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Last updated on May 2, 2021
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The Copywriter’s Resume

As a copywriter, you’re an expert in concise and direct language that makes every word count. You’ve mastered the art of turning complex information into simple, bite-sized morsels that are easy to understand and persuade your reader to take action.

But when it comes to writing a resume for copywriting, you might be feeling a little stuck.

That makes sense. You’re usually supplied with the information before you distill it down into brilliant copy. When you’re writing your resume, you’re the content, and you have a one page advertisement to get an interview.

Not only do you need to craft a compelling resume with perfect copy, but you also need to know what to include, and in what format. If only there were a resume template to follow…

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

To help you out, we’ve created a free and helpful guide to walk you through the process of writing the perfect resume that lands you the job of your dreams.

Or, if you want to skip the resume-writing altogether, we can do that for you, too.

How to Write a Perfect Copywriter Resume

The best copywriter resume should highlight your writing skills. No typos. No fluff.

This is an advertisement for you and your skills. Go ahead and sell it…just don’t sell yourself short.

Your resume is the stage to highlight your talent of writing engaging and compelling text. Don’t get hung up on the details, it’s the copy that matters and what that copy is communicating: who you are and why they should hire you.

A Note on Audience

As a copywriter, it’s always helpful to know who you’re writing for so you can craft your copy to be compelling and convert your reader to take action (in this case, calling you for an interview).

So let’s take a moment to look at where your customer is in the awareness process.

We consider your reader (the job recruiter, HR rep, or potential employer) to be Solution Aware. Their problem: they need a copywriter, and they haven’t found one yet.

Your resume is the one page advertisement that will make them Product Aware. They’re looking for a general overview and highlight reel of your experience and qualifications.

To do this, it’s your job to write compelling copy that’s concise and gives them the information they want to know.

They’ll learn all the nuanced details about you in the interview, which is when they’ll move into being Most Aware.

Once they know about who you are, how great you are at copywriting, and have a perfect copywriter resume to refer back to, they’ll just have to hire you!

Want someone to write your perfect copywriter resume for you?

If you’d rather save your creative energy for projects other than selling yourself to job recruiters and HR reps, we get it.

Leet Resumes will write your resume for free (yes, actually free - but tips are always appreciated).

How to Format a Copywriter Resume

As with most things in the copywriting world, simple is best. Fancy columns, colors and fonts will only distract a recruiter from the heart of your message, and from your expertise of copywriting: the simple black and white words on a page that make your reader take action.

So keep it simple.

As resume-writing experts, we recommend the tried and true single column and classic structure in the resume example above. This format keeps the pertinent information highly visible and makes your resume very readable.

The following formula is the simplest way to give your audience the information they’re looking for, in the order that they want it:

Template for a Copywriter Resume

  • Name + Contact
  • Professional Headline
  • Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Key Words

There’s the formula. Simple as that.

Stick to the template, add some killer copy, and you’ll land those interviews (and job offers) a lot faster.

Name + Contact

First things first, you need a clear call out. Graphically, your name should stand out in contrast to the body of the text in a clear, legible, and slightly larger font.

Directly underneath, you’ll include your contact information.

Your email address, phone number, and location should be included. Additional contact information like your LinkedIn account, website, or other social accounts can easily crowd this area and distract from the pertinent information.

Use your discretion and expert copywriting opinion to communicate the contact information that is absolutely necessary.

Also – keep it professional. No one needs to know your high school Yahoo address.

Professional Headline

Just under your name and contact information is the professional headline – or tag line, if you will. This is the headnote of the resume intended to capture the recruiter’s attention.

In 3-5 words, sum up who you are, what you do, and your USP in one line. You’re a copywriter. Succinct is your game.

A good formula for this is: slightly flattering adjective + seniority + job title.

For example: Persuasive B2B Copywriter and Conversion Specialist

Or: Creative Copywriter with 10+ years of experience

Each of these examples is geared toward a different kind of job and a different kind of recruiter. That’s perfect!

To find the job of your dreams, you should be targeting the perfect fit for your unique skills, not trying to generically fit into a dozen different roles. Don’t be afraid to stand out.

Professional Summary

Your professional summary ranges between 2-4 lines, depending on your experience in copywriting.

It’s a place to succinctly summarize the skills, experience, and accomplishments that make you the perfect candidate for the open job position.

First, start with the specific roles you’d accept for your next job (Ecommerce Copywriter, Creative Brand Journalist, etc.), then list the specific capabilities that showcase your relevant skills to those positions.

If you’re just getting started in your career, you’ll probably leave it here at these two lines.

But if you have ample experience in copywriting, use a couple more lines to share your professional achievements and career highlights (promotions, awards, “best of” lists).

Work Experience

Your copy to this point is intended to pique the recruiter’s interest. Now the work experience portion of your resume should appeal to their logic.

Here, you’ll list every position you’ve held, starting with the most recent.

Under each job position, include a bullet point of the success and accomplishments you achieved at that position.

Remember: your recruiter is not interested in your duties and responsibilities. They’re interested in your results. Show them what you can bring to their company if they hire you.

A simple formula to do this looks like: strong success verb + measurable data + end result.

It’s important to include as many numbers as possible. Even though copywriting is on the more creative side of the marketing world, you still make measurable impacts with your work.

“Authored landing pages that boosted organic traffic by 150%” is way more interesting than “Wrote SEO landing pages.” Think of this as the highlight reel of all your accomplishments and achievements that will get your phone ringing for interview requests.

When you’re done, count how many numbers you’ve included. Then double them again.


The education section of your copywriting resume doesn’t need to be long.

Just provide the factual information of where you attended school, the dates and the degrees. Be specific and accurate, but not long winded.

This section exists to provide additional context to your background and add to your credibility. It’s not necessary to include any incomplete degrees unless you are currently pursuing them.

Keep the focus on the results of your work and what you bring to the table. Education is just supporting evidence.

Keywords and Skills for Your Copywriter Resume

The final section of your copywriting resume is the keywords. This is the place to list all your relevant copywriting skills that will move you to the top of the candidate pile.

As a copywriter, you know how SEO works. The keywords in your resume work similarly.

The job recruiter is quickly scanning dozens, if not hundreds, of resumes and has a list of skills they’re looking for to screen out applicants.

It’s important to keep your keywords and skills relevant to the copywriting job you’re targeting.

Don’t be generic and keyword stuff this section to include every copywriting skill you possess, and don’t only focus on your awards and accolades (though those are totally welcome here!).

Choose keywords and skills that match the job you’re applying for, and support all the other copy you’ve included in your resume.

You also want to present a cohesive range of skills from the different aspects of your job.

Here are some examples:

  • Copywriting Expertise: SEO, marketing, advertorial, landing pages, ecommerce
  • Client-Facing Skills: brand voice development, collaborative, copy editing
  • Copywriting Skills: detailed, error-free, research skills
  • Specific Technology Proficiencies: Adobe suite, MailChimp, Wordpress

After you’ve finished including all your relevant keywords and skills, your copywriting resume is complete! Well done.

Can someone just write my copywriter resume for me?

Actually, yes.

If all of this sounds a little too much like your day job and you’d rather have someone else do the writing for once, Leet Resumes will write your resume for free!


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