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Last updated on July 18, 2022
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How to Write an Elementary Teacher Resume

You’re trained in psychology, in education, and you’re responsible for molding the young minds of tomorrow. Most impressive of your achievements are the numerous ways you can calm a room full of children to focus their attention in one place…often enough, anyway.

For all the classroom skills, technical skills, and knowledge you obtained in your early childhood education training, writing a resume to get into the classroom was not covered. Now you find yourself staring at a blinking cursor trying to describe your day to day work in the classroom in the most professional way possible.

Fortunately, you’ve landed in the right place.

In this article, you’ll learn how to write an effective Elementary Teacher resume that will impress any administrator and land you in the classroom of your dreams.

For reference, we’ve even included a resume example to inspire you. So have a seat, follow the step-by-step instructions of this resume template and you’ll have a stellar Elementary Teacher resume in no time.

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Format for an Elementary Teacher Resume

To start, let’s go over a few resume rules.

Simple is best.

Your skills and qualifications will be the focus of your resume, so save any fun and interesting design elements for your students’ reading chart. That includes any creative columns and formatting, colors, or fancy fonts.

Remember, your reader is an administrator who is looking for a competent Elementary Teacher to lead students to success. As brilliant and engaging as your handouts to get young readers interested, your resume needs to be the exact opposite.

You’ll see the ideal format and structure in the resume example above. Single column, black and white text, boring legible font.

No paragraphs.

You can drop the paragraph hamburger. Your resume doesn’t need it.

To format your resume so it’s easy to read and scan, all the pertinent information of your career will be laid out in lists, bullet points, and single sentences with incomplete fragments totally acceptable.

The goal is to make an advertisement for you as a teacher. That means just giving the reader enough information to call you for an interview. If it’s sandwiched between sentences, it’s unlikely that they’ll read all of it.

Parts of an Elementary Teacher Resume

Here is the resume template for writing a perfect Elementary Teacher resume:

  • Professional Headline
  • Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Keywords

Name + Contact

At the very top of your resume, put your first and last name.

This should come as no surprise since you tell it to students nearly every day. But hey, we all need a reminder sometime.

Pick a simple font and make it slightly larger than the rest of the text so they know who to call.

Directly underneath, include a professional email address, phone number, and location (city and state will do just fine).

Professional Headline

Your professional headline is a three to five word description of you as a teacher.

Your reader should have a general idea of your classroom style and where you’ll fit in their elementary school.

Start with a positive adjective that puts you in a flattering light: enthusiastic, energetic, student-focused, or passionate might be a good place to start.

Find a word that resonates with you and your teaching style best.

Then add in your role: Elementary Teacher.

Including a word that acknowledges your level of experience (like assistant, substitute, or senior) is also appropriate here. But remember, this is just a high-level description, so don’t worry about being too simple.

Passionate Elementary Teacher is a great professional headline.

Professional Summary

For the professional summary, forget about proper grammar.

Each line will be a list of items that summarize your career so far.

In the first line, include job titles you’d accept for your next teaching position. (Of course it includes Elementary Teacher.)

It can also include specific grade levels or areas of expertise that show off your diverse teaching abilities like STEM-educator or Accessible Education Teacher. Just be sure to include the exact title of the teaching position you’re applying for.

In the second line, list the skills and capabilities that qualify you for those positions. Think of this as an introduction to the keywords section later: K-12, curriculum development, classroom management, or specific teaching methodologies can be listed here.

If you’re new to education, these first two lines are a great start and can get you hired.

If you have the experience, the next two lines are optional additions to your Elementary Teacher resume.

In line three, you can list your achievements as a teacher. Programs you introduced or implemented, or total years teaching are a couple examples.

In line four, list the highlights of your teaching career in promotions, awards, and successes.

When your professional summary is complete, it should look like a simple, easy-to-scan list like the resume example above.

Work Experience

Your work experience is where you can highlight your masterful approach to teaching. This isn’t the place to list your responsibilities as a teacher as if you’re writing a manual of your daily classroom activities.

Instead tell the stories of your success in education and paint pictures of the lively and dynamic educational experiences you create for your students.

Start by listing your previous teaching experiences with the school, exact teaching position (with the grade level or subject), and your dates of employment.

List your most recent position first, with the rest following in reverse chronological order.

Under each teaching position, include bullet points that highlight the value you bring to the classroom and to the culture of the school.

Include any programs, clubs, or events you helped create, or ways that you created new opportunities and experiences for your students.

Keep in mind that you’re writing these successes for an administrative audience. Depending on the school culture, district, and public or private status, each school administrator will have a different emphasis on what success looks like for their school.

Some need to show consistent standardized test scores, while others are looking for a more specialist background that will feel valuable for parents’ tuition and donations.

While crafting these bullet points of success, keep these suggestions in mind:

  1. Use Numbers The easiest way to help an administrator visualize the success you bring to a classroom is to quantify it with numbers. Numbers add a measurable value to your success stories. This might include how much you boosted test scores, how long you’ve kept those scores consistent, your passing ratings, or the number of books your students read each year.

All numbers are welcome, and the more you have, the better your resume will look. So include as many as possible!

  1. Add Strong Success Verbs As you know, word choice matters. This becomes very apparent when you write out the work experience on your teaching resume.

Instead of “created hands-on learning lesson plans for STEM education,” you can share how you “mentored and motivated students in STEM education by creating original hands-on lesson plans.”

Other success verbs that articulate the positive impact you bring to the school and the classroom might include: advocated, exceeded, outperformed, or introduced.

  1. Include Promotions Any promotion of your teaching career is an achievement of itself. It also shows a potential employer that you’re such an impactful educator that other schools are willing to recognize your accomplishments and reward you for them.

With that in mind, include every promotion you’ve received.


In the next section of your resume template, you’ll list your own education that brought you to being an educator.

Include where you went to school, the dates you attended, the degree(s) received and any honors or awards you graduated with.

Extracurriculars can be left out, along with any degrees left unfinished. The only exception is if you're currently pursuing a degree which a potential employer would love to know.

Keywords and Skills for an Elementary Teacher Resume

In the final section of your resume, you’ll list the keywords and skills that make you a great Elementary Teacher.

Include keywords that show your interpersonal skills, such as:

  • Creative
  • Patient
  • Collaborative
  • Organized
  • Compassionate

Keywords that highlight your teaching methods and capabilities, like:

  • Curriculum Development
  • Distance Learning
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Special Education

And keywords for the technologies you’re familiar with that help you teach:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Education Portal
  • Smartboards
  • Zoom

Once you’ve listed all the keywords and capabilities that make you a perfect fit for the open teaching position, your resume is officially complete! You’ve just finished writing a gold star-worthy resume that increases your chances of an interview. Congratulations.

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