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Last updated on May 23, 2022
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How to write a Business Development Specialist Resume

Landing your picture-perfect job as a Business Development Specialist requires a resume that stands out. You’ll need to showcase everything from your accomplishments, experience, and skills to leave a lasting impression on the hiring managers responsible for calling you to interview.

With so many different resume formats, it can be tricky to narrow down exactly what you need to do for your Business Development Specialist resume template. Thankfully, we’re here to help in more ways than one!

For starters, we can go ahead and get your Business Development Specialist resume template written for you for free!

But, if you prefer to learn the process yourself, we can also lend a helping hand. Keep reading to learn everything there is to know about how to write the perfect Business Development Specialist resume.

An example of a great Business Development Specialist resume

What’s a business without growth? And, since a Business Development Specialist is responsible for identifying growth opportunities and optimizing market strategies, it’s clear that this role within a company is crucial.

That’s why it should come as no surprise that hiring managers can be highly critical of the Business Development Specialist candidates that come through their door. After all, the company's future will lie in your hands if you get hired.

So, when you’re applying for this position, you need to be aware of the specific characteristics hiring managers are on the lookout for and highlight these things by giving detailed examples. Since a lot of the work you’ll be doing as a Business Development Specialist is behind closed doors, quantifiable results in previous positions will weigh heavily in your favor.

The Business Development Specialist resume template should provide an overview of everything you have to offer, including everything from establishing effective networks to implementing business plans and analyzing business processes and finances.

Maintaining and building customer relationships is a crucial component of all Business Development Specialists' roles, and a certain level of people skills is required. Additional job functions will include establishing networks and negotiating deals, in which your interpersonal skills will surely be put to the test.

Much like you will take the time to research and analyze potential growth opportunities for your prospective employer, they will do the same in bringing you onto the team. Understanding things from this perspective helps you thoughtfully develop a resume that will demonstrate your extensive experience in business development.

To start landing the interviews, you’ll first need to find a Business Development Specialist resume template to stick with. Include these quintessential items for a strong Business Development Specialist resume example:

  • Name and contact information
  • Powerful headline
  • Professional summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Awards or honorable mentions

Name and contact information

Don’t overlook something as simple as your name and contact information. These details should be the first text on your Business Development Specialist resume template. To help ensure it is the first thing your future employer sees, make it stand out in a larger and/or bolded font.

Make it easy for recruiters to get in contact with you to call you in for an interview by having your contact information immediately following your name. Your phone number is easy enough; as long as it’s a line you’ll be sure to answer.

Be careful with your email address. Keep it short and simple, like a variation of your name. Anything that comes off as silly or inappropriate might instantly make your resume irrelevant, despite your qualifications.

Although it may seem unnecessary, you’ll also want to include details about your geographic location. While you don’t have to include your full street address these days, as remote work is becoming increasingly popular, you should provide your city and state at a minimum. Even if the Business Development Specialist position you are applying for is remote, most employers will want to make sure your time zone will make sense for working hours.

Powerful headline

The first long-form text on your resume that a recruiter will see will be your headline, which should follow your name and contact information on your Business Development Specialist resume template.

You don’t need this portion of your resume to stand out with special formatting, unlike your name. Instead, the idea is to capture the attention of your prospective audience with a powerful headline that leaves them wanting to find out more about you.

Professional summary

Moving right along with your Business Development Specialist resume template, your professional summary will be the next portion to include. Just like any professional summary you will encounter and have to assess or present, you want to provide a thorough synopsis of the rest of the information to follow.

In this two to four line section of your resume, you should be highlighting relevant and essential skills and accomplishments. Be sure to include your years of business development experience, including your critical expertise and significant professional accomplishments you have achieved thus far.

Work experience and education

Don’t feel discouraged if you apply as a first-time Business Development Specialist for your work experience. Even if you don’t have any prior job experience under that title, plenty of real-life examples of job functions display your capabilities in this new role.

Often, any related sales and managerial experience will be helpful to include in your work history. Supporting marketing campaigns, nurturing client relationships, updating client databases, and networking are all critical functions of Business Development Specialists and those of both sales and managerial positions. As you can see, there are quite a few parallels you can draw if you try.

If you’re feeling stuck, let us help you. Sign up for free here if you'd like Leet to help fill in some of the blanks.

In addition to finding relatable work history, you want to showcase your achievements in each role rather than simply listing off duties. Displaying quantified results in previous positions will help employers see that you know how to research and analyze data, albeit for yourself in this instance.

Most companies are looking for a higher level of education for Business Development Specialists. Thankfully, those lacking in work history can include any degrees in business or marketing to help beef up this section of their resume.


Lastly, you’ll want to conclude your Business Development Specialist resume template with a keywords section. Wrap up any additional skills you have not yet been able to feature on your resume here. Excellent examples of skills to include in this section include any tools you have used in business development in the past, including AWeber, Act-on, Trello, Expandi, etc.

How do you write a great Business Development Specialist resume?

A Business Development Specialist is responsible for identifying new clients to perform competitor analysis. Research and analyzing data are critical components of nearly every role of a Business Development Specialist, which means project management skills and innovative thinking are needed to be successful in this role.

Other relevant skills for a Business Development Specialist resume include negotiating and closing business deals, assessing and advising on potential joint ventures, and evaluating and improving sales strategies. Rather than listing the soft skills required for this role, focus on hard skills within the job function to stand out.

Business Development Specialist skills

Showcase how you used each critical Business Development Specialist’s hard skill on your resume to achieve something to support your general manager or company. So for company growth, goal-oriented, CRM lead generation, staff retention, negotiation, project management, lead generation, and customer growth, you might indicate something similar to:

  • Company growth: “Assisted owners with expansion, remodeling, and ground-up planning, which increased their bottom line sales by 17.3%.”
  • Goal-oriented: “Incorporated business plans and objectives to meet goals over $12M.”
  • CRM lead generation: “Generated a referral rate of 76% from acquired sales through personal CRM implementation.”
  • Staff retention: “Created and implemented a 60-hour training course encompassing roles and responsibilities, reducing training time, improving efficiency, and lowering salesforce turnover by more than 5%.”
  • Negotiation: “Negotiated and obtained job orders by surpassing goals by 61%.”
  • Project management: “Devised, deployed, and monitored processes to boost long-term business success and increase profit levels 6%.”
  • Lead generation: “Established new territory and successful growth of rental services achieving 250% sales growth that exceeded revenue projections for year 1 and increased over 35% for year 2.”
  • Customer growth: “Prospected and grew customer base by 2.1% resulting in an immediate increase in bottom-line sales.”

Demonstrating what you achieved with your hard skills is best by using a combination of numbers and words. Since this is such a numbers-driven position, it helps to be able to quantify your work history as much as possible.

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