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Last updated on July 18, 2022
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An Example of a Social Media Specialist Resume

According to Statista, the number of individuals analyzed to engage in social media activities worldwide is above 4 billion as of 2021. More shockingly, this figure is expected to rise to over 6 billion in just five years. This data shows how important the role of a Social Media Specialist is. You must create this thinking pattern, understanding your value, to achieve your dream of working in your chosen organization.

One of the essential tasks required to achieve your goal is to draft a flawless resume. A resume will be the first impression you have to get the attention of your prospective employer. Do you want to know the critical information in your Social Media Specialist resume? Keep reading.

If you need a helping hand drafting your job-landing Social Media Specialist resume, at Leet, we can professionally help you. Get a free Social Media Specialist resume by signing up here. Or, if you are interested in achieving this resume writing task yourself, read more.

What a superb Social Media Specialist resume entails

Remember that businesses rely on reaching their customers and making sales. Social media is one of the biggest platforms businesses reach out to potential customers. Hence, if you are a Social Media Specialist, you are a significant player in any business.

Knowing that nearly every organization needs you on their social media managing team, you must take the time to select the type of company you will be working with. If you have a dream company, that makes things exponentially easier. Once you’ve chosen a few companies whose goals align with your own, it's time to draft an excellent resume to exhibit how great you are for this company.

You do not have to have a long list of mandatory qualifications before you can write a great resume. You are meant to understand your skill well and how you function within any given company. You might be responsible for handling additional tasks like working with the product development team to develop highly demanded products based on your marketing data.

The good thing about all these roles is that you can thoughtfully input all the information above in your Social Media Specialist resume. Your resume will speak well for you in landing your interviews and desired jobs.

Seeing the importance of your Social Media Specialist resume, you should not be in haste when drafting one. Hastiness could bring about a lot of errors. Hence, a one-page well-intended document will give a reasonable projection of you to prospective employers.

Be brief about information that requires brevity and give more details about the ones requiring further explanation. We’ll discuss that in more detail later on.

Hiring managers should look at your resume and quickly point out needed information. It helps to use a well-designed Social Media Specialist resume template with the following information:

  • Name and contact information
  • A strong and dynamic headline
  • An expert synopsis of yourself
  • Experience in related work
  • Schooling and education.
  • Achievements and honors

Name your resume

Just like you will give a name to a designed social media campaign to recognize and monitor its result, you should provide a name for your resume to enable prospective employers to attribute a name to your mesmerizing Social Media Specialist resume. Highlight your name on the resume using a bold font.

Next, put the information about how you want to be contacted after writing your name. This information makes you easily accessible in case you need to be called or reminded about a scheduled interview. The required details in your contact information are:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Where you live

Phone number

You don’t need to provide more than one phone number on your Social Media Specialist resume. Ensure the number you choose is one where you can be reached directly to avoid confusion.

Email address

Your email address is also a part of the required contact information. Ensure your email address is primarily used for job seeking because some organizations can go the extra mile to search out your email address. Always use a professional email for your resume.

Where you live

A Social Media Specialist is a job that can be easily carried out effectively anywhere. All that is required is a good team working spirit. However, even if the position you are applying for is remote, let prospective hirers still have an idea of the city and state you live in.

Add some sparks to your Social Media Specialist resume

Your name is meant to be acknowledged by hirers and should not provoke any attention except otherwise. Nevertheless, you can strategically use a segment of your resume to scintillate your prospective hirers. This segment is called the "headline."

To create some sparks with your headline, make it concise but firm and clear. Ultimately, it should invoke the reader's attention.

Now, to the central aspect of your Social Media Specialist resume

Beyond the attention-creating headline, there should be an immediate attention-sustaining professional summary. This summary should only span 2 - 4 lines. Let hiring managers keep interested in reading your resume until the very last sentence.

The attention-sustaining data in your professional summary should include a brief synopsis of who you are, the number of years you have worked as a Social Media Specialist, and what you have achieved. Remember to keep it concise but powerful.

You can apply for a higher role

Are you contemplating increasing your income? Why not apply for the chief Social Media Specialist position or related higher role? Do not think it far; you already have what it takes. All you require is a way to put together convincingly all the acquired higher skills. That is, highlight relevant experience and get that more elevated position.

To get that higher role with higher income, let your prospective hirers know how competent you have become over the years, taking up jobs in your field. If you have worked as a digital content creator, you should highlight it. All these enable the hirer to know the strategic skill you have achieved so far and what you will offer the organization. For emphasis sake, list and quantify the number of years of experience in each job.

Include related extra skills as you conclude

There is always an extra skill or two you can add to incite hiring managers more. However, be careful not to include an unrelated and unneeded skill. Be strategic about adding skills. If you can't think about a particular skill, add a relevant computing skill, interpersonal skill, communication skill, and the like.

How to write a superior Social Media Specialist resume?

The central ingredient your resume requires is brevity. You need to cut down on unnecessary words to accomplish your goal of landing your dream job. No matter how badly you want to inform your prospective buyer about how good you are for the job, never let your resume exceed one page.

The quintessential information in your resume should revolve around four major things. They are your educational qualification, skill, experience, and accomplishment. Other details that should feature are the roles of a Social Media Specialist.

Designing, planning, and developing are the primary functions of a Social Media Specialist. Your resume should show clear examples of your ability to perform these functions and more. For example, how did your thoughtful planning and design benefit the business, community, etc.?

You should mention the significant roles you will be expected to carry out and how prepared you are to perform them competently. Some of the major roles of a Social Media Specialist are developing, implementing, and managing social media marketing strategy.

For further emphasis, tell your prospective hirer how well you have performed so far through your accomplishments. Leet can design a result-centered Social Media Specialist for you. To get one, sign up with Leet Resumes for free.

Knowing more about the required skills of a Social Media Specialist

The beauty of your skill and expertise will not be pictured if you cannot personalize them in writing. That is, give more details on how you specifically performed your roles. Let's quickly take a look at how you can explain Social Media Specialist roles like planning, development, management, implementation, and monitoring.

  • Planning: “Prepared and planned over 40 social media calendars for different marketing strategies.”
  • Development: “Developed over 100 social media content that hit marketing content that hit specific marketing goals, thereby boosting sales.”
  • Management: “Managed several social media handles concurrently.”
  • Implementing: “Worked effectively with graphic designers and copywriters to implement planned social media marketing strategies perfectly.”
  • Monitoring: “Monitored the effectiveness of more than 60 implemented social media campaigns to determine if they hit the targets.”

Please note that using figures allows you to create a good picture of how high performing you are in the minds of hiring managers. Therefore, you should quantify your skills whenever possible.

Leet wants to aid your career advancements

If you do not have the luxury of time to pick a pen and draft your Social Media Specialist resume, Leet is here to help. All you need to do is simply sign up now and request your free interview-landing Social Media Specialist resume.


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