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Last updated on July 18, 2022
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How to write a great District Manager resume

You hold yourself and your stores to a certain standard.

If mediocre doesn’t cut it in your district, why should it on your resume?

Maybe you’re not sure how to write a great District Manager resume.

After all, your position is anything but simple. Looking after one store is a full-time job, let alone an entire group of locations.

Here’s the good news: You can easily write a fantastic District Manager resume that will help you get more job interviews. It doesn't have to be difficult.

Just follow our resume writing guide. We’ve boiled down the science of resumes to an easy step by step formula.

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Why you need a great District Manager Resume

When it comes to overseeing multiple locations, there’s no greater priority than communication.

Without proper communication between stores, the greater vision that you’ve been tasked with managing crumbles quickly.

From quarterly budgets to seasonal promotions, everyone needs to be on the same page.

Communication is just as vital to a door-opening District Manager resume.

If you don't convey your skills and accomplishments correctly, your resume will become yet another addition to the ‘reject’ pile.

Which brings us to the big question: How?

How can you possibly tell readers everything you do using just a single page? You’re a leader, an analyst, and a recruiter all in one.

And that's not even mentioning all the time you spend coordinating marketing campaigns and regulatory compliance efforts across your stores.

Just follow our resume writing guide below.

Before long, hiring managers will be asking you a question: “When?”

As in when are you coming in for an interview!

How to format your District Manager resume

The importance of keeping things tidy isn’t lost on you. Nothing hurts business quite like a disheveled storefront or messy interior.

You’re going to want to keep your District Manager resume just as crisp and clean. The name of the modern resume game is clarity. Your resume needs to provide proof of your District Management qualifications as quickly (and clearly) as possible.

Following this format will help you do just that:

  • Name + Contact
  • Professional Headline
  • Professional Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Keywords

Looking for a little more context? Let’s discuss each section of your new resume a bit more.

Avoid these style slip-ups

Before we get down to the finer details of resume writing, let’s push the pause button and go over a few general mistakes to avoid throughout your entire District Manager resume.

While a little bit of creativity goes into writing a resume, you generally don’t want to treat this like an art project. Use only black colored text, and don’t add extra colors anywhere.

Additional text boxes and columns should be avoided as well. Hiring managers don’t have time to sift through a resume that looks like a maze.

Name + Contact

At the very top of your District Manager resume readers should find your full name. No nicknames or aliases!

Directly below your name write how recruiters can contact you: Your email address and phone number.

Again, keep this information totally respectable. No one is going to email N00bmaster88 about a job interview. If you haven’t created a new email address since college, now’s the time!

Professional Headline

With just three to five words, your professional headline should summarize the essence of your career and work style.

Imagine you’ve arrived at a store that was recently placed under your jurisdiction. How would you introduce yourself to your new team? Asking yourself this question may help you with your professional headline.

This section is your first chance to really grab the reader’s attention, so it’s important to get this right. Take your time.

It can help to start with a positive, relevant adjective (flexible, decisive, etc) followed by a description of your current title or level of expertise.

For example: “Motivated Retail District Manager”

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Professional Summary

You caught their attention with the professional headline, now it’s time to seal the deal with your professional summary. Consider these next two to four lines an advertisement for your achievements, your skills, and perhaps most importantly, what you want to do next.

The professional summary should feature at least two lines or as many as four; it depends on your level of experience.

Line one is for listing job titles you want to accept as your next role, such as “Supervising District Manager” or ”Senior District Manager”.

How many times have you walked into a job interview only to be immediately asked “what do you want to do next?” This line answers that question immediately!

Line two is where you should list a few of your most desirable professional skills. Possible examples include leadership, communication, decisiveness, recruitment and training, and business development.

Line three is optional. If you’re an experienced DIstrict Manager with a track record of tangible success use this line to document some of your biggest career achievements or accomplishments.

Line four, also optional, is for naming any promotions or awards earned during your career.

Work Experience

This area is the bread and butter of your District Manager resume. Work experience and job history is an essential part of any resume, so it should go without saying that this section needs to shine.

For starters, place your job history in reverse chronological order, meaning your current or last position is placed at the very top. Underneath each position readers should find a handful of one sentence bullet points detailing your time spent on the job(s).

It can be surprisingly easy to fill out the work experience section of your resume incorrectly, so keep these guidelines in mind:

Show off your high scores

Life and business is often equated to a game. Well, what are your career’s highest scores? Your work experience section should be absolutely littered with your biggest wins, achievements, and accomplishments as a District Manager.

Countless job seekers fill out their job history section by robotically citing expected job duties and responsibilities. This approach is repellant to job opportunities. Every bullet point you list under a previous our current position should boast about at least one accomplishment or impressive feat.

There’s a difference between confidence and arrogance. Prominently displaying your achievements tells hiring managers that you’re good at what you do - and you’re well aware of that fact. Modesty is a trait to be admired, but not while searching for a new job.

Numbers validate success

Adding numbers, statistics, and other metrics to your successes and accomplishments provides more context and credibility.

How many stores and employees are under your supervision? Just how much have revenues or customer satisfaction rates increased in your district since you took the reins?

How many successful store managers did you personally hire and train? How many financial objectives did you set, and then subsequently meet, last quarter?

Considering the wide variety of day-to-day operations you’re involved in, there should be no shortage of metrics to cite.

Lead with a verb

An easy to remember formula for putting together sentences in your work experience section goes like this:

Start with a positive verb (increased, led, developed, etc), follow up with an accomplishment, and then finish with a number.

“Supervised new store openings across seven locations.”


We’re in the resume endgame now. You’re no doubt familiar with this section. Just write down your educational background. That means any degrees you’ve earned, such as a BA or MA in Business Administration, and the schools you attended.

This section can also contain any certifications that are relevant to your work as a District Manager.


The keywords section of your resume may be the very final chapter, but it is no less important.

Recruiters and hiring managers are all about saving time. Many don’t even read resumes word for word, instead opting to quickly scan for specific keywords. The more relevant keywords on your resume the better your chances of landing a job interview!

Keywords are hard skill, soft skills, or awards you’ve earned during your career so far.

Here are some examples:

  • Employee conflict resolution
  • Multitasking
  • Budget management
  • Sales projections
  • Communication skills

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