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Last updated on July 18, 2022
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How to write a great Senior Project Manager resume

As a Senior Project Manager, you’ve learned to expect the unexpected and to make the most out of any situation. While you always have a plan, you also know that, in both life and business, staying flexible is critical to success.

When a project stalls out and your timeline begins to look like wishful thinking, a great Senior Project Manager knows how to pivot and recalculate. You're an expert at data-informed decision making, but you also understand the importance of the human touch in leading your teams.

From budgeting to scheduling to hiring new employees, you’re constantly looking at the big picture and figuring out ways to optimize your people and processes.

Shoring up the finances and boosting efficiency can seem straightforward, but there’s no spreadsheet that can replace poor communication. An essential part of your role is relaying what needs to be done and coordinating action across teams.

Even if you’re great at communicating on the job as a Senior Project Manager, though, you might still have trouble with writing a resume. If you’re not certain how to start on that new resume, don’t worry about it. Leet Resumes will help you out!

Since the resume is the first thing that a hiring manager sees, it needs to be as good as you can get it. Keep it short and to the point. Be clear about what you’re capable of, and, most of all, tell them how you’ve steered projects through challenges into successful outcomes.

Ready to begin? It’s no harder than following our Senior Project Manager resume template and studying our free resume example. You always have the option to ask Leet Resumes to write it for you. Our pros will craft a personalized resume for you at no cost. Click here to begin.

Resume writing guidelines

First off, never forget quality over quantity. Just like your job is to streamline the project lifecycle, writing a great Senior Project Manager resume follows the same principles Never write in paragraph format. Your role may be in-demand in today’s competitive job market, but that doesn’t mean that recruiters are going to slog through a novel when they expect a clear and concise resume. Use the least amount of words to say why you’re the best person for the job.

You also want to keep a clean, organized look. Stick with normal fonts like Times New Roman or Arial, and steer clear of pictures, colors, columns, or text boxes.

In addition to making your resume easier for recruiters and hiring managers to skim and read, this also boosts your chances of making it past the applicant tracking system (ATS) software that most of today’s top companies use to presort resumes. They expect a standardized style, so stick with the basics and don’t risk confusing the ATS.

You also don’t want to put a link to your LinkedIn profile unless you’re willing to check it every day. Otherwise you could miss a valuable lead.

Can I get a professional to write my resume for me?

If you’re starting to think that writing a great resume is more of a chore than you have time for right now, then you’re not alone. Lots of busy professionals like you hire experts to write their resumes for them.

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Formatting your Senior Project Manager resume

Still set on crafting your own resume? That’s great news! You’re the expert when it comes to your professional history and career goals. All you have to do is follow the Leet Resumes recipe for success. Our Senior Project Manager resume example is fully optimized, and our resume template is easy to follow. That means you’ll have more time to search for great jobs to apply to.

If you’re like most Senior Project Managers, then you know that one of the best feelings in the world is finding a method that works and then implementing it throughout your teams. That’s exactly what our resume template is for our career. Here’s the format:

  • Name + Contact
  • Professional Headline
  • Professional Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Keywords

Name + Contact

Just like most of the projects you oversee begin with research, discovery, and strategy, your resume should always start with your name and contact. Write your name at the top in a font that’s a bit bigger than the rest. Then, under that, put a good phone number and email address.

There’s no need to include any links to social media profiles—and, it goes without saying, that your email should be a professional one.

Professional Headline

Next, use 3-5 words to write a professional headline. The goal here is to capture your reader's attention and let them know why you’re the best person for the job.

Don’t just write down your job title. Instead, lead with a positive adjective. For instance, you could write “Driven Senior Project Manager.”

This will grab their eyes and get them to keep reading.

Professional Summary

An extension of the headline, the professional summary portion will inform the hiring manager what position you’re trying to land, what prior experiences make you a great fit, and any notable career milestones that can make you stand out. Just remember to stay clear and concise.

Here’s the format for this part of the resume template:

  • Three or four job titles that you would accept
  • Senior Project Manager skills
  • Senior Project Manager achievements and accomplishments (optional)
  • Awards and/or promotions (optional)

Because you’re applying for a senior position, it’s key to highlight how you got to where you are now, though don’t think that you have to currently be a Senior Project Manager to apply for the job. The purpose of this section is to say what you want in a new position and why you’re qualified. Any recognition that you’ve received at previous roles will help to build your case.

Work Experience

Now you can really start to highlight specific career milestones that set you apart from other candidates. This is crucial to landing Senior Project Manager job interviews. Recruiters see tons of resumes that only list a candidate’s employment history. They all start to look the same, each listing off the daily duties and responsibilities.

The problem is that this doesn’t actually tell them anything about how you brought value to previous organizations.

Instead, focus on success and accomplishments. Hiring managers are always on the lookout for tangible evidence of results, and you want to make their decision easy for them. Remember to provide data to back up your claims.

Always include numbers

That means that numbers are your best friend. If you’ve expedited a project, say by how much. If you’ve cut costs, again so by how much. The more numbers you can include, the better your resume.

It’s great to make big statements and bold claims, but only cold, hard data will undeniably prove what you’ve accomplished. The recruiter will then see how you can do that at their company.

Lead with action verbs

All of your bullet points should start with a strong, action verb, such as led, developed, or accelerated. Not only does this help the hiring manager more quickly scan through your resume, but it also makes you out as a driven, self-motivated individual.

Don’t forget about dates

Lots of people have a gap or two in their resume, and it’s less of a deal-breaker than most people think. What is a bigger deal is not including dates on your resume in an attempt to cover it up.


This section is for your educational background. List any degrees you’ve earned, where you earned, them, and what GPA(s) you scored. You should also include any relevant certificates as well, such as PMP, PRINCE2, or CAPM.

Don’t put any degrees that you didn’t earn unless you’re currently working towards them.


The final part of our Senior Project Manager resume template is a general area for you to list soft skills, hard skills, and any awards that you’ve earned. Since this is the last section, make it count. This is your last chance to leave a positive impression!

  • Keyword examples are:
  • Budget auditing
  • Cross functional team-building
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Risk management

Also be sure to list technical skills that you bring to the job. This can be as simple as mastery of Excel, or it can be the ability to use project management software or even write your own code.

That’s all there is to it! If you follow these guidelines, you’ll write a great project manager resume in no time. But if you’re like most other professionals in your field, time may be in short supply. You can save time by contracting your resume out to Leet Resumes. It’s totally free. Tips are appreciated! Get started now.


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