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Learn how to write the perfect mechanical engineering resume. We take you through the process, step by step, of crafting a mechanical engineering resume that wins jobs.

Written by Marc Cenedella
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Last updated on May 2, 2021
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How to write the perfect mechanical engineering resume

You’re in the business of turning ideas into products. As a mechanical engineer, your skills in design, prototyping, management, and constructing are the backbone of creating the manufactured items and technologies that we rely on everyday.

We know you’ve worked hard to acquire in-demand skills, such as engineering design and project management, and you deserve a salary that reflects that value.

At this point, though, you’ve realized that writing a perfect resume isn’t the same as solving differential equations or finding thermal equilibrium.

There’s no doubt that you’re smart enough to write a killer resume, but, just like with physics and math, a bit of study will go far towards landing that dream job.

That’s why we’ve created a perfect mechanical engineer resume template for you to leverage.

Want to learn what makes this resume so powerful?

Want to learn how this resume will help you to score more job interviews?

Keep reading to learn more!

How to write an Mechanical Engineer resume that scores more job interviews

MEs serve a critical function across industries like manufacturing, defense, and aerospace.

After years of intense schooling, you made yourself into an indispensable asset for businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 500s.

Since mechanical engineers are so important, you deserve the right job. You deserve a job where you are valued for your expertise, where you solve problems that matter, and, of course, where you are compensated fairly.

These ME jobs don’t just find you. You have to go after them.

And you do that by sending out a perfect mechanical engineer resume.

Since that resume matters so much, you might consider hiring a professional to write one for you.

And I bet you think it’s pretty expensive.

Well, you’re in for a surprise. Leet Resumes will write your resume for free, but we appreciate tips!

How should I format my mechanical engineer resume?

Want to write your own? Let’s get started then.

For a bullet-proof resume, just follow this format. You can’t go wrong.

  • Name + Contact
  • Professional Headline
  • Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Keywords

That’s it. Stick with this format, and you’re guaranteed to get interviews and job offers in no time.

As a mechanical engineer, you value consistency, organization, and precision. You don’t use a different formula to solve the same problem, do you?

The same concept applies to resumes. Organization and consistency are vital.

When you send in your resume to all but the smallest companies, it first goes through an application tracking system (ATS). Whatever the software providers may claim, their AI is light years from genuine intelligence.

They’re easy to confuse, especially when you use unique formatting like multiple columns, text boxes, or images.

When the ATS doesn’t recognize what it’s seeing, it does stupid stuff, such as putting your college degree as your most recent job.

Make it easy on the ATS. Make sure your format is organized and consistent, and you’ll maximize the chances your resume ends up in the hands of a human recruiter.

Name + Contact

I know it may seem obvious, but, as a mechanical engineer, you know how crucial it is to proceed methodically through each and every step.

This is one of those steps.

Write your name at the top. Under that, write your phone number and a professional email address.

Some people will tell you to add your LinkedIn profile next. If you check it everyday, then it’s a good move. Otherwise, you might miss a recruiter’s LI message. It’s perfectly okay to just stick with phone and email.

Professional Headline

Picture your future boss. They’ve got their hands full, and they know they need to bring on an mechanical engineer to help them achieve their goals.

Sitting down to look over some resumes, they pick yours up.

Under your name, they see a line that says “Accomplished Mechanical Engineer”

They’re going to keep reading!

We call this the Professional Headline. This 3-5 word description tells a recruiter or hiring manager who you are and why they want you for the job.

Professional Summary

How many abstracts have you read during your studies and career?

This section of your resume is the abstract.

In 2-4 lines, explain the job you want, your relevant experience, and your achievements. It should hit these points:

  • Job title you’re after
  • Mechanical engineer skills you have
  • Mechanical engineer achievements and accomplishments (optional)
  • Promotions and awards (optional)

While bullets three and four are optional, depending on your experience, the first two are absolutely essential for letting the recruiter know that you’re the perfect candidate for their position.

As you progress in your career, you will add achievements, promotions, and the like. If you don’t have any yet, don’t fret! Stick to the first two lines, and you’ll have more space for other selling points on your resume.

