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Last updated on May 23, 2022
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How to write a great Insurance Consultant resume

From the outside looking in, people tend to assume a career in the insurance industry is boring. You know that’s not true. Your career allows you to make a positive difference in your clients’ lives.

Insurance is just a technical way of saying “peace of mind” - and in today’s stressful times that holds real value.

You offer your customers stability, and a guarantee that if the worst happens, all won’t be lost.

As an Insurance Consultant most of your days are likely spent helping your clients get the best coverage at the lowest monthly premiums, but when was the last time you considered raising the premium on your own career?

A career in insurance may be unlike other jobs, but it does share one universal similarity: You need a compelling resume to get ahead!

Maybe you’ve had little luck landing job interviews lately, or can barely get a response from most recruiters. These are signs your Insurance Consultant resume is in dire need of a refresh.

Updating your old resume will go a long way toward improving your job prospects. Haven’t seen your old resume in years? It’s probably a better idea to start from scratch anyway.

Just read our easy-to-follow resume writing guide. You’ll learn how to format your resume, and fill out each section properly.

Alternatively, you can turn over the writing duties to Leet Resumes.

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A fantastic Insurance Consultant resume leads to more interviews

If you’re feeling nervous about writing a new Insurance Consultant resume, you’re not alone. Did you know that fear of resume writing the #1 most common phobia in America? OK, not really. But resume writing can be difficult.

We’re here to help.

The guide below will show you how to format and fill out your resume the right way.

Before we begin, let’s briefly touch on a few major mistakes you should avoid on your resume like a misquote on an insurance premium agreement. Some of these may seem obvious, but better safe than sorry.

Stop writing resumes like your parents did decades ago. Times have changed in a big way, and resumes in today’s fast-paced short attention span world absolutely must be brief and concise to produce job prospects. Avord paragraphs altogether, and only use complete sentences during the ‘work experience’ section.

Always avoid wacky or silly fonts. Stick with Times New Roman or Arial, and only use black text on white background. There’s a time and place to get colorful and creative, but this isn’t it.

How to format an Insurance Consultant resume

Still with us? Great! The ideal format for a stupendous Insurance Consultant resume is as follows:

  • Name + Contact
  • Professional Headline
  • Professional Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Keywords

Not that bad, right? Chances are there are some sections above you recognize, and others you’re not so sure about. Let’s not waste anymore time and get down to the details.

Name + Contact

Starting at the very top of the page in slightly larger text, write your professional name. Under that, in smaller text, readers should find your email and phone number.

These details should be totally professional. You can be the best Insurance Consultant in the country, but if the email on your resume reads something like n00bmaster@gmail - you can kiss your job prospects goodbye.

Professional Headline

Now you can begin to articulate your professional path as an Insurance Consultant. Consider the professional headline a billboard for your career.

Displayed just below your contact info, in larger text similar to the size used for your name, the professional headline should be short: Just three to five words in total.

You’re going to want to summarize your career as best you can with just a few words. If done right, recruiters will need a mere two seconds or less to read your headline and get a quick sense of what you have to offer, your work personality, and the new career heights you’re poised to achieve at your next job.

Examples include “Managing Insurance Consultant” or “Passionate Insurance Agent.” Using just a few words, these headlines inform the reader that you’re dedicated to what you do, and ready to take on a more senior position.

Of course, there are only so many hours in the day. If you just can’t seem to find the time to write your resume yourself, contact Leet Resumes at your earliest convenience.

Our resume experts will write yours for free! Tips appreciated.

Professional Summary

An expanded version of the headline section, the professional summary area is all about showing off your professional past, present, and future as an Insurance Consultant. The summary consists of four lines, each highlighting another important aspect of your career.

At around this point, it’s helpful to see your new resume as more of a commercial for your career than anything resembling a transcript or a historical record of your work history. From here on out, you’re showing off your achievements, detailing the next job you want, and displaying why you’re equipped to excel in that new position.

Line one is for listing a few job position titles you would like to accept for your next role, such as “senior Insurance Consultant”.

Line two is for listing Insurance Consultant skills you already possess, such as claim processing or superb communication skills.

Line three is optional and reserved for more experienced candidates, but if you fall into that category, list any relevant insurance achievements you’ve earned.

Line four is also optional, but if you’ve been honored with any promotions or awards during your career, this is a place to list off three to four.

Work Experience

You’re no doubt familiar with this section. A staple of resumes since time immemorial, this is where you’ll list each of your prior and current job positions in reverse chronological order, along with some details about your time spent at each position.

This section may be a resume classic, but it’s also where countless job seekers make a huge mistake.

Where are your wins?

If you take just one lesson from this article make it this: For each position listed, add three to four bullet points describing some of your biggest on-the-job achievements. Avoid simply listing your expected daily job duties and responsibilities. Doing this makes your resume appear more like a job listing or wanted ad than anything else.

The reader already knows you were expected to perform - the question is did you?

Instantly prove your worth to new employers by showing off big accomplishments and achievements. This approach shows that you’re great at your current job, and clearly ready to take on more responsibility.

Never neglect numbers

Equally as important as focusing on success while describing prior job experience is the use of numbers. Quantifying your work experience and successes make them easier for readers to wrap their heads around and fully understand.

Don’t just write that you sold more policies or saved your clients more money on deductibles. Get specific, by what percentage did policies increase? Just how much money did you save your customers? If you managed a team of other insurance agents, state how many.

Start with a verb

Here’s an easy way to bring all of this advice together. For each bullet point: Start with a positive action verb (improved, modified, accelerated, saved, etc), followed by an achievement validated by a number, statistic, or metric.

For example: Coordinated with clients to achieve an 81% yearly retention rate, representing a 67% improvement year over year.


Here you’ll list any degrees, programs, or certificates you’ve received. Always include the school you graduated from and years of attendance. Honesty is vital here. Don’t say you went to Harvard if you’ve never even been to Boston. Sooner or later a lie like that will come back to bite you.


Last but certainly not least comes the keywords section. Consider this area the best of the rest of your resume. Simply list any relevant Insurance Consultant-related hard skills, soft skills, and awards.

Recruiters have a set list of words they look out for on candidates’ resumes, and the more relevant keywords present on yours, the better your odds of getting a call back and an interview.

Some keywords you may want to add to your Insurance Consultant resume include:

  • Customer service
  • Sales skills
  • Claims processing and approval
  • Financial acumen
  • Corporate insurance planning

And that’s that! You just wrote yourself an engaging resume sure to stand out from the applicant pack.

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