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Last updated on September 2, 2022
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Writing a great Technical Writer resume

For a technical writer, the ability to break down complex concepts into easily digestible content may be the most important tool in your box. Whether you’re crafting a user’s manual, technical documentation, or any other product, you specialize in translating jargon-heavy engineering-speak into words that an end user will understand.

When you’re struggling to get your head around something yourself, a great Technical Writer knows how to get the information they need. You’re not afraid of diving head-first into scientific research, conducting interviews, or just searching the web until you find the answers that you’re after.

From researching to outlining to drafting to editing, you’re constantly assessing your work and asking one big question: how can I get the most important information across in the simplest way?

Spending time in the solitude of your office may be your happy place, but you also know there’s no substitute for face-to-face communication on the job. Not only do you need to ask the right questions during technical interviews and effectively communicate when scoping a project, but you also need to coordinate with editors, graphic designers, or even junior writers.

Even if you’re great at this kind of communication, you still might not be sure how to write a great resume. Just like any other deliverable, there’s a knack to it. You’re more than capable of learning how to write an A+ Technical Writer resume, and Leet Resumes will be happy to be your instructor.

Just like with most of your other work, the key to writing a great resume is clarity and concision. Get to the point. Show what you bring to the table. Use less words to say more.

Ready to learn more? It’s as easy as following our simple Technical Writer resume template and looking over our resume example.

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The High Level Overview to Resume Writing

In addition to emphasizing quality over quantity, there are a few other points that you need to keep in mind when crafting an awesome Technical Writer resume.

To begin, avoid paragraphs. Leave the fancy syntax for your novel or blog. Go back to the basics. That means bullet points and simple sentences are your resume’s best friends. This will increase the skim-ability of your resume while also helping you to maintain a tight focus on what makes you a unique hire.

You also don’t want to use any unusual fonts. Again, stick to the basics: Arial or Times New Roman. There’s also no need to include pictures, colors, text boxes, or additional columns.

Besides making it more difficult for hiring managers and recruiters to read your resume, these unnecessary aesthetics can also confuse the AI systems that many employers use to pre-sort resumes. If the software gets a resume in a format it can’t understand, it won’t be able to correctly parse your resume. Your resume may never even see a pair of human eyeballs.

Only put your LinkedIn profile if you check on it every day. Otherwise you could miss an important message and lose out on a great opportunity.

Can somebody else write my resume for me?

If you’re like a lot of other writers, the hardest subject for you to write about may be yourself. Or maybe you’re just a busy person. No matter the reason, remember that you always have another option besides writing your own resume from scratch.

Leet Resumes is here to help. We’ll write a personalized Technical Writer resume for you for free. All that we ask is that you consider leaving a tip for a job well done! Click here to take the first step towards scoring an interview.

Advice for formatting a Technical Writer resume

Going to write your resume yourself? You are a professional writer, after all, and you’re also the subject matter expert on your own career.

All you have to do is follow our Technical Writer resume template. Think about it like receiving an outline in a brief—all you have to do is fill in the blanks.

This is the basic format:

  • Name + Contact
  • Professional Headline
  • Professional Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Keywords

Name + Contact

If you’ve ever written a product manual, then you know that no step is too small to include. It may seem obvious, for instance, to press the power button, but a thorough manual is detailed.

The same is true on your resume. Start by writing your professional name at the top of your resume in a font that’s slightly larger than the rest of the document. Right under that, readers should find your contact information: the best phone number to reach you at and a professional sounding email address.

Social media links aren’t recommended.

Professional Headline

Just like any other headline, the goal here is to sum up the entirety of your resume in just a few words. That may sound intimidating, but it’s easier than you may think. Just remember the objective. You want to convince them to keep reading.

So, instead of just writing “Technical Writer”, make it more descriptive. For instance, you could lead with a positive adjective (Detail-obsessed Technical Writer) or highlight what specific expertise you have (Software Technical Writer).

Professional Summary

If you’ve ever written an executive summary for a white paper, then you know the gist of this. The headline gets them to click or pick it up, and the summary quickly gets them up to speed. On your resume, this means explaining the job you’re after, your prior experiences, and any major career milestones.

Here is the format we recommend:

  • Three to five job titles that you would accept
  • Technical Writer skills you have
  • Technical Writer successes/achievements (optional)
  • Promotions and/or awards (optional)

While lines one and two are an essential starting point for any resume, the third and fourth line really let those applying for senior positions shine. This is your opportunity to differentiate yourself from other applicants.

Work Experience

This section of the Technical Writer resume template lets you dive even deeper into specific career achievements that are unique to you alone. This is critical to landing job interviews. Recruiters see tons of resumes that only scratch the surface of a candidate’s employment history.

At a certain point, they all blend in together, mundanely repeating daily responsibilities and duties. The problem is that this doesn’t really say why you’re the best person for the job.

A better strategy is to focus on your successes and accomplishments. How have you brought value at previous positions? Are there any specific metrics that you can point to? Look for ways to highlight what makes you unique, then back up those claims with data.

Your resume needs numbers

That’s precisely why numbers are a resume’s best friend. If you can point to any tangible results of your writing, do so here. The more numbers, the better.

Lead with action verbs

Avoid the passive voice, and begin each bullet with a strong action verb (interviewed, created, edited). It makes your resume easier to read and conveys your active and driven personality.

Be honest about dates

Don’t think you need to cover up a gap in your employment history. Not only is it quite common, but failing to disclose dates can raise suspicions. If you lose the recruiters' trust, you’re probably not going to get an interview.


This part is for your educational background. All you have to do is list any degrees you’ve earned and where you earned them. If you hold any certifications, be sure to include them here.

Don’t put any degrees that you didn’t complete unless you’re still working towards them.


The final section of our Technical Writer resume template is meant to leave a lasting impression by giving you a space to list soft skills, hard skills, and any awards that you’ve earned. Make each word count. Here are some recommended keywords:

  • Conducting interviews
  • API documentation
  • Communication
  • Technology research
  • Content strategy

This is also where you should highlight specific technologies that you’re comfortable working with. If you’ve learned how to write and read code for your job, for instance, say what languages you know, even if you’re not on the same level as a software engineer. Or maybe you’ve picked up a bit of electrical engineering during your time with a hardware manufacturer. Specific technical expertise is a big selling point for Technical Writers, so make the most of what you have! And don’t forget to include proficiency with standard productivity tools like MS Office 365.

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