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Last updated on September 2, 2022
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The Relationship Banker Resume that Gets Interviews

They call it relationship banking for a reason. You’re there for the first savings account, first mortgage, joint checking account, and introductions to the financial planners for a 529 plan. For each milestone, you’re supplied with helpful solutions and personalized customer service that makes your clients feel confident in their financial decisions.

But when it’s time to pack all the people skills, financial intelligence and banking know-how into a resume, you’re feeling a little stuck.

That’s alright. Just think of how you described the 48-hour approval process to the modern Fintech customer who expected instant results: procedure and due diligence take time and yield more reliable results.

Fortunately, this article can give you a step-by-step guide to the procedure to produce a resume in no time. We’ve also done the due diligence for you and have a tried and true method of writing resumes that land a good yield of interviews and job offers.

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How to Format a Relationship Banker Resume

The format of your standout resume has five essential parts:

  • Professional Headline
  • Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Keywords

We’ll cover how to incorporate your banking, customer service and financial skills to fill each section. In the meantime, keep this tips in mind for formatting your resume template:

As for the styling format, keep it simple. You’re not filling out UP-1K forms with fancy columns, fonts and colors. With the focus on the content of your resume, stick to the single-column black and white formula you see in the resume example.

This resume template is designed for maximum ease of reading and scanning. For your recruiter to gain the most information about you in the shortest amount of time, stick to the template and avoid all sentences and paragraphs. With short phrases and single words, you can craft a resume that attracts more interviews.

Name + Contact

First things first, type your first and last name at the top of the page in a professional and legible font that’s larger than the rest.

Right below, add your contact information: phone number, email address and location (city and state are all you need to let them know you’re near the branch you’re applying to).

Just like a routing number, all things on your resume point back to you and your professionalism. Choose an email address that fits the well-dressed client-facing Relationship Banker they want to see, not the high school email address you use to sign up for birthday rewards at local restaurants.

Professional Headline

In three to five words, you’ll make your recruiter immediately aware of who you are and what you do with a strong professional headline.

Start by choosing a slightly flattering adjective that puts you in a positive light: friendly, diligent, thorough, detail-oriented or committed might work well for you.

Then add a word or two to acknowledge your level of experience: entry-level, junior, associate, senior, etc.

Finally, cap it off with your official title: Relationship Banker.

In the end, you should have something that reads like: Diligent Senior Relationship Banker.

Professional Summary

Now that your headline has hooked them in like you’re advertising 2.5% interest rates, your professional summary will show them that your skills were tailormade for their open position.

In the first line, list every job title you’d accept for your next role. Include the exact job title of the position you’re applying for, along with other roles you’re qualified for and interested in like MLO, PCB, or HLA. (You can spell them out fully, though.)

In the next line, list the most relevant skills and attributes you have to qualify you for the open job position. Oftentimes, you’ll find these listed in the posted job description. Just like you give individualized service to your customer, craft this section with one branch manager in mind and show off the skills that provide the solutions they’re looking for.

The next two lines are completely optional and don’t worry, lines one and two are enough to land you an interview.

If you do have the content to furnish these lines:

In line three, list your career achievements and highlights (outperforming metrics, notable projects, etc.)

In line four, list the awards and promotions you’ve received in your career.

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Work Experience

When it comes to the work experience of your resume template, your potential employer is looking for one thing: how will you create more business for the bank?

Even though your role feels like administrative duties and customer service sometimes, you play a valuable role in the bank. It’s the Relationship Banker who strengthens customer loyalty to help the branch grow. You also generate additional revenue for the branch by offering different products and services to your clients. In short, your work brings results to the branch, and to the bank as a whole. That’s what you need to highlight in your work experience.

Start by listing your previous work history in reverse chronological order. Include the accurate job title, dates of employment and previous employer for each position you include.

Under each entry, add a bullet point list to show off the value you bring to the bank by using these three elements:

Success Verbs

Forget about managing personal finance accounts, assisting clients with banking solutions and opening new accounts, start each bullet point with a strong success verse that implies a positive outcome immediately.

These are words like generated, boosted, optimized, reduced, exceeded or accelerated.


You’re no stranger to numbers. The reason they work so well in your resume is because they’re specific. They help anyone from the HR recruiter to the Branch Manager (and above) to immediately visualize the impact you bring to a branch.

Estimate how many checking and savings accounts you opened each year. Count the number of regular clients you helped and businesses you helped open.

Every number counts on your resume (pun intended). Once you think you’ve added enough numbers, go back and double the amount again. There’s no such thing as too many numbers on a Relationship Banker resume.


Whether you’ve taken the full tour from teller to lead teller, and personal banker to relationship banker, or have been appointed to specialized roles, every promotion you include shows success to your future employer.

In addition to the accomplishments you’ve outlined of your career, the objective and documented report of someone else acknowledging the quality of your work validates your claims even more. Include every promotion you’ve received in your resume to stand out from the competition.

In the resume example, you’ll find powerful anecdotes that employ each of these elements so you can see these strategies in action.


In this section of your resume template, you’re only providing context to the more important work experience above. While it’s necessary to be 100% accurate in the details of your educational background, this section can be brief and to the point.

Referring to the resume example for the format, simply list where you attended school, the dates of your attendance, the degree(s) you graduated with, and any awards or honors you received.

Extracurriculars, affiliations, certifications outside of higher learning, and incomplete degrees that you aren’t currently pursuing can be left out entirely. Keep the focus on your work and capabilities.

Keywords and Skills for a Relationship Banker Resume

The end of your resume is a simple list of keywords, skills and certifications that qualify you for the open position. With the many skills you have, they can’t all fit. Tailor the selection here for keywords that answer the qualifications listed in the job description.

Here are some ideas to get started, but be as targeted and thorough as possible when developing this section.

Soft Skills:

  • Customer Service
  • Attention to Detail
  • Excellent Communication
  • Organization
  • Time Management
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Collaborative
  • Bilingual

Professional Skills:

  • Risk Management
  • Residential and Commercial Loans
  • Financial Analysis
  • Compliance


  • SIE
  • FINRA Series 6/7
  • State Registration
  • Life Licenses

With the final keywords in place, your relationship banker is complete and ready to land you interviews. Well done.

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