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Last updated on July 18, 2022
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How to a Marketing Analyst Resume that Gets Interviews

You know a good campaign when you see one, but it’s up to you to measure the data to confirm it. Between the abstract creatives and the C-level execs, you’re just the translator of the data, relaying the message of if their marketing is working or not.

It’s nothing personal, the data just doesn’t lie.

Even though you’re great at gathering the right metrics, measuring seemingly subjective data and finding a way to quantify it into valuable insights…you’re stuck trying to write one resume.

Don’t sweat it. On the surface, writing a resume has little in common with market analysis. But in this article we’ll show you how to apply your passion for stats and your intuition for consumer behavior to write a Marketing Analyst resume that decreases your nonresponses.

Here’s what you’ll find:

A resume example for a Marketing Analyst to reference as you write your own

A step-by-step guide to creating a your own resume template that can be customized for each job you apply to

Expert tips along the way to make your resume the outlier – in the best possible way

Prefer to have someone else write your resume?

That’s an option, too. Leet Resumes will write your Marketing Analyst resume for you, and they’ll do it for free (really). Tips for a job well done are always appreciated.

How to Format a Marketing Analyst Resume

Just like a comprehensive analysis, your resume will include both quantitative and qualitative data that points to you being the best candidate for the open market analyst job.

The data of your career will be organized into these five sections:

  • Professional Headline
  • Professional Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Keywords

*Expert tip: Keep the design of your resume simple. Use the resume example as a guide and format yours into a single column, no-frills straightforward resume. For someone who reads resumes all day, a multi-columned, colorful and font-diverse document makes it more difficult to find the information they’re looking for. Don’t hide behind design. Let the data speak for itself.

Name + Contact

At the very top of the page, add your first and last name in a professional and legible font. Make it slightly larger than the rest of the text and add your contact information below: phone number, email and location (city and state, that is).

Be sure to include a professional email address that would be easy and comfortable reciting to your future employer.

As for social accounts, leave those off entirely. Give your recruiter one CTA: to call you for an interview.

How to Write a Professional Headline that Stands Out

Think of your resume like an advertisement. The product is you and your skills and your audience is your potential employer who’s looking for a Marketing Analyst that can make their company more successful.

The only problem is…there are dozens, if not hundreds, more Marketing Analysts applying for the same position. So how do you differentiate yourself and capture your recruiter’s attention immediately? It starts with a well-crafted professional headline.

Your headline is a brief phrase that sums up who you are and what you do.

It starts with a slightly flattering adjective that puts you in a positive light: strategic, methodical, proficient, team-oriented or expert are just a few to get your wheels turning.

Then add your official title (Marketing Analyst) and a word that describes your level of experience (junior, assistant, senior, lead, etc.).

The end result should look something like this: Innovative Lead Marketing Analyst.

Professional Summary

Now that you’ve captured their attention with your headline, your summary will serve as the synopsis to the rest of your resume.

Depending on your years of experience, you’ll use the next two to four lines to briefly highlight your professional skills and accomplishments.

*Expert Tip: Take a look at the resume example. You won’t find any paragraphs. Make your resume easy to read by listing your skills and attributes rather than hiding them in sentences.

In line one, list the job titles you’d accept for your next position, such as Digital Marketing Analyst, Performance Marketing Analyst, Lead Analyst, and so on.

Just be sure to include the exact job title for the position you’re applying for.

In line two, list the most relevant skills for the job you’re targeting: SQL, project management, ETL automation, data visualization, python, etc.

The next two lines are optional and if you don’t have the content to furnish them, don’t worry about it. Lines one and two are all you need to land an interview.

If you have the experience, add your career achievements in line three, and your awards, promotions and additional professional successes in line four.

These might be notable projects you worked on or reports that were mentioned in the press.

If nothing comes to mind, don’t reach for filling these last two lines. Just use your analytical skills and data domain to convert your audience in the next section.

Work Experience

Your work experience is the most similar to an analysis report than any other part of your resume. In it, you’ll present the quantifiable data to support the claim that your marketing analysis leads to positive outcomes for your employers.

Start by referencing the resume example. List your previous work experience in reverse chronological order with the accurate dates of employment, official job title and employer.

Under each position, add a bullet point list that highlights your contributions in that role.

*Expert Tip: This is not the place to list the boring and mundane details of your job and what you’re responsible for. No one wants to read the instruction manual of what you do. Instead, use data to show how you made each company better with your analytical contributions.

Use Strong Success Verbs

Start each bullet point with a success verb. These are action words that replace tepid resume verbs like managed, performed, or “was responsible for” for strong verbs that imply success before you even get to the details.

These are words like: optimized, advanced, capitalized, generated, converted, forecasted, accelerated and advanced.

Add as Much Data as Possible

For every bullet point of your success, include at least one piece of measurable data: a.k.a. Numbers.

Numbers are specific. They make all the difference between showing line chart trends of increasing sales and saying that sales have increased by 25%.

For those who don’t spend their days analyzing data, numbers make it easy to visualize the impact of your analysis. So include as many numbers as possible.

These might be: the size of the team you managed, the number of departments you worked with, how accurate your market forecasts were, by how much ROI of marketing spend increased with your analysis and reports, and so on.

Along with the strong success verbs, your bullet point list might look like this:

Authored predictive modeling with an average of 96% accuracy.

Increased marketing spend ROI by 14% with predictive modeling and analysis.

Boosted website traffic by 30% with real-time data visualization model.

Include Every Promotion

Even though numbers are the most indisputable points of data, recruiters and potential employers really like to see promotions. For them it’s social proof that they’re making a good hiring decision since previous employers wanted to keep you around.

For this reason, add every promotion you’ve received to your work experience to make your resume that much more effective.


Brief and to-the-point, in this section you’ll list where you went to school, the dates you attended, the degrees you graduated with and any honors or awards you received.

Unless your extracurricular activities were related to data analytics, you can leave them out.

Keywords and Skills for a Marketing Analyst Resume

In the final section of your resume template, you’ll list a series of skills, attributes and technologies that make you an attractive candidate for the open position.

These include soft skills like:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Effective Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Creativity

Technologies, such as:

  • Tableau
  • Coremetrics
  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • Python
  • R, SAS, SPSS, or STATA

And professional skills that are specific to your targeted position:

  • Data Visualization
  • Data mining
  • Survey Design
  • Predictive Modeling

With your final custom keywords in place, your Marketing Analyst resume template is complete.

You can now customize this template to tailor it toward whichever job you’re applying for, increasing the efficacy of your efforts and bringing you more interviews and job offers.

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