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Last updated on September 2, 2022
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How to write a compelling Patient Coordinator resume

A successful healthcare facility is dependent on much more than just medical matters.

If doctors and nurses don’t know who they’re examining when, no one is going to receive the care they need.

And that goes both ways. Patients need a point of contact when it comes to any number of logistics; from assisting with financial and insurance related matters to answering questions regarding medications and treatment plans.

Your career as a Patient Coordinator has taught you that miscommunication can be just as detrimental to patient health as misdiagnosis.

The MDs and RNs may have the hands-on medical side covered, but you handle everything else.

You spend your professional time ensuring your patients receive the best care possible, but are you putting your best foot forward in your own career?

There’s no way around it: If you think it’s time to start exploring what’s out there in terms of new job opportunities, a new Patient Coordinator resume is an absolute must have.

If you haven’t dusted off your old resume in a few years, take a look at our how-to guide on writing a great new resume.

You’ll learn step by step how to craft an undeniable resume that will leave your email inbox bursting with interested recruiters.

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Why you need a great Patient Coordinator resume

Every patient needs a personalized care plan that addresses their unique medical needs.

Similarly, you need a Patient Coordinator resume that’s going to stand out from the applicant pool and display your unique skills and achievements.

You know you’re a top-quality Patient Coordinator. It’s up to your new resume to make sure everyone else finds out.

So what makes a resume great? Actually, a compelling resume and a smooth-running medical facility share one major similarity: Seamless organization!

In today’s competitive job market, if your resume doesn’t make an instant impression on readers it will be tossed aside.

Upon sitting down to look over your qualifications, recruiters and hiring managers should be able to get a sense of why you’re a can’t miss candidate within a matter of moments.

That’s why the right formatting and organization are so vital to landing more job interviews.

Decision makers simply won’t take the time to decipher a messy or overly complex resume. Even if you’re the best applicant by a wide margin.

There are countless formats out there to choose from, but we’ve perfected the ideal resume structure that combines simplicity with style.

How to format your Patient Coordinator resume

If you’re looking for a resume writing mantra, here it is: Brevity is always best.

You do so much for both patients and practice on a day to day basis. Between coordinating with care providers, your role as a patient advocate, and your administrative duties, it’s safe to say you’ve got a lot going on.

Your resume will need to quickly and efficiently convey the full scope of your qualifications and experience. This format will help it do that:

  • Name + Contact
  • Professional Headline
  • Professional Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Keywords

Not so bad, right? This simple format will help your resume stand out among recruiters and get you more job interviews.

Resume rules

Before we break down and explain each section of your new Patient Coordinator resume, let’s go over a few general rules to remember throughout the writing process.

A clear, easy to read layout is key. Your resume does need to stand out, but not like a sore thumb. There are certain standard rules that everyone must abide by.

To start, always use a traditional, standard business font like Times New Roman or Arial. Also, only use black colored text. There should be no extra colors on your resume at all for that matter. You’re putting together a professional piece of work here, not an art project. On a similar note avoid extra columns, text boxes, or decorative patterns of any kind.

You have a whole lot of information to convey, and one page to do it. There’s no room for unneeded visual additions that will only annoy most readers anyway.

Finally, never write in paragraphs. Everything needs to be short and sweet!

Name + Contact

Getting down to business, start by placing your full name at the very top of the page. Below that place your contact information: Phone number and email address.

Always maintain professionalism. Avoid using a goofy or silly email address. You don’t want to miss out on a job over something so trivial.

Professional Headline

At this point, it’s helpful to keep in mind that your resume is an advertisement for your career.

Make no mistake, what you’re writing is a marketing document - and you’re the product. The professional headline serves as the attention grabbing first line of your own personal commercial.

With just a handful of words, a great professional headline will tell readers who you are and what you have to offer. We suggest starting with a positive adjective followed by your current job title or level of seniority.

For example: “Relentless Patient Coordinator” or “Experienced Patient Care Coordinator”

Professional Summary

Every career has a story, and your professional summary will tell yours as succinctly as possible.

Spanning two to four lines, this section will tell readers about your past achievements, your current skill set, and your ideal professional future. The first two lines are recommended for all resumes, but the last two are best reserved for more experienced job candidates.

Each line should feature three to five phrases/terms separated by bullet points - No full sentences!

Here’s a breakdown of what we mean:

Line one: Write down a few job titles or positions you want to take on as your next professional role. Importantly, these don’t have to be jobs you’ve already held or currently hold. Honesty and accuracy is paramount on a resume, but confidence isn’t deception. You’re telling readers that you feel you’re ready to succeed in the jobs listed. Examples include “Senior Patient Coordinator” or “Care Coordinator”.

Line two: List some of your most sought after professional skills. Think carefully about these, as whatever you choose will further reinforce to readers how you want to be seen as a Patient Coordinator. A few examples: patient communication, patient education, care plan development, and treatment coordination.

Line three: This optional line can be used to display the professional achievements and accomplishments you want up front and center.

Line four: Also optional, the last line is reserved for any promotions or awards earned.

If you’re having second thoughts about writing your own resume, Leet Resumes is available to take the reins at a moment’s notice.

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Work Experience

In the professional summary section you told readers why you’re a can’t miss candidate. Now it’s time to add some much-needed context and credibility to those assertions.

The work experience section may sound self explanatory, but this area is actually where most resume writers go way, way off track.

Decision makers want to know about your actual performance as a Patient Coordinator, not what “a Patient Coordinator” is expected to do in theory. Don’t commit the same mistake as so many: Avoid simply regurgitating your expected duties and responsibilities at each listed position.

Instead, follow these three essential ingredients for a captivating work experience section sure to attract job interviews:

Wins work wonders

Each bullet point (sentence) you write in this section should detail an accomplishment, achievement, or “win” unique to your career. Describing your biggest prior successes quickly shows readers why you’re a qualified candidate.

Numbers needed

Numbers, statistics, and any other metrics are a great tool for quick storytelling. Adding numbers to your accomplishments instantly provides extra context and credibility, making it much easier for readers to visualize and understand the scope of your experience.

Follow our formula

Start each bullet point with an action verb (coordinated, assisted, etc) followed by at least one achievement validated with a number or two.

For example: “Scheduled over 30 appointments per day, increasing overall practice efficiency 41%.”


Next up is the education section: List all degrees earned and universities/colleges attended. Only include degrees you’ve completed!

Also, this area can include any relevant Patient Coordinator certifications.


You’re almost done! The final section of your resume is for any extra hard skills, soft skills, or awards you haven’t mentioned yet.

For instance:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Insurance verification
  • Compassion
  • Epic (EHR software)
  • Patient management

Do I have to write my own resume?

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