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Last updated on September 2, 2022
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The Production Manager Resume that Gets Interviews

Your professional life revolves around one word: optimization. Everything from the team, the equipment, procedures and floor layout can influence production time and output, and you’re the one multiplying the impact.

With your attention to detail, organizational skills and excellent communication, writing a Production Manager resume seems like a walk in the park, but it turns out, this is no standard performance checklist.

Not to worry, we’re here to help.

We’ve created a step-by-step guide and resume template to make the process simple. We’ve even included a resume example specifically for a Production Manager so you have a point of reference along the way.

At the end of this article, you’ll have a Production Manager resume that lands more interviews and job offers.

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That’s an option, too. The experts behind this resume template and example can write yours for free (seriously!). If you’re looking for the most efficient method of getting a Production Manager resume, try Leet Resumes today! (Tips for a job well done are always appreciated.)

How to Structure a Production Manager Resume

There are five key elements to your resume:

  • Professional Headline
  • Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Keywords

We’ll cover what to include in each section to pass QC, all you need is to follow the format of this resume template and fill in the facts of your career.

Name + Contact

Start with your full name at the top of the page. Pick a font that’s legible and professional, then make it slightly larger than the rest of the text.

Underneath, add your contact information: phone number, professional email address and location (just your city and state will do).

Unless you use InMail as your main form of communication, you can leave all socials (including LinkedIn) off your resume.

As for the professional email, that’s not the hobby email address you use for free birthday rewards at restaurants. We’re looking for something that resembles your name and doesn’t make your recruiter ask what it means.

Professional Headline

The first thing a recruiter reads about you is your professional headline. It can make them want to read more or put your resume in the “No” pile immediately before they read another word.

To prevent the latter from happening, think of your resume as an advertisement in Industry Week. Your headline is the three to five words of exciting benefits that hook you in to see if they’re really all they say they are.

On your resume, that looks like this:

Slightly Flattering Adjective + Level of Experience + Job Title.

Choose an adjective that puts you and your work in a positive light and gets a recruiter excited about having you manage their production team, like: innovative, strategic, dependable, detail-oriented, cost-effective or team-minded.

Then add a word on your level of experience: senior, expert, junior, assistant, lead, etc.

Finally, top it off with your job title: Production Manager.

Take a look at the resume example to see this in action.

Professional Summary

Next, you’ll give a high-level overview of why you’re the best candidate for the open Production Manager position.

Start by listing all the job titles you’d accept for your next role (including the exact title of the job you’re applying for).

In the second line, list the most relevant qualifications you have to fulfill that role and optimize their production.

In the third line, add your career highlights and accomplishments (how you brought a company back to success or notable achievements for you and your team).

And in the fourth line, list any awards or promotions you’ve received.

The last two lines are completely optional, so if you can’t think of anything, stick to the first two and watch the interviews come in.

The key is to tailor your professional summary toward each job you apply to. Sure, it takes a little adjusting here and there, but we’ve done the math. Overall it saves you time in the job market and gets you more interviews and job offers.

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Work Experience

You know what it takes to make sure every stage of production is running properly and efficiently, but don’t assume your recruiter does. They’re most likely just looking to see if your resume checks enough boxes on their list.

It would be a mistake to use this space to tell them about the minute details of GMP compliance, regular inspections and team meetings. Instead, show your recruiter the value you bring to the production floor by ensuring safety, maximizing efficiency and leading teams to success.

In short, use this section to show them where you exceed KPIs and add to their bottom line.

First, list your previous work history in reverse chronological order. Include the official job title you held, dates of employment and previous employer (take a look at the resume example to see how this is formatted).

Don’t hesitate to include previous roles you’ve held in manufacturing or on the floor. Your experience in various levels of production makes you a better leader in production. The steady progression of your career also draws interest from recruiters and creates demand.

Under each job position, add a bullet point list of ways you brought success to the company using this formula:

Strong success verb + measurable data + positive result for the organization

Strong Success Verbs

Instead of tepid verbs like managed, operated, performed or oversaw, use strong success verbs to start every bullet point in your work experience.

These are words like optimized, maximized, exceeded, boosted, generated or reduced. They imply a positive outcome before you even mention the details, and on your resume, it reads like a highlight reel of professional excellence.

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

When we say measurable data, we mean numbers.

How do you know if your work line speed is improving? How can you tell if you’re meeting, exceeding or falling short of KPIs? How do you track the efficiency and optimization of your production floor?

The answer to all of these is numbers. Just like they confirm the success of your production team, numbers show a potential employer the success of your production management.

Show the improvement in efficiency after implementing new SOPs. Mention the size of the team you managed and kept organized for however many years. List the dollars you saved each year by streamlining production waste to add to the company’s bottom line.

Numbers are specific and show the results your potential employer is looking for, so use as many numbers as possible in this section of your resume template.

Work Experience Resume Examples

Here are a few examples of these elements put together:

  • Decreased production waste by 12% by streamlining facility workflow, saving over $14.5 million annually
  • Led a team of 65 production crew members with an error rate of 0.06% for over 6 years
  • Boosted production turnaround by 22% by remodeling the production floor for maximum efficiency and implementing a new automation management role.

*Pro Tip: Don’t forget to include promotions you’ve received throughout your work history. These show a potential employer that others have found your work worth rewarding and find you worthy of more responsibilities.


Here you’ll list your educational background to provide context to your work experience and qualifications. This is short and brief, no need to get in the weeds here.

Simply list where you went to school, the dates you attended, the degree(s) you received and any honors or awards.

Extracurricular activities, unfinished degrees and affiliations can stay off your resume. Just keep it to the basics and let your work speak for itself.

Keywords and Skills for a Production Manager Resume

In the final section of your resume template, create a list of the most relevant skills, attributes and certifications that make you the best candidate for the open position.

Use a combination of targeted keywords from the job listing and specialized skills that highlight your unique capabilities.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Soft Skills: leadership, teamwork, excellent communication, problem-solving, critical thinking

Technical Skills: manufacturing, mathematical skills, operation management, scheduling, SOPs, instructional training, production floor compliance

Technologies and Software: Microsoft Office, ERP, MRP, MasterControl, Rover Data

Certifications: CQI, OSHA Safety, HACCP

Once your final keywords and skills are in place, your Production Manager resume is officially complete! Well done.

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