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Last updated on July 18, 2022
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Secretary Resume Example

Technology in the area of artificial intelligence has indeed made office work easier. Nevertheless, the administrative role of a Secretary is still needed for any successful business. File management, appointment making, record keeping, and every other routine official duty needed to keep a company afloat is meant to be carried out by a Secretary. That’s why the job of a Secretary for which you apply should be taken seriously.

To land that secretarial job and achieve your career goals, you need a well-constructed resume that will show your future employers the skills and experience you have accomplished so far. However, when drafting your resume, you need to know which information is essential and which is not.

Thankfully, we can help you by drafting a free resume for you. Also, you can utilize the information below to prepare a good Secretary resume for yourself.

An excellent example of a good Secretary resume

Whether it be in the education, business, health, or media sectors, among others, a secretarial job is critical. Many small and large companies would struggle without being well managed and accounted for by different administrative Secretaries. Therefore, as a Secretary, your job is instrumental to a company.

All you need to do is identify the area that suits your passion, interest, skills, and experience and choose a company that needs them. After this, the next important thing is to convince your prospective employer to see why you should be employed using a well-written Secretary resume.

It is no surprise that you will need specific requirements, skills, and qualifications to carry out a Secretary job successfully. Also, depending on the company you are applying to, an additional skill such as project management skill might be required.

Your Secretary resume example must be thorough, including all the related learned skills applicable to your prospective company. Carefully showcasing these skills will help you move closer to landing your desired Secretary job. However, you need to be careful not to provide unnecessary information so that your resume is concise.

It is good to take your time when planning to write your Secretary resume example. Brevity and clarity are two ingredients that your Secretary's resume should not lack. A prospective employer should be able to pinpoint critical information from your resume quickly.

There is a top-notch Secretary resume template you should follow if you want to get the job interviews you have been waiting for. The vital information to include are:

  • Your name and contact information
  • A mesmerizing headline
  • An expert summary
  • Your experience in related work so far
  • Your education or schooling background
  • Any relevant awards of honor

Giving your resume project a name

For good file management and easy access, naming files is very important. Hence, you must also name your Secretary resume so your employer can easily access it. In this case, you give your name to the resume.

The first information that should be seen by hiring managers on your resume is your name. And it should be boldly written with a good font so that it is easily noticed on your resume.

After writing your name, the following information you should give is your contact. You need to organize it this way because when your resume catches the attention of the hiring managers, it is easy for them to see your name boldly written and get your contact beside it for further communications about an interview.

These are the elements of your contact you should include on your Secretary resume template:

  • Your phone number
  • Your professional email address
  • Where you are located

Your phone number

Use an easy-to-reach phone number that belongs to you. Avoid using your house telephone number because you might not be around when the interview call comes in.

Your professional email address

You do not want to give the wrong impression by using an email that sounds unprofessional. Ensure part of your name is used as the email address.

Where you are located

Location information has become somewhat unnecessary because remote working is taking over physical work. For a Secretary resume, location information is mandatory for future use and data management. When providing your geographical location, mention your city or state. The country might be unnecessary.

Add a captivating factor

The next thing to do is capture the attention of whoever holds your resume. The headline is one of the most effective captivating factors in the Secretary resume template. This headline should be straightforward, powerful, and compelling.

Your name should stand out, but your headline should impress hirers so they can't forget you.

Now, let's include valuable data

After creating a powerful impression with your headline, it becomes easy for the reader of your resume to scan through the information directly under the headline. It is imperative to add detailed personal information that supports the written headline in your professional summary.

The professional summary is a brief description of yourself, professional certification, skills, and related experience that qualifies you for the job you are aspiring for. This information should be well stated to pique the interest of future employers.

Basic technical know-how will help out

Are you applying for a top Secretary position in your department and thinking you do not have the required experience to land the job? Well, that is simply not true.

Over the years in your current Secretary position, you have acquired information about that next-level position by watching your senior colleagues do it or carrying out specific tasks for them. After ascertaining this, you briefly write about the higher work experience you've had in your previous job role.

Since work functions are in clusters, you should be able to write all related clustered skills you have acquired in previous jobs that qualify you for the one you are applying for. Remember always to be brief and concise by listing previous achievements under each related job title.

Conclude with extra skills acquired

Every company wants to hire valuable Secretaries and workers at large. Hence, one of the ways you are considered valuable is to have acquired specific skills that can help you perform your secretarial job. Additional skills could be mental skills such as emotional intelligence, teamwork, and the like.

How to write an excellent Secretary resume

Writing an excellent Secretary resume should not be complicated if you can follow the outlines explained so far. The most important thing is always to remember to keep your resume simple.

You should include only essential and relevant information on your Secretary resume. Also, remember your resume is different from your cover letter, so a single page is all you need to convey the necessary information.

When writing your Secretary resume, you are trying to sell your ability, skills, and experience to a particular company. To sell them well, you need first to understand the functions and roles of a Secretary.

The primary functions of a Secretary are planning, recording, office management, and scheduling. You should show in your resume how you have carried out such tasks in the past, whether with previous employers or job roles. Also, mention how these experiences will enable you to serve the company better.

One crucial question a company will likely ask you is, what impact have you made in previous companies you worked with? You want to include your previous impact and specific accomplishments in each role.

An achievement-driven Secretary resume can be created for you for free. Leet can help you with that. Sign up for free here.

Knowing a Secretary's required skills

When you understand the skills you need to have as a Secretary, it becomes easy to perform beyond expectation and give details about it. Therefore for work functions such as management, recording, communication, scheduling, reporting, organizing, and planning, among others, you could give specific details such as:

  • Management: "Managed information and ensured it is dispensed properly" or "Managed the running of the company by providing needed file computation promptly."
  • Recording: “Recorded the progress of daily company tasks correctly, leaving no gaps for lapses or incorrect details."
  • Communication: "Spoke professionally with delegates of other partnered companies and other prospective inquiries."
  • Scheduling: "Scheduled meetings promptly, communicating with involved parties and bringing them vital information ahead of time."
  • Reporting: “Reported punctually to the appropriate office via company's intel."
  • Organizing: "Used file management systems such as e-file cabinet, team sheet, and the like to organize files."
  • Planning: “Collaborated with other planners to create more than four company programs."

Leet wants to see you succeed

Leet is interested in giving you a helping hand in landing the Secretary job of your dreams. We want to help by writing a great Secretary resume for you. You can get yours for free by signing up with Leet Resumes today. Otherwise, our Secretary resume template is a sure-fire way to get you to start getting more interviews from valued employers.


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