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Last updated on September 2, 2022
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Receptionist Resume Example

The list of job responsibilities of a receptionist is nearly never-ending, from receiving visitors to answering and directing phone calls and everything in between; it’s no wonder this role is such a critical element to any effectively running business.

On the day-to-day, tasks such as taking messages, scheduling appointments, and filing and maintaining documents are just the tip of the iceberg for a receptionist. Other duties might also include liaising important business information, arranging travel, and running necessary errands.

Performing these tasks means that others within the office can maintain the continuity of their specific roles without interruption. Simply put, the receptionist helps to make everyone’s lives that much simpler.

Since communication with staff, clients, customers, delivery drivers, and others is required throughout the day, you must maintain a calm and professional demeanor during all interactions. Managing well under pressure makes the difference between a good and great receptionist. After all, it is your job to properly serve customers and solve problems, both of which require a specialized level of patience.

When applying as a receptionist, your resume should highlight your most relevant qualifications and accomplishments to land the job within your dream company. In addition to being personable and organized, receptionists must be proficient in written and verbal communication with internal and external clients.

A compelling resume highlighting your experience, skills, and accomplishments will help you achieve your goals. Nevertheless, how do you decide what information to include and what you can omit?

Leet can lend you a helping hand in several different ways. You can get a free receptionist resume from us! Or, keep reading to learn more about our receptionist resume example, which will provide you with more information on how to create one for yourself.

An excellent receptionist resume example

As a receptionist, you play a crucial role in the overall operation of an organization. You must always maintain professional composure when dealing with prospects or established customers. Whether you’re greeting visitors, answering phone calls, or running errands, remember that you often serve as the first impression of a company as a receptionist.

Not surprisingly, organization, communication, and time management skills are all qualities of great receptionists. You must also demonstrate excellent customer service skills and problem-solving skills. Using your skillset, you should be able to assist unhappy clients gracefully since you are often the first point of contact for customers and clients.

A receptionist's specific job requirements will vary from firm to firm, but all positions will require a considerable amount of training, skills, and qualifications. Aside from administrative duties, you will also be responsible for doing research and managing projects for the company you serve.

When it comes to preparing a receptionist resume template, you need to take your time developing it just as you would when tackling any project thrown your way. There are some areas where you'll want to provide detailed information about your experience, while others require brevity. Your resume should ultimately convey to any prospective employer what you have to offer as a receptionist from the moment they pick it up.

To land the interviews, you must follow a solid receptionist resume template. An effective receptionist resume template should include the following items:

  • Name and contact information
  • Powerful headline
  • Professional summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Awards or honorable mentions

There must be a name for every project

Any project you are assigned in your role will always have a name so it can be identified easily. Similarly, you will also need a name for your receptionist resume since it is your personal project. The title for your receptionist resume template will be your name.

It's essential for hiring managers to see your name stand out on your receptionist resume. You can use a larger or bold font to emphasize this critical detail.

Be sure to follow your name with your contact information to ensure your project details are well thought out and organized. When future employers call to schedule a time for an interview, your contact information is right at their fingertips.

Include the following information in your contact information:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Location

Phone number

One phone number should always be listed on your receptionist resume, typically your personal cell phone. It is a good idea to avoid using a phone number that can be answered by anyone other than you. If you want to show recruiters you are readily available, you shouldn't make them jump through hoops.

Email address

Your email address should be kept as simple as your phone number. You should use a professional and concise email account for future employment correspondence. Email addresses with cutesy or inappropriate names should be avoided since they appear unprofessional. It would be great if you could use a variation of your name.


There has traditionally been a requirement for a street address on a receptionist resume template. In the modern-day, though, that isn't always the case. As the internet has transformed many jobs into remote positions, receptionists have followed suit. Even if you are applying for a remote position, it is good to include your city and state so recruiters can get a sense of where you live.

And an element of surprise

The wow factor is what will really capture your audience's attention beyond the basics of your name and contact information. A good headline for promoting your personal project, your receptionist resume, should be brief, direct, and compelling, all at the same time.

Use careful wording to ensure your headline catches readers' attention while your name stands out with formatting.

Afterward, it’s time to talk about the good stuff

Your professional summary is your chance to feed your audience the good stuff. Once your audience is hooked, you can start giving them a bit more. To accomplish this, you will follow your headline with a professional summary. You will add two to four lines of support information for your headline in this section of your receptionist resume template.

Don't forget that all details will be outlined in due course. Focus on keeping things short, thus requiring employers to keep moving forward through your resume. You should provide a brief summary of your previous experience as a receptionist, along with other relevant and noteworthy professional achievements that showcase relevant skills.

The details will be revealed in the nitty-gritty

If you’re applying for a receptionist role for the first time, the work experience you might lack on your resume doesn't necessarily matter. Likely, any other work or intern experience you’ve gained over the years can be transformed to show your abilities as a receptionist for future employers.

Focus on highlighting previous roles where you were responsible for organizing, communicating, and providing customer service of any kind.

Any additional skills can be added at the end

A keywords section can neatly highlight any additional skills you haven't yet included on your receptionist resume sample. There are many excellent skills you can include in this section, including communication, multitasking, prioritizing, organization, initiative, problem-solving abilities, and dependability.

How do you write a compelling receptionist resume?

The most important thing to remember when writing an excellent receptionist resume is to keep it simple but noteworthy. There is no need to write an autobiography or cover letter on your resume, so it shouldn't exceed one page.

Utilizing this receptionist resume template will help you convince recruiters that you are a perfect match for the company for which you are applying. It is essential to consider the receptionist's role in accomplishing this.

A receptionist's primary responsibilities are managing, communicating, and multitasking. You should clearly demonstrate your ability to perform these tasks on your resume through previous work experience.

Besides technical skills, you should also be able to summarize the impact of your work. Register for free here if you'd like Leet to assist you in preparing an achievement-driven receptionist resume.

Understanding the skills necessary for a receptionist

As a receptionist, you should possess skills that go beyond your regular job duties. Describe how you surpassed expectations instead of just listing functions in previous roles. For example, for skills such as customer service, bilingual services, organization, multitasking, and data management, you might consider writing something like this:

  • Customer service: “Successfully managed the front desk of a Fortune 500 company, greeting over 50 visitors daily.”
  • Bilingual services: “Able to communicate, compose, and translate in Spanish and English fluently.”
  • Organization: “Highly motivated and highly organized individual with a diplomatic personality capable of managing stress and sensitive materials.”
  • Multitasking: “Excellent multitasker who can answer phone calls, guide visitors, and maintain general office security as necessary.”
  • Data management: “Extensive experience with digital records-keeping and efficient filing using the latest software.”

Use figures and numbers as often as possible to give a better visual representation of the work you've done so far. If you can quantify your hard skills, prospective employers will find them more valuable.

Leet wants to help you succeed

At Leet, we understand that writing a receptionist resume template on your own is a stressful experience. Because of that, we would like to lend you a helping hand. Leet can help you with your receptionist resume sample if you still need some assistance after reading this guide. Sign up for free today!


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