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Last updated on September 2, 2022
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How to Write a Great Business Development Manager Resume that Gets Interviews

You know how to reverse engineer objectives, identify opportunities and write proposals that turn into new contracts. It’s more than scalability. It takes engineering, strategy and navigation to steer a business into the gaps you’ve identified.

With all the skills and expertise that requires, why is writing a resume so hard?

Fortunately, your problem isn’t about finding things to include in your resume, but learning how to take the ample material and experience you have to craft the most effective targeted resume possible.

That’s where we come in.

This resume template and guide is designed specifically for business Development Managers. In it you’ll learn what to include in your resume, how to make it convert into interview requests and how to format the contents for maximum scannability (all with a business Development Manager resume example to follow along the way).

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What to Include in a Business Development Manager Resume

If you look at the resume example above, you’ll see these five essential sections:

  • Professional Headline
  • Professional Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Keywords

Here are a few tips before we get started:

Simple Is Best

Avoid the pitfalls of trying to make your resume look fancy. A person who reads resumes all day doesn’t need multiple colors, fonts or columns. Make their job easy by sticking to the simple single-column format you see in the resume example.

No Paragraphs

In the same vein, hiding your skills and expertise inside paragraphs is an easy way to keep them from being read. To make your resume scannable and easy to read, we’ll show you how to employ lists, short phrases and bullet points.

Treat this as a resume template

You wouldn’t send the same business proposal to the ten different potential clients. Why would your resume be any different?

Though many sections of your resume can remain intact (headline, work experience, education), some sections should be customized for each job position you’re applying to. Just as custom proposals find more success, treating this as a resume template is the tried and true method to land more interviews and job offers.

Name + Contact

To start your resume template, type your full name at the top of the page. Make it slightly larger than the rest of the text in a font that’s professional and legible.

Underneath, add your contact information: phone number, email address and location (city and state).

Remember, this is a resume not a restaurant registration to get free dessert on your birthday. Don’t use a random personal email address, choose one that you check regularly and that reflects your professionalism.

Professional Headline

Think of your resume as an advertisement. Your audience is cold. They have a need, but several different options (i.e. hundreds of resumes). There’s no chance they’re reading every single one, so how do you make sure they read beyond your name?

By crafting an attention-grabbing headline to make them want to keep reading.

Begin by choosing a slightly flattering adjective to describe you and your work in a positive light, like: Strategic, Cost-Effective, Innovative or Accomplished.

After your adjective, add a word that describes your level of experience, like: Executive, Junior, Assistant, Senior, etc.

Finally, add your official job title.

When complete, your professional headline should read something like:

Strategic Senior Business Development Manager.

Professional Summary

Once your well-crafted headline has pulled them in to read more, your professional summary will capture their interest with a series of targeted lists that paint you as the ideal business Development Manager for the open position.

First, understand their needs. Take a look at the original job posting to learn more about the role they’re trying to fill and which of your skills and experience will bring them the business development success they’re looking for.

Then fill out the following four lines (in list form) with the following content:

  • Line One: list all the job titles you’d accept for your next position. Be sure to include the exact job title for the position you’re applying for.
  • Line Two: list the most relevant skills and capabilities you have that relate to their current pain points (as outlined in the job description).

This might include a combination of professional skills, like: client relations, negotiation, staffing, project management or strong verbal and written communication.

Along with industry-specific qualifications or technology to let them know they don’t need to spend any extra time getting you up to speed such as Microsoft Office Suite, Salesforce, or their preferred CRM.

Lines three and four are optional. It’s really the first two lines that will make them feel like your skills are perfectly aligned with what they’re looking for. But if you have the accolades, you can impress them further with a few career highlights to show off your expertise.

  • Line Three: list any career achievements (revenue growth stats, notable projects, existing client network).
  • Line Four: add any awards or promotions you’ve received as a business Development Manager.

If you’re reaching to fill out these last two lines, just leave them out entirely. It’s the next section where you can really impress them with the results of your business development management.

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Work Experience

First of all, this isn’t the place to list the mundane duties and responsibilities of your daily work.

This is where you’ll show a potential employer the value that you bring to their company, and how your business development and management skills will add to their bottom line.

First, list your previous work experience in reverse chronological order. Include the exact job title and exact dates of employment along with your previous employer.

For each position, add a bulleted list that highlights your accomplishments in each role using these tips:

Start every bullet point with a strong success verb

If you jumped on a cold call with a new prospect to tell them how you’ll “manage” their sales, “oversee” their revenue growth, and “implement” new efficient systems, you’d be surprised to receive an excited and enthusiastic response to sign them up for your services.

But if you replace each of these tepid verbs with strong success verbs like these that highlight the positive outcome they can receive: “Boost” their sales, “increase” their revenue, and “optimize” their systems, you might see a different reaction.

For the same reason, use strong success verbs for your resume.

Add as many numbers as possible

The quickest way to get a recruiter, CMO or potential employer to see the impact of your work is to show them the numbers.

Numbers are specific, so they allow anyone (regardless of their expertise) to visualize the scale of your contributions.

Here are some examples for your resume:

  • Increased revenue by 14% by introducing 3 new revenue streams.
  • Boosted conversions by 27%, adding over $500K in revenue.
  • Optimized worker efficiency by 40% by training 250+ employees and adding 50 new employees.

Once you feel like you have enough numbers in your bullet points, go back and try to double the numbers again. Each stat you include brings you that much closer to landing an interview.

Include every promotion you’ve received.

While highlighting your own successful results is a great way to elevate your business Development Manager resume, having someone else do the talking for you is even better. It’s referral marketing at its finest.

Every promotion you’ve received validates your successful claims to a potential employer. It shows that others believe your work is worthy of reward and that you're enjoyable enough to work with that they wouldn’t mind keeping you around.


Here, you’ll factually display where you went to school, the dates you attended, the degree(s) obtained and any honors or awards you received.

Don’t get into any other details of your educational background unless it’s relevant to your role as a business Development Manager (so leave out the extracurriculars and unfinished degrees).

Business Development Manager Resume Keywords

In the final section of your resume template, list the soft skills, hard skills and technologies you’ll use to meet the exact needs of the job you’re applying for.

Note that these keywords have plenty of space around them in the resume example above. This list should be customized, easy to read and accurate to your current capabilities.

Here are a few example keywords for a business Development Manager resume:

  • Problem Solving
  • Negotiation
  • Microsoft Office
  • Communication Skills
  • Project Management
  • Staffing

There are many more options, just choose the best ones for your targeted position.

Once your list is complete, your business Development Manager resume is, too! Congratulations!

Can someone else write my resume for me?

Yes! The experts behind this resume example will write yours for free. (Tips are always appreciated.)


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