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Last updated on November 18, 2021
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Academic Resume Template

Education is important. If you are in an academic career, you are involved in educating people, making you highly valued in society. From engineering, law, political science, counseling, medicine, information and communication technology, etc., an academic in an institution of learning makes acquiring knowledge in all these fields possible.

Before you draft your academic resume, remember you are essential for structural learning and mentoring future leaders. It’s critical to have this positive mindset before preparing your academic resume.

Creating an academic resume is not hard. It's a one-page document used to show professional achievements, skills, and experience.

Not all information about you is required in your resume. To know more about the required information, read more below. Or, we can create a flawlessly drafted academic resume for you for free!

An example of a top-notch academic resume

Without academics and scholars, there might not be an improvement in education and the discovery of world truth. As a member of academia, you are involved in the structural progress of society. Life is all about education, and you make it possible.

Several institutions of learning need more academics in your field of study. Different organizations need researchers in their fields. Without a goal-oriented academic resume, you might not be able to access these opportunities.

You do not have to put a long list of certifications on your resume. All you need to do is to organize your credentials in a pleasing and attention-seeking manner. With this, you will convince the prospective employer that you are more than qualified for the task, including specific additional functions that might ensue.

Your thoroughly-drafted academic resume should give superb insight into everything you are as an academic. Additionally, it should clearly display how you can utilize the knowledge you have to achieve the operational objectives of the prospective employer.

Your resume is a tool you will send to prospective hirers to paint a picture of who you are and what you have to offer academia. You need to take your time, just like you will take your time to explain certain concepts to your students.

Specific information should be emphasized in your resume, while others require brevity. You should be able to work with the examples provided below to produce a well-written resume.

You must use specific distinctive templates to write a job-landing academic resume carefully. Also, a top-notch academic resume is incomplete without the following details included:

  • Your Name
  • Your contact information
  • A brilliant headline
  • A professional outline
  • Your job experience
  • Certifications and learning
  • Honors, awards, and other achievements

Your resume needs to be named

As an academic, you understand that giving a name is essential to any project. Just as you titled that current research project you are working on, you should title your resume the same. Personalize your academic resume by giving it the title of your name.

If any hiring manager is holding your resume for the first time, your name should be written so that it is boldly seen without having to search for it. Apart from this, it should be the first information you put on your academic resume.

Next, you’ll need to give information about your contact. Of course, this is needed if you need to be called in for an interview. You will need to provide more details on your contact information than your phone number. You should include the following in your contact details:

  • Cell phone number
  • A professional email
  • Geographical location

Cell phone number

You may have an office telephone number, residential telephone number, and personal cell phone line. However, for your prospective employer to directly contact you, it’s best to use a cell number. Remember that this should be your personal cell phone.

A professional email

You have to provide your email address after giving your phone number. The world of work is a professional one. You should use a professional email address created using your name or a variant of your name. Keep it short and straightforward.

Geographical location

We live in a virtual environment where learners can learn from anyone in any part of the world. As such, you might be applying for an academic position in a virtual educational program in which your location is not a deterring factor.

It is still better to include your location on your resume, even in these instances. This information lets your employer know the cost of having a physical training session with you if ever needed.

Impress your employer

Your name will likely not impress hiring managers, including all other basic contact information you gave. However, a unique way to get the attention of hiring managers is by impressing them with a great academic resume headline.

This headline should be assertive and, at the same time, brief. You should carefully select your words when writing your headline. You do not have to use a large font for it like you would with your name. The most important thing is for it to enthrall or wow prospective employers.

Then, it’s time to include significant information

After carefully choosing the right words to create a powerful headline, you should go ahead to give a short description of who you are. Let the reader of your resume briefly meet the person responsible for writing such a great headline.

Provide a four-line professional summary including supporting information to the headline.

In this short professional description of yourself, you provide information such as who you are and your present academic title. After that, you give the number of years of experience and include specific outstanding achievements in your work experience. Remember to keep things concise. You can get into more details later in your resume.

You need to organize your experience thoughtfully

Are you an academic and hesitating to request a higher position within your institution? Or are you trying to apply for a job requiring higher work experience?

Do you know you can confidently apply for it? All you need is a skillfully organized resume that synthesizes and emphasizes experiences prospective employers want to see.

Describe practical related experiences you have garnered as an upcoming academic. To make it more explicit on your academic resume, write these job roles in segments and list your accomplishments under each job role.

Conclude with additional related skills

Values are hired, not people. There could be thirty prospective employees applying for one position. What makes it possible for hiring managers to choose one person is value.

Yes, hiring managers analyze resumes and personalities to determine the fittest for the job. Therefore, in your academic resume, include additional skills showing your value.

How to create a great academic resume

Any resume writing, including academic resume, is not difficult if you follow the brevity rule. Avoid giving information that will not help you get the job, and share information that will increase your chances of landing the job. Keep your academic resume simple.

Your resume is not your autobiography or a cover letter. It should not exceed one page.

The primary purpose of your academic resume is to present you to recruiters as fit and qualified for the job. As a result, you must understand the roles of the position you are applying for.

Understanding the job roles you will be applying for is essential because you can picture what recruiters want. Using this information, you can carefully construct your academic resume to show acquired skills that will enable you to perform the job roles perfectly.

Besides showing your skills, convince your recruiters by stating the impact you have made when carrying out similar job roles.

We can help you create a technical and impact-driven academic resume at Leet. Sign up for free here.

Understanding the skills of an academic

The needed job skills of an academic are somewhat the same across different niches, however, with little variations in specific job roles. Talk about the essential elements such as research, communication, listening, management, and writing in your academic resume; you may consider wording like this:

  • Research: “Successfully conducted more than 15 research projects in my field.”
  • Communication: “Effectively communicated my research findings with colleagues and students, thereby increasing their knowledge.”
  • Listening: “Listened to over 100 students at once, especially depicting their level of understanding of my course using verbal and non-verbal cues.”
  • Management: "Managed over 50 post-graduate students while providing needed assistance for them.”
  • Writing: “Wrote over 16 publications and 10 books providing extensive knowledge on my research findings and other concepts in my field.”

You need to quantify your accomplishments in your career so far as much as possible. This concept helps the prospective employer to know the extent of your impact and value.

Leet can add to your success story

It is true that carefully organizing an academic resume template can be daunting. Don’t worry. Leet is here to help. Leet wants to lend a hand to assist you in thoroughly creating that job-landing academic resume today! Use this link to sign up for free.


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