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Last updated on September 2, 2022
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How to write a great Event Manager resume

Pulling off a truly unforgettable event can be boiled down to two equally important halves: Planning and execution.

Conceptualizing and designing a party or occasion is one thing, but making sense of all those moving pieces in real time is another entirely.

Sure, the venue may be booked, but that’s just the beginning of the work.

Is everything up to code regarding safety and health regulations? Has the cooking staff been briefed on menu specifications and the serving schedule?

The day of a big event is rife with opportunities for mishaps and miscommunication. As Event Manager, you have a contingency plan for any unexpected snafu.

If you’re feeling far less prepared to write a new resume, read through our Event Manager resume writing guide and example.

You’ll learn how to craft an eye catching new resume that will lead to more job interviews and opportunities.

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Why you need a fantastic Event Manager resume

No detail is too small in your line of work.

A great event is like a line of falling dominos. One misaligned piece can derail the whole affair.

Parking arrangements for guests should be readily available. Vendors need to know where to set up. The entertainment will need ample time to rehearse and prepare.

These practical considerations and seemingly finer details of party planning can make or break any event.

The same holds true when it comes to writing a compelling new Event Manager resume.

Your experience, expertise, and prior success as an Event manager will make up the “big picture” of your resume, but the finer details and formatting hold incredible weight as well.

The right resume, structured in an easy-to-read and concise manner, is a surefire way to start attracting more job interest.

How to format your Event Manager resume

Did you know the average job listing receives over 100 applicants? In many cases, it’s much more than that. Even more eye-opening, a solid 75% of applicants are immediately rejected by either an ATS software system or a human recruiter.

In other words, it’s an accomplishment in and of itself just getting past the first round of applicants. Following our format will put your resume in a much better position to do that.

Here it is:

  • Name + Contact
  • Professional Headline
  • Professional Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Keywords

We’re not reinventing the resume writing wheel here. Recruiters, AI systems, and hiring managers alike know what they want to see on a resume. This format will help you provide that in the most efficient and crystal clear manner possible.

Now, let’s explain each one of those sections a bit more.

Name + Contact

At the very top of the page write your full name, displayed in slightly larger text than the rest of the document.

Next comes your contact information. Always include your professional email address and phone number. Be sure to avoid silly or childish email addresses.

Your LinkedIn profile is OK to add if you check your inbox every day.

Professional Headline

If you had to characterize your career and workstyle using just a handful of words, what would you say? Your professional headline should clearly state what you do, but there’s also just a little extra wiggle room to insert some personality as well.

Keep in mind your number one goal with this section is to intrigue readers and keep them focused on your resume.

Try starting with an adjective that places you in a positive light followed by a description of your current role or expertise.

For instance: “Fastidious Event Manager” or “Resourceful Corporate Event Manager”

Professional Summary

Any successful event, party, or conference needs some advertising and marketing to spread the word and up attendance.

This next section of your Event Manager resume is a great opportunity to market yourself as a can’t miss job candidate.

Constructed correctly, this area will give readers the spark notes version of your journey thus far as an Event Manager, as well as the path you see yourself heading down next.

The professional summary section is made up of at least two lines, and a maximum of four. The last pair of lines are optional, and best suited for experienced candidates. No full sentences here! Each line will consist of just three to five phrases/terms/keywords separated by bullet points.

Here’s what we mean:

  • Line one: Write down the job titles or positions you want as your next role. Examples include “Head Event Manager” or “Event Coordinator”. Remember: These are jobs you want, not ones you’ve necessarily held or currently hold.
  • Line two: List some of your most desirable event management skills. For instance: Multitasking, leadership, risk management, and event logistics.
  • Line three: Place your biggest professional achievements or accomplishments here.
  • Line four: List any awards or promotions you’ve received during your time as an Event Manager.

Now may be a good time to press pause and remind you that you’re not in this alone.

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Work Experience

Here’s where the vast majority of resume writers across all fields of work make their biggest mistake. Recruiters, hiring managers, and decision makers don’t want to know what you were expected to do or asked to perform at your prior positions. They want to know if you actually met or (hopefully) exceeded those expectations. Completing this section the right way is essential to landing more job interviews.

Your Event Manager resume should read like a brochure advertising your greatest hits, not a boring instruction manual. Your work experience section should adhere to the following golden rules:

Trumpet your triumphs

Each bullet point or sentence you add under a current or prior position should show off an accomplishment, achievement, or impressive feat.

Plenty of other applicants will have a similar job history to yours, but no one can replicate your unique experiences and successes. Readers need to get a sense of how well you’ll perform in the role they’re hiring for, and displaying your biggest professional triumphs quickly displays why you’re a top candidate.

Events managed, problems solved, staff supervised, logistics coordinated - These are just a few examples of accomplishments to utilize.

Use as many numbers as you can

Numbers validate and instantly add additional context to your achievements in a way that words simply can’t. That’s huge while writing a resume.

Using as many numbers, statistics, and figures as you can is a great way to make the most out of limited space. Add plenty of numbers to this section, then add some more!

Action verbs are essential

Always start your bullet points with a positive action verb (improved, inspected, etc). This serves two purposes: Your sentences will be more concise, and it will convey that you are a proactive worker.

Here’s an example bullet point to help bring all of this advice together: “Determined appropriate levels of staffing for over 80 successful events.”

Be sure to add dates

If you’re stressing over a gap in your work history, don’t. Professional breaks aren’t the red flag they once were, but you know what definitely still is? Lying about or purposely omitting aspects of your career.

Always include accurate dates of employment throughout your work experience section. If you weren't working for a few months, years, or even longer - Be upfront about it. Honesty is always the best policy.


Next up is the educational history section. List all degrees earned and learning institutions attended. This area can also be used to display additional relevant certifications.

As a rule, only include degrees or programs you’ve completed. The only exception to this rule is if you’re due to graduate very soon.


The final section of your resume is for mentioning any extra hard skills, soft skills, or awards that speak to your expertise and qualifications. Incorporating as many keywords as possible into your resume is a major element of attracting more job interviews. Recruiters will throw out resumes that don’t have enough relevant keywords.

Here are a few typical keywords seen on Event Manager resumes:

  • Organization
  • Building safety codes
  • Vendor oversight
  • Financial logistics
  • Event feedback surveys

You now have everything you need to write a fantastic Event Manager resume!

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