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Last updated on July 18, 2022
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Closing Agent Resume Example

Closing Agents are essential individuals in the world of work today. The process of acquiring a property is notoriously stressful. Thankfully, a dedicated Closing Agent's skills and hard work help minimize prospective homeowners' stress levels.

Millions of buyers, sellers, and lenders of properties need the expertise of a Closing Agent. This is the first mindset you need to construct your rockstar resume. You are a valuable asset to any lucky company. That dream company requires skill and expertise.

How do you let them know you are highly skilled at your work? It's simple. Draft a resume, but not just any resume. You want an interview-winning and job-landing Closing Agent resume.

This resume will indicate who you are, what you can do, and the like. However, not every piece of information is needed in this resume.

At Leet Resumes, we can help you carefully pick the information you need to include in your resume and draft a free Closing Agent resume template for you. However, you could get it done yourself through the expatriated guidelines below.

An example of a distinct Closing Agent resume

Properties are all around us, be it companies, residential areas, event halls, warehouses, or office buildings. Owners of properties are responsible for completing the property transfer from a seller to a buyer or lender. That’s where a Closing Agent is needed. Without the proper transfer of documentation, there would be hassles in society.

Once you understand that you are needed, choose the company you want to work with carefully. You could select multiple companies. Just make sure their values are in line with yours. It will be beneficial in the long run. These are the organizations you will write your resume to.

Your Closing Agent resume should be focused and should contain what your prospective employer wants to see. It is a tool you must use to draw the attention of these companies to yourself.

The real estate Closing Agent position might not require lengthy qualifications. However, your experience as a Closing Agent is essential. In your resume, state the functional skills acquired during work experience. Also, indicate other functions you will be expected to perform.

Thoughtfully planning your resume before writing is required because you want your resume to achieve a particular goal of getting your dream job. Carefully talk about yourself and what skills you have. Take things one step further by relaying what you have that can move the company forward.

Just as you know, acquiring a property takes time. In the same way, you should not draft your resume in haste. Take your time to include all the essential information. State the basic information and provide in-depth details about crucial information. Put yourself in the position of a hiring manager and excellently draft a resume that will be worth your time.

You could utilize various professional Closing Agent resume templates for writing your document. The most successful resumes will include this information:

  • Name
  • Contact information
  • A superb headline
  • A professional synopsis
  • Related work experience
  • Educational accomplishments
  • Achievements, honors, and awards

Personalize your resume

Just like you have a list of named properties for sale, you should let your prospective employer know the name of the individual they are planning to hire. The first thing to write on your Closing Agent resume is your name, boldly written in bold font for more emphasis.

The following detail to provide is your contact information. This gives hiring managers easy access to communicate with you and provide information about expected interviews. Your contact information is not only your phone number. It includes:

  • A reachable telephone number
  • A simple and professional email address
  • City and state of residence

A reachable telephone number

The contact information on your resume should direct your prospective employers to you. Remove any potential barrier that could prevent hiring managers from reaching you promptly.

Email address

Do not be haste in writing your Closing Agent resume that you put an unprofessional email address with playful names. As little as the information about your email address is, it could portray you as an unprofessional individual. If you haven’t already, now is the time to open a new email using your name.

City and the state of residence

A Closing Agent career is one of the somewhat localized jobs. It might involve traveling some distance, but it is often within a particular location. Hence, it is better to provide your prospective employer with information about your city and state of residence. These details enable them to place you in a suitable branch of the company or consider relocation packages if needed.

Fascinate hiring managers with your headline

Do you know you can create a fascinating headline in your resume that will instigate hiring managers to be eager to look at the remaining information in your resume? All you need is a focused and enthralling headline. By doing this, you will get the reader's attention.

Remember, your name should be bold, but your headline should be outstanding and mesmerizing with the word selection, not formatting.

Now, to the body of the Closing Agent resume

You will gain the attention of your prospective employer through a powerful headline. But to sustain that attention, you need to include vital supporting information. You should give a professional synopsis of yourself in two to four lines.

This professional summary should be brief and include educational qualifications, skills, experience, and significant awards. You do not have to mention all your achievements at this point. Remember, it is a summary. A considerable distinction that hiring managers can quickly relate to is enough.

Show that you are fit for that higher job role

How you see yourself is the same picture hiring managers will have about you. If you see yourself as fit for a higher Closing Agent role, your prospective employer will see you as such. Hence if you have garnered enough skills to carry out the function of a higher Closing Agent role, you should apply for it.

Include how you started and the different experiences you have acquired so far. For easy pinpointing of information, list your work experiences and achievements under each job title. To create a more graphical representation in the mind of prospective employers, use figures to state work experience, years, and accomplishments.

Conclude the body of the Closing Agent resume with additional skills

If there is any extra skill you have, you should include it in your resume. Before adding an extra skill, you should research the company you intend to work with and determine what skills will be relevant to the company's progress. Generally, you could include a computing skill or mental skill.

Want to know how you should write your Closing Agent resume?

Don't forget to keep it simple. There are specific rules for each form of writing. If you are writing an autobiography, you could elaborate on your achievements and work experience. However, resume writing involves using brief but concise words so that all the information is not more than one page.

To effectively write a great Closing Agent resume, apart from stating your educational qualifications and skills, you should understand the Closing Agent role you will take in your prospective company.

Generally, paperwork preparation, documentation, coordinating inspection with involved individuals or groups, and ensuring complete transfer of ownership are the essential functions of a real estate Closing Agent. Using significant examples, state how you have successfully performed these functions over the years.

Do you want a free impact-centered Closing Agent resume template? Sign up here to get it.

Let's talk a little more about Closing Agent functions

You should include specific details of how you have functioned as a Closing Agent so far in your resume. You could give details about processes such as preparation, documentation, communication, finalizing, coordinating, and information by writing:

  • Preparation: “Prepared the paperwork and other documents of more than 50 properties.”
  • Documentation: “Documented the paperwork, statements of settlements, and other documents involved in each transfer of ownership.”
  • Communication: “Communicated effectively to update the parties involved, getting their approvals when necessary.”
  • Information: “Provided all necessary professional information to involved parties to promote clarity of terms.”
  • Coordinating: “Worked with legal teams, coordinating with them to ensure all required legal documentation was provided.”
  • Finalizing: “Ensured the transfer of payments and ownership of more than 40 properties.”

Let hiring managers know that you keep track of your progress by quantifying how well you have performed so far. Numbering your skills helps place more value on you.

Your progress is what we are interested in at Leet

If you do not want to go through the rigor of writing your own Closing Agent resume, don’t worry. Leet’s got you covered. We are glad to do that for you. To reach us, simply sign up and get your Closing Agent resume written for you for free!


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