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Last updated on September 2, 2022
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Office Assistant Resume Example

The Office Assistant’s role is much more than juggling the coffee orders for the team. In fact, in many offices, these positions often take on a leadership role in a company. The day-to-day functions of managing documents and maintaining records for company operations are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to primary responsibilities.

For everyone within the office to succeed in their individual roles, they rely on the Office Assistant in one way or another. As an Office Assistant, you are responsible for sharing critical information and tools with company leadership and ensuring the operation runs smoothly.

Office Assistants perform various job functions depending on the industry they work in. In addition to handling general office duties, an Office Assistant may also perform specialized tasks such as marketing or healthcare.

Thankfully, Leet can lend you a helping hand in several different ways. You can have us write you a free resume for an Office Assistant position! Learn more about our Office Assistant resume sample, or learn how to do it on your own by reading on.

An example of a great Office Assistant resume

Understanding the value of an Office Assistant to a company is essential before looking for these positions. It’s the role of the Office Assistant to support other workers in the company by performing administrative and clerical tasks. Without the help of a great Office Assistant, they would be bogged down by some of these duties.

At the end of the day, all Office Assistants' functions are necessary to every company. It’s the job of the Office Assistant to handle them flawlessly in order to maintain a proper flow in the office. They help businesses maintain an efficient and organized office environment.

They are also responsible for completing routine tasks and adapting their responsibilities to fit the needs of the office. Because of this, you need to be flexible and focused on the goals of the company as a whole. After all, you are all working together towards one common goal from the Office Assistant level all the way up to the directors.

Getting a hand on the perfect Office Assistant job requires finding a company that matches what you stand for. Finding the right company is just the beginning of your journey. To impress your prospective employer, you must first highlight your accomplishments in a way that will appeal to them. To achieve this, you need a strong Office Assistant resume template to work off.

There is an extensive list of qualifications and skills candidates need to meet for positions as Office Assistants in various firms. Your well-written Office Assistant resume will give prospects a wealth of information about what you can do for them. Your resume can help you land your dream job by providing the correct information.

A good Office Assistant resume needs to be given the maximum amount of effort. Depending on different criteria, you may need to provide in-depth information in some areas, but you may need to keep your writing short in others. In all, your resume should be able to tell your prospective employer who you are and what you can do with only a glance.

The best way to land an interview is to follow an Office Assistant resume template. The following are essential items to include in a strong Office Assistant resume:

  • Name and contact information
  • Powerful headline
  • Professional summary
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Awards or honorable mentions

Stand out features of your Office Assistant resume

An Office Assistant resume should always begin with your name. If you want to emphasize this detail, you can use a bold or larger font.

Keep track of your contact information after your name to organize your resume details. Potential employers can easily reach out if you have your contact information near your name when they're ready to interview you.

Please include the following data in your contact information:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Location

Phone number

Do not list more than one phone number on your resume, typically your personal cell phone. Avoid using an extension that someone else may answer. Make it convenient for recruiters to find you without jumping through hoops.

Email address

In the same way you keep your phone number simple, you should aim to keep your email address the same. Maintain a concise and professional email address. Avoid using inappropriate or cutesy email addresses, as they come across as unprofessional. Instead, use a simple spelling of your name.


There was a time when a street address was required on an Office Assistant resume template. But that's not always the case these days. Many jobs have become remote, including Office Assistants. Even if you are applying for a remote position, you should still provide the recruiter with your city and state so that they can estimate your general geographic location.

And add some uniqueness

You will be able to capture your audience's attention when you go beyond the basics of your name and contact information. If you were promoting an internal project you were working on as an Office Assistant, you would use a heading that is short, direct, and powerful at the same time.

That's the attitude you should have when it comes to your Office Assistant resume template headline. Use carefully selected words in your headline to ensure the reader is left with a lasting impression.

Then it's time to get down to business

You want to start feeding the audience the good stuff now that you have their attention, so you need to write your professional summary. Adding supporting information for your headline in this two to four line section of your Office Assistant resume template will contribute to its overall effectiveness.

Don't forget that all of the fine details will follow. Make sure your summary is brief to make it easier for future employers to proceed. Describe yourself in detail, including your experience and other relevant and significant professional achievements.

Details will follow

Generally, you don't have to worry about missing that experience on your resume when applying for a position as a senior Office Assistant for the first time. You are probably an Office Assistant at the current level, so you have plenty of experience. As a former assistant, you should demonstrate your ability to perform better than a lower-level Office Assistant.

Additionally, your Office Assistant abilities will be demonstrated with more than enough functions. Use bullet points below each work experience job title to highlight your accomplishments in each role.

Lastly, add any additional skills you may have

If you haven't yet been able to list any additional skills on your Office Assistant resume sample, consider adding them to the resume's keywords section. In this section, you should list skills such as independence, professionalism, organizational skills, time management, interpersonal skills, written communication, oral communication, attention to detail, and familiarity with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

What should you do when writing an Office Assistant resume?

It is important to remember one crucial fact when writing an Office Assistant resume: keep it simple, but keep it significant at the same time. You should never exceed one page on a resume. It's not your autobiography, nor is it your cover letter.

With this Office Assistant resume template, it is your job to show recruiters that you possess the skills and qualifications necessary for the job and that you will be an excellent fit for the employer. It is essential to consider the role of the Office Assistant to accomplish this.

As an assistant, your primary duties are managing, providing directions, and controlling functions within the office. It is essential to demonstrate that you can perform these functions and more on your resume.

The impact of your work should be explained in addition to the technical skills you have acquired. Get Leet's free assistance in creating an Office Assistant resume highlighting your achievements.

Identifying the skills required by an Office Assistant

Besides the typical job duties, Office Assistants must possess a wide range of skills. The best way to convey your effectiveness is to detail how you exceeded expectations instead of simply stating functions. Here are the instructions on how you can explain these skills:

Verbal communication skills

It is essential to communicate well with colleagues, clients, and managers as an Office Assistant. This soft skill is crucial for Office Assistants because they will handle phone calls, take messages, and serve as a point of contact for various clients.

Written communication skills

It is equally as essential to be able to communicate effectively in writing as it is in speaking. Office Assistants are expected to draft emails, type and mail correspondence, and take notes in meetings, among other duties.

Technology skills

Your duties as an Office Assistant include understanding the various software programs your company uses. Your manager may ask you to organize information for a meeting or curate a presentation using programs such as word processing, spreadsheets, and databases.

Organizational skills

The Office Assistant has to be able to organize their day and assignments effectively because they need to handle various tasks at once. Aside from scheduling, you may also provide support for managers or administrators.

Time-management skills

Due to the large number of tasks found in this profession, time-management skills are essential. You may be able to ease stress by planning ahead and using technology to help with this.

Provide a visual representation of your work using numbers and figures as often as possible. Quantifying your hard skills will increase your value to potential employers.

You can succeed with Leet

Leet understands how challenging it can be to draft an Office Assistant resume template. Our goal is to help you in any way we can. You can get your Office Assistant resume sample written by Leet today for free if you need a little more help after reading this guide.


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