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Last updated on July 18, 2022
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How to write a great Quality Assurance resume

You’re a stickler for high standards.

If there’s something to be done, do it right. Or why bother at all?

At the end of the day (and each fiscal quarter), quality always surpasses quantity.

If a product is all sizzle and barely any steak, it’s doomed to fail from the start.

That’s where you come in.

Your work in Quality Assurance has taught you that maintaining the highest quality standards is an ongoing process, not a simple task to be completed.

A top notch final product today doesn’t guarantee the same results tomorrow.

There’ll always be another Quality Assurance policy to review, inspection to carry out, or new production hiccups to resolve.

Naturally, you want to apply the same meticulous attention to detail on your new resume.

If you’re not sure where to begin on your new Quality Assurance resume, we have some great news.

Writing a fantastic resume that will attract more job interviews doesn’t have to be an extensive process.

Just follow our easy, step by step guide to writing a quality resume. We’ve perfected the ideal resume format.

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You don’t have to write your own resume, we can do it for you.

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Why you need a great Quality Assurance resume

There’s a fine line between “good” and “great.”

You spend your days pushing the product you’re responsible for over that line into great territory.

Why? Higher quality leads to satisfied customers, eventually translating to higher profits.

Similarly, a higher quality resume will lead to more job opportunities and interviews.

When something is put together haphazardly and with little care, it shows.

You want recruiters and hiring managers to immediately recognize your resume as a cut above the rest.

Following the Leet Resumes format will help you do just that. And it won’t even take you very long!

How to format your Quality Assurance resume

It doesn’t matter if the item being built is a piece of software, a wooden cabinet, or a car. There’s always a certain order of assembly that must be followed. A resume is no different.

Here’s how you should structure your Quality Assurance resume:

  • Name + Contact
  • Professional Headline
  • Professional Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Keywords

You know all too well how important it is to maintain quality standards during production from start to finish. In that spirit, let’s expand on each section of your resume.

Name + Contact

They say starting is the hardest part, but that’s probably not true when it comes to resumes. The very first section of your resume is straightforward. Just your name and contact information.

Write your full, professional name in slightly larger text than the rest of the document. Don’t use any nicknames or aliases. Next, write your email address and phone number. Only use a professional email address, nothing childish, silly, or outdated.

Wondering about LinkedIn? You can add your LinkedIn profile if you are active on the platform every single day. If you only check sporadically, leave it out. You don’t want to miss out on a recruiter attempting to get in touch with you.

Professional Headline

Your Quality Assurance resume’s professional headline should tell readers not only what you do, but a little bit about your personality or work style.

Consider it a “professional status update,” or a short three to five word phrase summing up your career so far.

Remember: You need to grab the reader’s attention at this point. If your professional headline is too bland or uninteresting, many recruiters will stop reading right there and then.

Here are a few examples: “Detail-Oriented Quality Assurance Professional” or “Innovative Quality Assurance Specialist”

Professional Summary

Advertising usually isn’t your department, but it may be helpful at this point to imagine what a commercial for your career would say. Of course, instead of customers, your “commercial” should attract more job interviews.

The professional summary section consists of two to four lines, depending on how much experience you have in Quality Assurance. A properly written professional summary is simultaneously brief yet loaded with important information about your career.

Each line will tell readers something new:

Line one: Begin by listing a few job titles or positions you want to accept as your next role. “Senior Quality Assurance Supervisor,” for instance. These don’t have to be jobs you’ve already held/currently hold. This line is about telling readers, in your opinion, you're ready to tackle those positions.

Line two: The second portion of the professional summary should feature your most desirable Quality Assurance skills. Examples include performing quality tests, identifying workflow issues, and problem solving.

Line three: If you have enough experience, use this line to list off some of your biggest professional achievements and accomplishments.

Line four: Similar to line 3, this last segment is for adding any awards or promotions you’ve earned during your time in Quality Assurance. This line is optional as well.

Sometimes the best way to produce a top quality final product is to let the pros take over. If you have enough on your plate as is, contact Leet Resumes for a free, personalized resume today.

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Let’s get started.

Work Experience

Here’s the first rule to remember while writing your work experience section: Always go in reverse chronological order! You want your last or current position to be at the very top. You would be shocked by how many resume writers make this easily avoidable error.

Each job listed should include the name of the company you worked for, the location, your exact position, the amount of time you spent at that job, and a handful of additional bullet points providing further information and context.

We also recommend adding an additional sentence/phrase between the name of your employer(s) and your job title that provides more information on the company. For instance, if you worked at a software firm, you may want to write: Leading Software Development House. The idea is to give readers a quick tidbit about the company just in case they happen to be unfamiliar.

Got it? Good. We’re just getting started. There’s much more to learn about creating a great work experience section that will get you more job interviews.

Show off your successes

Imagine for a moment that you’re back in elementary school gym class vying to be picked by a team for a round of dodgeball.

Would you say “I’ve played this game before, and I was expected to dodge the ball” OR would you say “The last time I played dodgeball I eliminated 8 players on the other team and made it to the end of the game.”

The same approach applies to writing a resume. Recruiters don’t care what you were expected to do at your old jobs, or what your daily responsibilities are at your current gig. They want to see your biggest career wins, accomplishments, and achievements.

Every single bullet point you list under a prior or current position should touch on a success unique to you and you alone. This is the best way to concretely show recruiters what you have to offer.

Find some figures

Numbers are another integral ingredient for cooking up the perfect work experience section. By quantifying your career wins with numbers you make them easier to understand and less vulnerable to scrutiny.

You know you’re the highest quality candidate out there. Using as many numbers as possible will help convey that to everyone else quickly.

Here are a few bullet point examples for a Quality Assurance resume:

Developed new quality assurance policies resulting in a 68% increase in customer satisfaction. Identified and resolved 11 workflow issues, improving production output by 26%.


This space is for your educational background; the schools you attended and the degrees you’ve earned. This area can also display any relevant certifications or completed courses.

Only include degrees you’ve completed. The only exception to this rule is if you’re due to graduate in just a few short months.


The keywords section may feel like overkill, but trust us, it’s just as important as any other area of your resume. Recruiters have “keyword lists” for each role they look to fill. Your resume should be absolutely filled with these keywords.

What are keywords exactly? Any hard skills, soft skills, or awards you haven’t mentioned already.

Here are a few:

  • Data analysis
  • QA audits/inspections
  • Safety regulations
  • QA policies
  • Decision Making

Is there anyone else who can write my resume?

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