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Last updated on September 2, 2022
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How to write an awesome Process Engineer resume

As a Process Engineer, designing and implementing industrial manufacturing processes and equipment is only a small part of the job. You have to apply expertise in chemistry, biology, math, and physics to create processes that transform raw materials into finished products. This often means staying flexible, overcoming challenges, and making the most of a difficult situation.

When a project is taking longer than expected and management starts to ask what the holdup is all about, a great Process Engineer knows how to get the job done in the right way and explain why it has to be so. Data is critical to your success, and you’re just as comfortable on the plant floor as you are in the lab or the office.

From developing new methods for synthesizing products to creating processes that are safe, efficient, and effective, you’re constantly assessing the processes you oversee to figure out how they can improve.

Cutting costs and improving quality may seem straightforward enough, but there’s no formula that can replace effective communication. It’s just as important for you to clearly communicate with technicians and managers as it is for you to optimize the industrial processes of chemical substances.

You might be great at this kind of communication at work, but that doesn’t mean that you’re 100% comfortable writing a fully optimized Process Engineer resume. That doesn’t mean you should stress, though. Leet Resumes is your trusted partner!

Since your resume is the first thing that a hiring manager or recruiter sees of your application, you want it to be as good as it can be. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point. Be clear about what you’re made of, and convey how you’ve improved processes at previous companies.

Ready to get started? Take a look at our Process Engineer resume example, and, when you’re ready, work through our Process Engineer resume template.

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General guidelines for writing a great resume

Quality is always better than quantity. Just like you want to reduce waste and cut costs when developing processes, the same logic applies to creating an awesome Process Engineer resume!

The first thing to keep in mind is that your resume shouldn’t contain any paragraphs. They’re unnecessary, bulky, and make your resume harder to skim. Stick to bullet points and short sentences so that you can convey why you’re the best person for the job as quickly as you can.

Don’t use any weird fonts either. It’s best to stick with basics like Times New Roman or Arial. Don’t think about inserting pictures, columns, text boxes, or any other cosmetic additions like colors or graphics.

Besides making it harder for your human readers to go through your resume, they can also confuse the applicant tracking system (ATS) software that many employers regularly use to sift through resumes. If the ATS can’t figure out your resume because it breaks the formatting that it expects, your chances at scoring an interview go way down.

Finally, it’s only worth including your LinkedIn profile if you make sure to check up on it every single day. Recruiters may reach out at any time, and missing a message could be something you come to regret if you lose a great opportunity.

Could I get somebody else to write my resume instead?

Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed or just too busy to devote the time you need to write an A+ resume, remember that there’s always another option for you.

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How to format a Process Engineer resume

Going to continue writing on your own? Good plan! You’re the foremost expert when it comes to your work history and career goals.

The best way to move forward is by following our Process Engineer resume template. This will make the resume writing process go that much more smoothly. Also be sure to take time to study our Process Engineer resume example.

It’s a great feeling when you find a formula that works, you apply that to a process, and it works like a charm. Our format is just that for writing a resume. Here it is:

  • Name + Contact
  • Professional Headline
  • Professional Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Keywords

Name + Contact

When you’re creating documentation for a process, no step is too small to include, even if it may seem totally obvious. That’s why we take the time to point out that you should write your name at the top of your resume in letters that are a bit larger than the rest, and right under that, you should put your contact info. Usually this includes the best phone number to reach you at as well as a professional sounding email address.

Don’t link to any social media profiles.

Professional Headline

Now consider the best three to five words to showcase why you’re the most worthy candidate for the job. The idea here is to intrigue the hiring manager or recruiter so that they keep reading your resume. That doesn’t mean writing “Process Engineer” and leaving it at that.

Make it more meaningful! For instance, you could write “Accomplished Process Engineer” or highlight your specific industry expertise, such as “Oil and Gas Process Engineer”.

Professional Summary

The next part of the Process Engineer resume template follows up on the headline in order to quickly explain why you are who you say you are. Readers should find the job titles that you’re keen on landing, what prior experiences inform your work, and any successes, awards, or accomplishments you’ve earned on the job.

This is the layout:

Three to five job titles that you could take for your next job.

  • Process Engineer skills you possess
  • Process Engineer successes/accomplishments (optional)
  • Awards and/or promotions (optional)

If you’re applying for an entry level position and don’t have content for lines three and four, don’t worry about it! That just means that you have more space on your resume to talk about what skills make you an attractive candidate.

Work Experience

This section is where you can showcase how you’ve brought value to previous companies and any achievements that set you apart. Be sure to find ways to make yourself stand out. The person reading your resume sees tons of resumes, and most of them look the same. All they do is list a candidate’s employment history and repeat basic duties and responsibilities.

These resumes don’t actually say much about how a candidate performed on the job. Instead, you want to focus on your Process Engineering successes and accomplishments. Were you able to accomplish something difficult? Did you impress your boss by delivering better results in a shorter amount of time? Say how, and then back those statements up.

Numbers are critical

Just like numbers are essential to everything you do as a Process Engineer, they are just as important on your resume.

The more numbers you can put on your resume, the stronger it becomes. When you finish your first draft, go back through it and look for more opportunities to insert figures.

Begin with success verbs

Each of your bullet points ought to begin with an action verb (developed, evaluated, established). In addition to making your resume easier to read and skim, they also portray you as an active and motivated employee.

Be honest about dates

Don’t think it’s a good idea to lie about or omit a gap or two in your work history. It’s always better to be honest. These gaps are more common than you might believe, and they’re almost never as big of a deal as losing trust because they think you’re hiding something.


This section is for your educational background. All you have to do is list what degrees you’ve earned and where you earned them. Don’t forget to also include certifications you have, such as Six Sigma, Certified Manufacturing Engineer (CmfgE), or Project Management Professional (PMP).

Don’t include degrees you didn’t finish unless you’re in the program.


The final part of your Process Engineer resume template is your last chance to make a strong impression. Do so by highlighting skills you have that make you a great hire. Some recommended keywords are:

  • Established safety procedures
  • Chemical engineering
  • Troubleshooting
  • Communication
  • Planning and installing new equipment

Be sure to also include technologies that you use on the job, like CHEMCAD, MATLAB, or AFT Impulse.

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