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Last updated on May 23, 2022
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Write a Movie Director Resume that Gets Interviews

Visual storytelling? Check. Passion for the craft? Check. Capturing your imaginative Movie Director persona into a resume? No check.

Through your visual work and storytelling, your innovative spirit shines through. In an in-person interview, it’s clear to see how your creative and technical expertise makes great movies.

But when it comes down to documenting your career without the aid of a camera around…your Movie Director resume has got you stuck.

Not to worry, you’ve come to the right place.

Not only have you found a resume template specific to the art of movie directing, but you also have a resume example to reference as you fill in the blanks about your own film career.

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How to Write a Movie Director Resume

While resumes and movies seem to exist in two very different worlds, they do have some things in common.

First, let’s look at your resume as if it’s an advertisement: a trailer for the feature length movie that is your entire film career.

Encapsulating your epic career onto one piece of paper might seem impossible, but you manage to fit a captivating story arc in under two minutes for a trailer.

How do you do it? Highlights. And that’s exactly what this resume is for your career.

How to Format a Movie Director Resume

For starters on how to fill out your resume template: keep it simple.

Eccentric formatting, multiple columns, creative fonts and colors don’t work here. Save the artwork for the actual work and let your resume be simple words on a page that are easy to read.

The overall composition should feel professional. Play to your audience. You’re selling your skills to someone who reads resumes all day. It’s a no-frills kind of production.

Here’s the storyboard to your perfect resume.

Your resume template will include five essential parts:

  • Professional Headline
  • Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Keywords

That’s all there is to it. Once you finish your resume template, you can turn it into multiple opportunities for directing.

Name + Contact

The overture goes to you with your first and last name on the very top of the page in a larger text than the rest.

While it may be tempting to get creative with your branding, choose a font that’s legible and clean. If the audience can’t read the title of the movie, they won’t remember it either.

Directly underneath, include your phone number and email address.

Make sure your email is professional. Just like every detail of production adds to the overall composition, every detail of your resume should point to the high quality of your work – including your email address.

If you’re applying for in-house directing work, add your location (city, state). If you’re applying for a job that will take you on-location, just leave it at the basic contact info.

Professional Headline

This is the prologue: a three to five word introduction to who you are as a director.

Of course, it won’t fit everything, but it should give your audience an idea of your style and how you’ll fit into their organization.

Start with an accurate and flattering adjective to describe yourself. You want to grab the reader’s attention and make them want to learn more.

Here are some adjectives to get you started: innovative, accomplished, professional, dependable. You’re creative, find a word that puts you in a positive light for your potential employer, and run with it.

From there, add a word or two about your experience, specialty, or seniority. What makes you stand out from other Movie Directors? What’s your calling card?

Cap it off with the role and position you hold: Movie Director.

In total, your professional headline might look something like the resume example above: Professional Corporate Movie Director.

Or, Accomplished Animated Movie Director.

Find the phrase that sums up your career and impress them with the rest of your resume.

Professional Summary

Here’s where you start to attract interviews. Your professional summary includes two to four lines. No sentences, and definitely no paragraphs.

Simply list out the contents for each line like a micro sizzle reel.

First, list the job titles you’d accept for your next job, such as Video Content Director, Cinematographer/DP, or Film Director.

Just be sure to include the exact job title for the position you’re going for.

In the second line, highlight the skills that qualify you for these positions. That might include: Script Editing and Composition, Leadership, Storyboarding, Project Management, and so forth.

Since you have many skills to choose from, tailor your selection to the specific job you’re applying for so the recruiter thinks your resume was destined for them.

The third and fourth lines are optional. If you have the content to include, add your movie directing achievements in line three, and the promotions, awards, and successes that make up your directing career highlights in line four.

If nothing comes to mind, don’t worry about it. Lines one and two are the real cash cow and can land you an interview all on their own.

Work Experience

Now it’s time for your close-up.

If you’re having second thoughts, take a free, zero-risk chance on Leet Resumes and have them write your Movie Director resume for you. (Tips are much-appreciated for a job well done.)

If you’re ready to keep rolling, let’s jump into the core of your resume template: your work experience.

This is your sizzle reel in text form.

Here’s where you’ll show the arc of your career through your success and achievements in movie directing.

Use this space to go beyond listing the facts of your projects. Instead, paint a story of how you’ve applied your expert directing skills to enhance every movie you’ve been a part of.

Start by listing your previous positions in reverse chronological order.

Refer to the resume example for the format of each position, year, and details, then fill in the template with these three rules:

Use bullet points.

No one wants to read a paragraph. No one wants to read lengthy descriptive sentences. Use bullet points under each position like quick staccato shots: powerful verbs, fast facts, and out.

Start with a strong success verb.

A strong success verb implies success. It replaces passive dull actions like managed, led, or operated.

As you curate your career highlights, start each bullet point with a verb, like: enhanced, exceeded, campaigned, authored, or cultivated.

Let your mind roam free with finding more verbs. Just make sure it foreshadows the success and achievement you’re about to list.

Use as many numbers as possible.

Your audience is interested in one thing: how will you benefit their organization?

Just because you know how to make them successful with your movie direction, doesn’t mean they’ll understand how you make that happen.

What they understand are numbers.

Skip the process and the instruction manual of your duties as Movie Director, and cut to the chase: how does your direction produce results for your employers?

Numbers make it easy to visualize the success you bring. They’re specific, measurable and universal. Include numbers in every bullet point you list.

Here are some ideas:

  • How many people did you direct and lead on set?
  • How did your final spend compare to the budget?
  • By how much did you exceed expectations on the delivered content?
  • How many shares did your content get?

When you think you’ve added enough numbers, go back and double the amount of numbers again.

Sure, it’s a dip into the logistical production side of things, but showing your results through numbers will bring results to your career.


This section is short and sweet. List where you went to school, the years you attended, and any honors or awards you received.

Relevant extracurriculars are okay to include, but don’t distract from the main theme of your resume: showing off your achievements so you land an interview.

Keywords and Skills for a Movie Director Resume

Once you’ve completed the rigorous work experience and education sections, you’ve reached the denouement.

Your resume now resolves into a list of keywords, skills and technologies that make you the best Movie Director for the job.

Include the essential Movie Director skills, like: storyboarding, composition, animation direction, art direction, cinematic lighting, etc.

List the key technologies that help you do your job, like: Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier, Avid Composer, Pro Tools, and so forth.

Finally, include the interpersonal skills that make you a great Movie Director, like: leadership, mentorship, communication, time management, and collaboration.

With the final keywords in place, your Movie Director resume is officially complete.

Cue the clapperboard and let’s get rolling.

Can someone else write my resume for me?

Yes. Leet Resumes will write a professional Movie Director resume for you and they’ll even do it for free. (Tips are always appreciated.)


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