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A step by step guide on how to write a great project coordinator resume that will get you hired.

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Last updated on May 2, 2021
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How to Write a Great Project Coordinator Resume

As Project Coordinator, operations couldn’t run without you. You’re the glue that keeps everything (and everyone) on schedule and operating at maximum efficiency–while somehow managing to make the juggling act look easy.

It takes a lot of creative problem solving on your part, and if there’s anyone who understands all the micro and macro components of operations, it’s you.

When distilling your many talents and skills into a one-page resume, your expert attention to detail can make the process a little more difficult than it needs to be.

Not to worry, we’ve created a simple resume template to craft a great Project Coordinator resume (just like those SOPs you know and love). With this guide, you can write a resume that will land you more job interviews, and more job offers so you can land the job of your dreams.

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How to Format a Project Coordinator Resume

Ready to write a great resume that will land you more interviews and job offers? Let’s get started.

As someone who’s all about streamlining and maximum efficiency, you might appreciate this tried-and-tested formula for writing the perfect resume. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll have an interview in no time.

Here’s the template:

  • Name + Contact
  • Professional Headline
  • Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Key Words

That’s all there is to it. Pretty simple compared to the complex lists and systems you’re used to managing, right?

Now that you have the big picture, let’s jump right in.

Name + Contact

Just as they said in school, you need to put your name at the top of the page. Make it slightly larger than the rest of the text so it’s easier for a recruiter to spot and recall.

Right under your first and last name you’ll include your contact information. Email and phone number will do just fine, no need to get fancy. Keep it streamlined and effective.

Do be sure to use a professional email address, though. And unless you use LinkedIn every day as a main form of communication, it’s not worth including here.

Professional Headline

Your professional headline is your first impression. It’s a 3-5 word snapshot that encapsulates where you are in your career, and gives a little more context to how you approach your work.

Try pairing your current job title with a descriptive word of your work style along with a word that describes the level of your expertise (junior, senior, executive, professional, expert, etc).

Here’s a headline for free: Results-Oriented Senior Project Coordinator

See? Simple.

Professional Summary

After the quick snapshot of your headline, it’s time for your professional summary.

Out of the hundreds of things you do as a project coordinator, this is the place to summarize it into a concise portrait of what sets you apart from all other candidates. Consider this your elevator pitch.

Make their recruiting process more efficient by providing only the relevant information they’re looking for. You can gain a lot of insight in this area from researching the original job posting.

Use 1-2 sentences to include job titles you’re currently targeting in project coordination, along with qualifications or relevant experience that you have.

In the next 1-2 sentences, add any professional achievements for projects you’ve coordinated, or any promotions or awards for your work. These show potential employers that others have appreciated your work and rewarded you for it – which is a great sign that you’re worth hiring.

If you’re new in the field, don’t worry! Just stick to the first two lines. That’s already a great elevator pitch to get started.

And if you’re stumped on what’s worth highlighting in your career, let Leet Resumes have a shot.

Work Experience

You know what it takes to organize and manage the schedules, budgets, and objectives of different departments, personnel, and resources…all while navigating them toward the same goal. In the nick of time, it all comes together, and your work is truly magical. But don’t assume your recruiter is aware of this arsenal of skills, or the intricate balance your work requires.

The work experience section of your resume is an opportunity to share your accomplishments and expertise. Use as many numbers as possible to highlight how many different hats you wear, and how many tasks you balance with absolute finesse.

This shows the recruiter the value and expertise you can bring to the organization, and how you can replicate your success for them.

Here are some tips to making the work experience section of your resume stand out:

Strong verbs.

Start each description of your work experience with a strong, success verb.

Success verbs are verbs that not only communicate your action, but the outcome of your actions as well. Some examples include: grow, boosted, generated, maximized, optimized, exceeded, streamlined, and so on.

Avoid vague verbs that don’t add value. Every word counts.


Steer clear of sharing an SOP of your project coordinator duties. You’re not writing a manual or checklist for your recruiter to know the daily activities you’re capable of doing.

Instead, focus on the results of the work you did at previous organizations. Highlight the value you brought, the success, achievements, and any awards and promotions. These show your potential employer that you excel at what you do and can bring success to their company by coordinating their projects and personnel.

No paragraphs.

This is pretty straightforward. List everything in bullet point form with your previous employment listed in reverse chronological order.

You want to make your resume easy to read and easy to scan.

Just like any list you create to coordinate team projects, keep it simple and concise.

Numbers, numbers, numbers.

Your success, accomplishments and achievements are best measured by data and concrete numbers. It’s super important to include as many numbers as possible.

Go back to your list of work experience bullet points and count how many numbers you’ve included. Now double that number. Seriously. There’s no such thing as “too many numbers” in your resume. Numbers are the simplest way to communicate your track record with limited space and the divided attention of a recruiter.

With these tips implemented, you’re ready to move on to the final two sections of this resume template. You’re almost done!


This one is simple (especially after all that reporting and thesaurus work you did for the last section). Here, you’ll briefly list any degrees or relevant certifications to your project coordinator position. Include each institution, the years you attended, and any awards or accolades for your time there.

Avoid any irrelevant or unofficial certifications, or incomplete degrees (unless you’re currently pursuing them).

You want to streamline your resume for maximum efficiency, so keep everything relevant to the job at hand: getting called for an interview.

Keywords and Project Coordinator Skills for Resume

The final section of your Project Coordinator resume is reserved for your keywords and skills. This curated list of keywords is almost as important as your work experience, so take the time to choose relevant skills and achievements that make you the perfect candidate for the project coordinator position you’re targeting.

Think of it like one of the many checklists you manage for your work.

Recruiters have a checklist of skills they’re looking for to qualify candidates for the interview process. When they’re quickly scanning your resume (or when a computer is doing the scanning for them), they’re looking for keywords on your resume that match their checklist.

A good place to start your keyword research is the job posting. You can gain some insight on what they’re looking for from the job description, and choose relevant skills from your project coordinator arsenal to include in your resume.

Then, you want to add keywords for your specializations and the qualifications that make you different from the other candidates.

Some keywords and skills to include might be:

  • Process Evaluation
  • Budget Management
  • Customer Service
  • Client Communication
  • Organization
  • Time-Management
  • Project Management
  • Documentation
  • Detail Oriented
  • Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Solution-Oriented

If you have any specific technology certifications or skills, this is a great place to list them, as well as any notable awards for your work in project coordinating.

Once you’ve chosen your relevant and captivating keywords, your resume is officially complete! Well done!

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