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Last updated on September 2, 2022
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How to write a great Network Engineer resume

As a Network Engineer, knowing how to keep a level head when disaster hits may be one of the most important tools in your box. Setting up hardware, configuring software, and overseeing maintenance may have its own challenges, but network failures—or worse, a malicious breach—can mean late night calls, overtime, and scrambling to run diagnoses, apply patches, and get everything up and running.

You know that without a secure, reliable, and fast network the modern enterprise simply cannot survive. Especially with so many people working remotely, having access to files and programs when they need them is absolutely critical.

Editing configuration files and integrating new technology may seem straightforward for a pro like you, but all the code in the world won’t make up for poor communication. A key part of your job is communicating what needs to be done. Whether that’s providing an explanation to a non-technical employee or directing junior IT staffers, communication is an essential skill for a great Network Engineer.

Even if you’re great at communicating on the job though, you could still run into a problem with writing your resume. If you’re having trouble getting started, it’s no big deal. Leet Resumes will help you out!

Since that resume is the first impression you make when applying to a job, it needs to be great. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point. In addition to clearly portraying your skills, demonstrate how you’ve added value at previous positions.

Ready to get started? All you have to do is follow our Network Engineer resume template.

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Your guide to IT resume writing

Clean code uses less lines to achieve the same functionality. This same logic applies to writing an interview-worthy Network Engineer resume.

Use less words to say more. Especially important is avoiding paragraphs at all costs. Nobody is trying to read a textbook when they pick up a resume, so stick with bullet points.

Don’t use weird fonts either. Regular old Arial or Times New Roman are recommended. Also, don’t put in any pictures, colors, text boxes, or additional columns.

Besides making it harder for your human readers to quickly go through your resume, these unnecessary cosmetic features also confuse the applicant tracking system (ATS) software that many companies use to presort resumes. As you know, if the data is formatted in a way that the application can’t parse, it’s going to throw all sorts of errors or mix up fields. That’s bad news for your chances of getting an interview.

Don’t put your LinkedIn profile unless you religiously check it every day. You might miss a key message otherwise.

Could someone else write my resume for me?

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Formatting a great Network Engineer resume

Going to write your resume yourself? Good call! Since nobody has the same knowledge about your previous achievements and career goals, you can do a great job.

Still, Leet Resumes will be happy to help as much as we can. Take a close look at our Network Engineer resume example, and follow our resume template. This is the format we recommend:

  • Name + Contact
  • Professional Headline
  • Professional Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Keywords

Name + Contact

Whether you rely on bash scripts on a day-to-day basis or you just write one occasionally, you know that they all start the same way: #!/bin/bash. Just like with the shebang, your resume should start with your professional name in a slightly larger font than the rest of your resume.

Right under it, put your contact info. Usually this means writing the best number to reach you at and a professional-sounding email address. Don’t link to social media profiles.

Professional Headline

Next up on the Network Engineer resume template is your professional headline. Think of it like a slogan. It’s a short phrase, 3-5 words, that convinces the hiring manager or recruiter to give you a chance and keep reading.

Don’t just write “Network Engineer” and leave it at that. Add some flair, such as “Security-Focused Network Engineer” or “Hybrid Cloud Network Engineer”.

This will help set you apart from others and set you up to make a positive impression.

Professional Summary

The professional summary is an extension of the previous part. Now you’ll get the reader up to speed on the job you’re after, what skills you bring to the table, and any career milestones that make you a clear choice. Stay concise and clear, and use this format:

  • Three or four job titles that work for you
  • Network Engineer skills
  • Network Engineer successes and/or achievements (optional)
  • Awards and/or promotions (optional)

The third and fourth lines are optional, as they depend on your career history, but if you’re applying for an upper level or senior position, then you should definitely look to include them. They help your case and show tangible results.

Work Experience

This section of the Network Engineer resume example is where you can really begin to highlight specific career achievements. This is essential to getting job interviews. Recruiters see tons of resumes that all look the same: employment histories, daily responsibilities, basic duties.

Take it one step further by showing off successes and accomplishments. How have you improved network security at a previous job? Did you assist in a migration to the cloud? Have you helped your employer make it through a difficult situation? Lean into these stories.

Use lots of numbers

The best way to backup your claims is with data. Say how many users you’ve supported, how many pieces of hardware you’ve set up, or any other metric you can think of. More numbers are always better!

Make use of strong verbs

Each of your bullets should begin with a strong action verb (developed, designed, recovered). Not only does this help them go through your resume more quickly, but it also demonstrates your ability to be a driven, active, and engaged worker.

Dates are critical

Always put dates on your resume. Some people think that if they have an employment gap or two on their resume, then nobody will want to hire them, and they try to cover it up by not including dates on their resume. Bad idea.

When hiring managers don’t see dates on a resume, it's a big red flag. If they think you’re hiding something, then they probably won’t call you for an interview.


Now list where you went to school and what degrees you hold. If you have any IT certifications, such as CompTIA Network+, Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), or LPI Linux Essentials, make sure to write that here.

Only include degrees that you didn’t complete if you’re still progressing towards them.


The final section of our Network Engineer resume template is where you make a strong concluding argument for hiring you. List soft skills, hard skills, and any awards that you’ve won for your work. Some recommendations are:

  • Cloud Networking (Migration, infrastructure as code, etc.)
  • Network security
  • Server configuration, management
  • Communication
  • Wireless networking

This is also where you should highlight specific technologies that you’re an expert in. List programming languages that you know, equipment vendors that you have experience with, and any other technical skills that you use on a regular basis. Don’t forget to also mention basic software proficiencies like MS Word, Excel, etc.

That’s it! Now you have the knowledge you need to write an A+ Network Engineer resume. Just remember that you can opt for Leet Resumes to write it for you at any time. We’ll write a great resume for you right now and at no cost to you. We know you’ll love our work, and that’s why we’re so confident that we can work for tips alone. Learn more by clicking here now!


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