Are you starting to feel like this might be a bigger project than you bargained for? Wishing that somebody else could just take care of it for you?

Well, it’s a good thing you found Leet Resumes! We’ll be glad to get to work on your mechanical engineering resume—for free and right now.

Work Experience

If the Professional Summary was the abstract, then Work Experience is the full paper.

This section highlights the positions that you’ve held as well as showcases the crucial experiences that you had in each job.

There’s one common pitfall here that you need to avoid. Don’t list your daily responsibilities, like overseeing the installation, operation, maintenance, and repair of equipment.

You can do better than that.

The thing is, those daily responsibilities are probably the same as the requirements as the job that you’re applying to.

And you’re not here to just regurgitate role requirements into your resume.

Your goal is to impress the recruiter.

Make yourself irresistible with some good-natured bragging.

Rather than simply presenting your everyday mechanical engineer responsibilities, make these five key points.

Hone in on achievements, accomplishments, and successes

You only get so many words on your resume to set yourself apart from the pack. The best way to start is by focusing on your successes, giving your future boss a tangible, quantifiable way to see how you made a difference for previous employers.

They should look at your resume and realize that they have an amazing opportunity before them.

Employ strong action verbs

Consider the differences here:

  • I was responsible for developing, coordinating, and monitoring all aspects of production
  • Developed, coordinated, and monitored all aspects of production

The first bullet takes too long to get to the point.

As soon as you read the second, you know exactly what you did.

With strong action verbs, you immediately present your contribution. It makes you out as an active worker, which also makes you a more attractive hire and boosts your shot at getting that first interview.

Use quantifiable metrics

You’re an engineer. You definitely have strong feelings about numbers.

The person hiring you (probably) appreciates them just as much as you do.

For instance, if you only wrote “Planned and executed blueprints to increase industrial output,” you don’t say how much.

Add a number, and the entire equation changes.

“Planned and executed blueprints to increase industrial output by 6%.” Just by adding that one number, the hiring manager can immediately visualize the impact of your work and apply that to their own situation.

Whenever you can use numbers, do so. Whether that’s how many reports you’ve written or how large your team was, put a number to it to make it concrete.

Highlight promotions

Promotions are a well-defined signal of excellence, so don’t miss a chance to call out the ones that you’ve earned.

They also show that you bring a growth mindset and are willing to assume more responsibility—both big selling points.

Use specific dates

You may want to remove dates if you have a gap or two, but don’t fall for the temptation. It actually will end up working against you.

You don’t want to seem like you’re hiding something. And if you can’t earn the recruiter’s trust, there’s no way you’ll land an interview.


Now that you’ve listed your mechanical engineering experience, it’s time to show off your education. This part should be simple. In addition to the obvious institutions, degrees, and GPAs, you’ll also want to include certifications like Certified Manufacturing Engineering (CMfgE), Certified Quality Engineer (CQE), or even more general certs like Six Sigma and PMP.

One last thing to keep in mind: unless you’re pursuing it right now, don’t list any degrees that you haven’t completed.


This final section of your mechanical engineering resume is where you leave a lasting impression that will seal the deal.

The keywords that you want to include show the hiring manager that you are more than qualified for the job. By showcasing hard skills, soft skills, and awards that are relevant to your work as an mechanical engineer, you’ll prove your value as a potential employee.

Here are some keywords to consider:

  • Design and Prototyping
  • Team management
  • Time management
  • Communication

Technological proficiencies are also worth highlighting. In addition to programming languages that you may know like MATLAB or C++, you also want to include specific software like AutoCAD or Solidworks.

With this information, your future boss will be able to easily visualize how you will contribute to their projects and how you already work at a high level.

Want us to write your resume for free?

If you’re having a hard time getting started or would rather just leave it to the professionals, get in touch with Leet Resumes today.

We’ll craft a personalized mechanical engineering resume for free, though we always appreciate a tip for a job well done.

Give it a shot. And good luck with that job hunt!


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