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Last updated on May 2, 2021
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How to Write the Best Human Resources Resume

As a Human Resources professional, resumes are just part of the job. Now it’s time to write your own resume and it’s surprisingly hard to get started.

You’ve seen the wide-ranging quality, effort and attention-getting antics of prospective employees which leaves a long list of what not to do, but it’s hard to remember why the good ones stand out.

So let’s take a step back and look at the basics of how to write the best HR resume.

Follow along for a step by step guide and resume template for what to include, along with tips and samples to help your resume stand out from the crowd (in the good way).

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How to Format a Human Resources Resume

Writing the best resume is as simple as following a format and filling in the details that show off your passion for employee well-being, attention to detail, and creative problem solving.

Just follow along, and you’ll have the perfect HR resume in no time.

Template for an HR Resume

After your name and contact information, your resume consists of five parts:

  • Professional Headline
  • Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Key Words

Let’s get started.

Name + Contact

Your contact information should be right at the top. First, start with your name.

Of course, it might seem like a no-brainer.

But we’re just going through a checklist here. (You’d tell your employees or potential recruits the same thing.) Make sure your name is in a larger font than the rest of the resume, and easy to read. No need to be creative here, you’re just letting a fellow Human Resources person know who to contact if they like what they see on this resume (and we’re going to make sure they will).

Directly under your name is your contact information. Make sure it’s accurate and current!

Email and phone number are the most important.

Your mailing address is optional these days, but it is helpful to include a general location (city and state) if you’re applying for an in-office position. This helps recruiters know that you’re in the area and relevant to their openposition.

Unless you’re checking your LInkedIn mail every day and using it as one of your main methods of communication, leave it out.

The fewer options you give the recruiter to contact you, the clearer it is to just dial the number on your resume and give you a call for an interview.

Save the space for the things that matter.

Professional Headline

You need to think of your resume as an advertisement, in which case, the professional headline is the attention-getting hook.

I know, you’re not in the advertising business, you’re in the people business, and it’s a noble and underappreciated job that you do to make sure all the other employees are happy.

But this is your time to shine. Take a moment and just think about what makes you so great at Human Resources. What makes you stand out from all the other HR reps?

Is it your ability to multitask and handle the intricacies of maintaining compliance standards while still providing personalized care and attention to employees?

Or maybe you excel at finding efficient solutions that keep employees happy while still saving the company money.

Whatever it is that makes you the stellar Human Resources specialist that you are, sum it up into 3-5 words in your professional headline.

An easy way to do this is to include a flattering adjective that puts you in a positive light, your official role in Human Resources, and your experience. This might look something like:

Detail-oriented Human Resources Manager.

Or, Culturally-Conscious Human Resources Specialist.

The options are endless. Just be accurate and let your talent shine!

Professional Summary

The professional summary is the place to provide additional details and context to your headline. Think of it as a highlight reel of your career history.

What would you want to read as a recruiter? You wear a lot of different hats in Human Resources (and juggle it all perfectly). But keep in mind that this is a summary, and not all of your amazing skills and talents will be relevant to the job you’re applying for.

So tailor your professional summary toward your recruiter. Include the most relevant skills, accomplishments and achievements in your career so far. Highlight your years of experience, the job titles you’d accept for your next position, and the relevant capabilities that show how well-equipped you are to work in those roles.

If you’ve had any awards or recognitions for your work, you can include them here. Any promotions are also appropriate here - which, as you know, do wonders to magnify your hireability to others.

Work Experience

Next is the bulk of your resume: your work experience.

You have first hand knowledge of how underutilized this section of a resume can be. As a Human Resources professional, you don’t need a program manual of duties and responsibilities, you want to see what a potential employee can bring to your company. You want results!

Well the same goes for your resume. Highlight your skills, achievements, and success that will make you a sure hire for any recruiter.

Start with the basics and list your work experience in reverse chronological order.

Under each position, list single bullet points (not paragraphs) that highlight your success in each role using the following format:

Strong Success Verb + Quantifiable Data + Positive Result

This is the recipe to resume success.

To see this in action, let’s look at some of your responsibilities in human resources.

Perhaps you “Managed employee relations and implemented strategies to increase employee loyalty.”

Wow. That’s very nice of you. But that is incredibly vague and really misses the mark in sharing how great you are at Human Resources!

Instead, find measurable data that proves your success in these activities and incorporate as many numbers as possible. Use positive and successful verbs to display action and movement (rather than maintenance), and focus on showing the recruiter the undeniable value you bring to any HR department.

This might look like:

  • Modernized employee feedback system and increased employee retention by 20%
  • Advised 250+ employees in career training and professional development programs that increased employee satisfaction by 25%
  • Negotiated employee health insurance program to increase coverage and benefits for employees while lowering the company spend per employee by $1,500/year.

Remember to be specific, highlight the benefits you can bring to the recruiting company, and always use numbers. When you look back to review your work experience section, count how many numbers you used, then add even more.

Trust me, it will make your experience and track record undeniable.


While a necessary part of your resume, the education section should stay brief. It serves to provide additional context to your qualifications, but your proven success record is a bigger determining factor.

Still, list the schools you’ve attended, the dates of attendance, and the corresponding degrees. Include any honors, awards, or certifications that are relevant to your career.

For any incomplete degrees or irrelevant certifications, just leave them off.

Keywords and Human Resources Skills for Your Resume

The last section of your resume is the place to list all the relevant keywords and skills for the job position you’re applying for.

I know, there are SO many skills, technologies, and traits that go into being the stellar HR professional you are. Quite simply, it would probably take pages of keywords to include all of the benefits you bring to a company.

So use this space to focus on keywords that speak specifically to the job posting. Highlight the skills you have that will make a recruiter think, “This person was made for our open position!”

Here are some keywords to consider:

  • Employee Relations
  • HR Policies
  • Recruiting
  • Benefits & Compensation
  • Payroll
  • Executive Development
  • Employee Training
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Culture Management And there you have it. You’ve just completed an effective Human Resources resume that will increase your chances of interview callbacks and job offers!

Can someone just write my human resources resume for me?

100%. If you still prefer to have someone else consolidate your HR expertise into a professional resume, Leet Resumes will write your resume for you! Also, it’s completely free (seriously).


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