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Last updated on March 14, 2022
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How to write a great Customer Service Resume

At any business, who’s the first person that any client or customer will interact with?

9 times out of 10, it’s a customer service representative.

Customer service associates are the face of any company. They must field customer questions and complaints, help mitigate customer difficulties, and eventually ensure the customer leaves the business feeling respected and appreciated.

It’s a delicate balance that requires a broad skillset filled with soft skills, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution.

Highlighting these skills and experiences for your customer service resume can be challenging, but with a little forethought, and some simple structuring, you can design an impressive resume that showcases your top-level customer service experience – experience that will get the attention of any hiring manager worth their salt.

Luckily, we’ve created a free Customer Service Resume template along with a comprehensive guide on how to write a fool-proof, hiring manager-approved, customer service resume.

Here’s how you’ll do it.

How can you write a great customer service resume?

A great customer service resume is the key to landing your next job.

Why is that?

Because your resume is your first impression. It is a written document of every work experience, every skill, every award you’ve ever had. It’s the written version of you.

It needs to be as great as you are.

A great customer service resume needs to showcase your communication skills, your product knowledge, and your experience working in customer service positions or related fields.

Thankfully, there’s a simple way to write a great customer service resume: get us to write it for you for free.

That’s right, Leet Resumes will write your customer service resume for free (tips greatly appreciated). Click here to get started today!

How to format your customer service resume

Resumes are not works of art. They are standardized documents that let hiring managers easily and quickly understand your experience to see if you’re a great fit for the job opening.

For customer service jobs, this remains true. You need to stick to a tried-and-true, standardized format that will connect with any recruiter or hiring manager right away.

This format is:

  • Name and Contact
  • Headline
  • Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Key Words

Make sure that you use a clean, consistent format that doesn’t have images, colors, or multiple columns. Hiring managers for customer service jobs want simple resumes that are easy to read.

Stick to 1 to 2 highly legible fonts, use a single column, and demarcate your categories by using consistent font changes.

What does that look like? Check out our excellent customer service resume template above.

Name and Contact

First things first, do not forget to put your name at the top of your resume! It may sound silly, but a hiring manager looking at a customer service resume has to know who they’re looking at.

Spell out your name, first and last, at the top of your resume.

What if you use a nickname or your middle name?

You are free to use a nickname as long as it is the name you go by professionally. It should, ideally, match your LinkedIn and other social media profiles.

For your contact information, make sure you put your phone number and email address. To make sure that your customer service resume doesn’t end up in the trash, keep your email address professional.

No using your old high school email address, like Instead, have it simple and understandable.

Add your LinkedIn handle only if you frequently check your LinkedIn inbox. If you check your LinkedIn about as often as it snows in the Sahara, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice by attaching it to your resume.

Professional Headline

Up next on your customer service resume is your professional headline.

A professional headline is a short line that grabs the reader’s attention.

When the hiring manager sits down, pulls up your resume, the headline will be the first thing they read after seeing your name (remember to write your name).

It should be short, snappy, and give the recruiter or hiring manager a snapshot of who you are as a professional.

For a customer service professional, you’ll need to highlight your role and level so that the hiring manager understands both your experience and your field.

A diligent hiring manager will want to make sure that she’s not considering you for a junior customer service rep position if you’ve spent the last five years managing a team of customer service agents.

Lastly, be sure to include a positive adjective that accurately describes your work style. This will help get the recruiter or hiring manager excited about your candidacy.

Here’s a sample Customer Service headline: Passionate Client Success Manager with 5 years of experience.


If the headline is the one-liner that grabs the reader’s attention, the summary where you get a few more lines to paint an engaging and accurate picture of what you bring to the table.

It’s like the paragraph summary whenever you click on a title on Netflix. A few sentences that let you know if it’s worth pursuing.

And, like with Netflix, a recruiter is flooded with tons of choices. Every job has over 110 applicants on average!

You have to use every opportunity you have to keep your recruiter’s attention. For a customer service resume, that means writing a four-line summary that covers:

Job titles you’re targeting in your customer service search Relevant customer service skills you bring to the job Achievements related to your customer service experience Promotions and awards you’ve received thanks to your excellent customer service work.

Lines 1 and 2 are critical. Lines 3 and 4 are optional, depending upon how much experience you have. If you’re struggling to figure out what customer service awards or achievements to put on your customer service resume, then you can remove these lines to focus on the first two.

Having trouble coming up with a great customer service summary? Give Leet Resumes a try. We’ll write you a clean customer service summary and resume for free – tips always appreciated!

Work Experience

Now we come to the meat of your resume. This is where you show off all your relevant customer service experience that you’ve gathered over your career.

One of the most common mistakes I’ve seen when people write a customer service resume is that they list all of their regular, daily customer service duties.

It’s as if they just pasted the job description for the job they already have.

This is not going to work. This will not get you a new customer service job.

You need to show a recruiter what you’re capable of! What you’ve accomplished!

You want a recruiter to look at your experience and say, “whoa, this customer service rep is a total Rockstar. We need to interview them.”

How do you do that?

Focus on success, accomplishments, and achievements

Brag about yourself! Start big. Present your big wins at your job – the ones that you’d bring up at your annual review, the ones that you’d use to advocate for a raise at your current job.

Give us some strong verbs

For each bullet, start it with a powerful action. Drove, grew, completed, created, developed, produced. Show the recruiter that you are a doer and a leader.

Don’t forget those numbers

Great customer service resumes back up their claims with hard data. Quantify each of your successes where you can. Don’t just say, “increased customer satisfaction,” say “increased customer satisfaction by 30% in 6 months.”

Show off those promotions

Recruiters read each resume like a story, and they love seeing positive growth. Always include your promotions to show recruiters that you are a trusted customer service professional who has a history of taking on more responsibilities.

Include dates

Always include dates – even if you have gaps. Yes, recruiters may ask about gaps – and you will have the opportunity to explain why you took time between jobs. But not including dates is a major red flag for any customer service position, and recruiters may not move you forward.


Your education section doesn’t need to be very long. It’s just a small section where you accurately show what education you have completed and what degrees you have received.

This should go without saying, but do not make up education experience on your resume. Be truthful.

If your GPA is particularly impressive (usually considered 3.5 or above), you may reference your GPA, though it is not necessary.

Keywords and skills

Customer service resumes aren’t complete without a robust keywords section.

What are keywords?

Keywords are skills and awards that highlight relevant experiences from your customer service career.

These skills can be hard skills like customer service technologies:

  • Zendesk
  • C-Desk
  • Livechat
  • Excel
  • Jira

Or, they could be soft skills that you need to be a successful customer service professional:

  • Communication skills
  • Negotiation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Active listening
  • Upselling
  • Time management

Other great customer service skills you may want to add include:

  • Foreign languages
  • Typing speed
  • Product knowledge

Lastly, you’ll want to include any relevant awards and accomplishments you have earned through your customer service career.

That’s it! You’ve done it! Now you’ve completed your comprehensive, customer service resume that will undoubtedly get the attention of any recruiter you send it off to.

Now get to sending out that resume!

Can I get someone to write my resume for me?

Little bit overwhelmed by all of this resume advice? Do you need someone to help you out? Try Leet Resumes. We will write you a personalized customer service resume for free (tips are appreciated).

You have nothing to lose and a whole career to gain.


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