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Last updated on September 2, 2022
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ICU Nurse Resume Example

Working as an ICU nurse is a challenging career that requires countless characteristics, including being detail-oriented, efficient, and calm, all while maintaining a caring demeanor towards patients and their loved ones.

These critical frontline jobs come high in demand, especially these days. And, while the level of difficulty increases within the position, you’ll quickly find that you can often have your pick throughout various hospitals as the need is always there.

So, if you have the proper certifications like AACN & APRN licenses that qualify you to provide intensive care to patients, then your goal of becoming an ICU nurse can be accomplished. But, in order to land the job in the dream hospital you’ve got your eyes on, you’ve got to have a powerful ICU nurse resume template to work off of.

To start the process of achieving this goal, you will need to show forth your skills, experience, and qualifications as an ICU nurse to future employers. You can accomplish this by drafting an ICU nurse resume. Continue reading to know what information to include in your ICU nurse resume that will have you landing interviews in no time.

If you do not have enough time to create your ICU nurse resume yourself, you can also sign up on Leet and get a free resume written for you. If you decide to go at it on your own, get all the information you need below.

An example of a stand-out ICU nurse resume template

Taking care of lives, especially those in critical condition, is a sacrificial and rewarding job. There’s no denying the value of an ICU nurse in society today, which is a crucial element of preparing your resume for this position.

Before drafting your ICU nurse resume, it’s important to search around and look at all of the job opportunities throughout various hospitals. You need to look around to find a few health institutions you would love to work with. One that matches your values as an individual. After selecting your choices, it's time to showcase yourself to your prospective employers through your resume.

As an aspiring ICU nurse, you will need RN certification as well as a few additional accolades. Also, you should keep in mind that apart from your basic role of checking the progress of ICU patients and administering medical needs, you may also be involved in certain administrative tasks within your prospective place of work.

Understanding this, you need to draft a carefully created resume that will include all you have to offer the hospital as well as what sets you apart from the others. Without a resume, your prospective hirers might not be privy to this information about you.

So, to land that dream job in the perfect hospital, carefully plan your resume to portray you well to future hirers.

Your ICU nurse resume template is not a write-up you can quickly create. You should take your time while creating it. Just like you take your time to charting patient reports, you should take the same type of care to avoid errors on your resume. You should draft a sophisticated ICU nurse resume that tells recruiters what you have to offer just by glancing through it.

The basic ICU nurse resume template should contain certain information; some should be brief, and someone should be expanded. However, for a start, your interview landing ICU nurse resume should contain the following basic information:

  • Your Name
  • Your contact information
  • A fantastic headline
  • A skilled summary
  • Work experience
  • Certifications
  • Honors and achievements

Your name

No matter how thoughtful and well-designed your resume is, if your name is not on it, hiring managers will find it difficult to identify who it belongs to. Your name should be the first noticeable information recruiters see as they pick up your ICU nurse resume to read. When writing your name for better emphasis, make use of a larger or bold font.

Just like your patient charts, following your name should be your contact information. Having your contact information close to your name makes it easy for future employers to get in touch with you when they’re ready to call you in for an interview.

The contact details you should put in your resume are:

  • Personal cell number
  • Simple email address
  • Geographic location

Personal cell number

Keep your phone number simple, just like your name. Provide your personal cell number or any other number where you can be reached directly. Avoid sending prospective employers through phone trees or receptionists to get in touch with you. They should see that you are readily available for the position.

Email address

Equally as important as your phone number is your email address. A phone number can easily be used to inform you about the date and venue of your ICU nurse interview. However, in case you need to bring along pertinent documents, be informed about the dress code for the interview, or find out any additional information, an email is the best to pass across this information.

Make sure your email address is professional. If you don’t already have one setup, now is the time. The last thing you want is to portray to a hospital that you lack professionalism.

Geographic location

While remote work is becoming increasingly popular, ICU nurses cannot provide patient care without being physically present. While charting can be done remotely, the primary function of providing patient care requires you to be present in a hospital.

Since the position cannot be offered remotely, it’s important to provide your geographic location on your resume. At least provide your city and state so that your future employer can determine whether to discuss relocation possibilities.

Write a mesmerizing and sophisticated headline

You should wow prospective hirers with the headline of your ICU nurse resume because that is the first area hiring managers start to read your resume. If the headline does not catch their attention enough, it might give a bad first impression.

Include a skilled summary

The next thing recruiters want to read after the fantastic headline is a professional summary. The headline will capture their attention, leaving them eager to meet the owner of the resume and know what they have to offer the hospital.

The professional summary will provide information about you as an ICU nurse that prospective employers will love to know. It should be 2 to 4 lines long and include your certifications, experiential qualifications, and relevant accomplishments so far.

Wrap things up with any additional skills

There are always additional skills worth mentioning on an ICU nurse resume. Do your due diligence and research relevant skills that specific hospitals value. Additional skills you might want to include could be things like:

  • Trauma
  • Life support
  • CPR
  • ACLS

How do you write a great ICU nurse resume template?

Remember, your ICU nurse resume is not your cover letter. In your cover letter, you can expand on personal background information in detail. However, your ICU nurse resume should serve the major purpose of showing recruiters why you are the perfect fit for the position in their hospital.

To be successful in creating an effective resume like this, you need to think about the roles of an ICU nurse. For example, the major roles of ICU nurses may be to monitor, administer, and collaborate with others. Keeping this in mind, while drafting your resume, you should detail how great you are at carrying out these roles with experiences and impacts to prove your value.

Leet can quickly help you draft a free impact-oriented ICU nurse resume. Use this link to sign up with Leet today!

Expected skills of an ICU nurse to include

To land that ICU nurse position, recruiters need to know that you can exceed expectations as an ICU nurse. You must include in your resume how you successfully carried out some of these functions and how you helped take the hospital to the next level of care.

Below are examples of how you can include different skills like patient care, assistance, collaboration, and responsiveness in your ICU Nurse resume:

  • Patient care: “Monitored over 45 ICU patients checking for their response to treatment and taking care of their food intakes and other medical needs."
  • Assistance: "Competently assisted doctors in carrying out medical processes such as endotracheal intubation, endoscopy among others."
  • Collaboration: “Actively collaborated with other health care members and consulted them in needed patient cases.”
  • Responsiveness: “Promptly responded to 30 emergency cases and life-saving situations following the required treatment protocols.”

Whenever you are able, quantify your skills and experiences in your resume. This way, your prospective employers can have a better picture of how skilled you would be in their hospital.

Leet wants to help you succeed

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