driven, creative, customer-centered, mathematically and statistically competent, and a good communicator. Here’s how to portray these skills on your Pricing Analyst resume template:

  • Data-driven: “Collated data to create consumer profiles to target our audience more specifically and efficiently.”
  • Mathematically and statistically competent: “Used SPSS to create p values in t-test hypotheses to show certain variable's significance.”
  • Customer-centered: “Increased profits by analyzing data and recognizing a need to reduce pricing on specific products.”
  • Communication: “Communicated why a pricing strategy change was necessary through a keynotes presentation, gaining a majority board decision to agree.”
  • Creative: “Increased sales by 11% over 6 months by splitting the pricing into multiple categories rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.”

Most people, when writing a resume, will state specific skills. This approach doesn't give any evidence of why or how you gained this skill. This method of show don’t tell not only puts your skills to the test but also makes for much nicer reading.

Leet Yourself to Success

It isn’t an easy task to produce a killer Pricing Analyst resume. Leet understands. And that's why we are here to support you. We hope the guide to creating the perfect Pricing Analyst resume template has set you on the right path. For further help, sign up to Leet Resumes today. You’ll have your Pricing Analyst resume polished in no time, and job interviews will start flooding in.


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