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Last updated on May 23, 2022
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How to write a Charge Nurse Resume

Having a resume that stands out amongst other applicants is critical in landing the Charge Nurse job of your dreams. To leave a lasting impression on hiring managers, you need to effectively display your skills, experience, and accomplishments thus far.

There are countless Charge Nurse resume template options to choose from, but here at Leet, we want to help ensure you land the interviews. That’s why we want to provide you with a couple of different options for resume assistance.

We've got you covered if you're tight on time and looking for a new role ASAP. You can sign up with Leet today, and we’ll write a Charge Nurse resume template for you for free!

Or, if you’d like to try your hand at writing one yourself, we can give you some guidance. In this article, you’ll learn all the critical components of the perfect Charge Nurse resume that will have you in your dream job in no time.

An example of a great Charge Nurse resume

The role of a Charge Nurse is vital in patient care, which is why the hiring process can be a bit rigorous. Hiring managers want to ensure that qualified candidates now only have a strong foundation of clinical knowledge and skills but are also up for the challenge of being responsible for the operation of an entire nursing unit.

A Charge Nurse must rely on their clinical knowledge and skill to make the best decisions possible when caring for a patient. Additionally, this skill set will aid in providing judgment calls for other nurses on staff seeking out assistance from a leadership role.

Beyond the clinical duties of a Charge Nurse lie the operational demands. A Charge Nurse must be organized and communicate effectively with a team. Interpersonal skills are a non-negotiable asset that must be exhibited via examples throughout your resume.

Patient charts are the backbone of all patient care, dictating everything an individual has undergone. Think of your Charge Nurse resume as your own patient chart - you want whoever to pick it up and be able to understand your history. Essential facets of your resume should stand out. Anyone who reads through your resume in full should have a clear picture of you.

You’ll need to find a Charge Nurse resume template to start landing all of the interviews. Keep it simple, but be sure to include these quintessential items to ensure you’re covering all of your bases:

  • Name and contact information
  • Powerful headline
  • Professional summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Awards or honorable mentions

Name and contact information

No one understands the value of name and contact information on important documents more than a nurse. After all, what good would a patient chart be without a name and contact information to follow up?

But, what information do you need to include? Let’s find out.

Your name should be the first text on your Charge Nurse resume template. Make it stand out in a larger and/or bolded font to ensure it is the first thing your future employer sees. You want your name to be something that sticks in their head, and they can quickly reference back to when they’re ready to call you for an interview.

Speaking of calling you in, they’ll need some contact information to do that. Include your personal phone number and email address. Put thought into the email address you will provide. Avoid inappropriate or childish email addresses and opt for something simple and professional.

The days of including your complete street address on your resume are behind us. Your city and state should be more than enough information in our modern world. Since a Charge Nurse is not a position that can be filled remotely, having your geographic location will be helpful for your future employer to know whether or not discussing relocation might be a part of your interview.

Powerful headline

Now that you’ve got the most straightforward part out of the way, it’s time to move on to the meat of your Charge Nurse resume template. Following your name and contact information should be your headline.

Unlike your name, which requires unique formatting, you’ll want to be eloquent with your words to make this stand. A powerful headline for your Charge Nurse resume should give hiring managers an idea of who you are with a hunger to learn more.

Professional summary

Next up is your professional summary, which, much like your headline, will be a careful selection of words. Here, you will detail your years of nursing experience, including any professional achievements you have obtained thus far in your career. Keep it short and sweet; this section should be two to four lines in length and highlight your essential and relevant skills.

Remember that this summarizes your professional accolades that should pique readers’ interest. Your professional summary is to give employers just enough to encourage them to move on to a more detailed account of your work experience and education.

Work experience and education

If it’s your first time applying as a Charge Nurse, don’t be discouraged by your lack of experience on your resume with this title. All of your skills and accomplishments as a registered nurse you have acquired will undoubtedly shape you to be a successful Charge Nurse.

For example, technical skills, such as nebulizer treatments, pain management, and IV therapy, are all learned as a registered nurse. Soft skills developed as a nurse, such as interpersonal, analytical, and problem solving, will also be essential in your new role.

The key is to showcase these skills through your work experience and draw parallels between the two positions. Although you might not have been a Charge Nurse by title, you want to show future employers you took on a leadership position in certain aspects of your previous nursing experience.

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Your education is another critical component of your Charge Nurse resume template. Charge Nurses are typically registered nurses that have continued education and achieved a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. The good news is that for those lacking in charge, nurse work experience can include continued education to help beef up this section of their resume.


Lastly, you’ll want to conclude your Charge Nurse resume template with a keywords section. In this section, you can wrap up any additional skills you have not yet been able to feature on your resume. Excellent examples of skills to include in this section include any electronic patient record (EPR) or electronic medical record (EMR) software you have used, such as Evident, MEDITECH, Cerner, or Epic.

Writing a flawless Charge Nurse resume

A Charge Nurse is responsible for auditing patient medical records while checking the completeness and accuracy of patient care plans. Clinical knowledge is critical, but it will help you when it comes time to update and revise patient care plans.

Leadership skills should be exhibited through both clinical practice and teaching. If you lack the Charge Nurse title experience on your resume, find ways to highlight your willingness to take on managerial practices as a registered nurse.

Other relevant skills for a Charge Nurse include time management, critical thinking, and teamwork. Rather than listing the soft skills required for this role though, focus on hard skills within the job function to stand out.

Charge Nurse skills

Your ability to manage and support an entire nursing unit is pivotal to the role of a Charge Nurse, which is why your resume should showcase your hard skills supporting your capabilities. So for leadership, administrative, innovation, treatment, supervisory, patient care, operation, and coordination, you might indicate something similar to:

  • Leadership: “Led a 7 team unit, promoting quality care for up to 14 patients per day.”
  • Administrative: “Planned and coordinated day-to-day administrative and operational functioning of a 30-bed MICU unit.”
  • Innovation: “Redesigned the charting system that increased staff efficiency by 60%.”
  • Treatment: “Administered different therapies and medications in line with physician orders and treatment plans for up to 8 patients per shift.”
  • Supervisory: “Supervised up to 11 staff on a 22-bed adult unit of a psychiatric facility, specializing in rapid stabilizing and crisis interventions.”
  • Patient care: “Triaged as many as 24 patients per shift with varying acuity.”
  • Operation: “Facilitated operations of a 65-bed medical-surgical floor, managing resources and directing work of nursing staff and patient care technicians.”
  • Coordination: “Consulted and coordinated with team members to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate optimal patient care.”

Although quantifying your work history as much as possible is a valuable tool, often, your work experience cannot be deduced to figures. If you cannot use numbers, demonstrate your hard skills by your achievements in the role.

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