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Last updated on May 23, 2022
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How to write a great Scientist resume

For Scientists like you, there’s almost no better feeling than the thrill of discovery and wonder at the natural world and its laws. Whether you’re a biologist, a chemist, a physicist, or anything in between, Scientists are the world’s best problem solvers.

You’re great at thinking outside of the box while simultaneously following a precise method to the tee. In the lab or in the field, you’ve developed crucial skills for collaborating with your colleagues, applying the latest knowledge in your discipline, and keeping records that are accurate and organized.

No matter if writing research papers comes naturally to you or not, it’s an essential task that you’ve had to master in your career. Being able to write a great academic paper, however, doesn’t mean that writing a great resume will be easy.

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Since having an awesome resume is essential to landing your next job, you’re going to need a good one. It needs to clearly show why you’re the best person for the job, and it needs to be short and easy to read.

Want to get started? We make it easy with our resume template and Scientist resume example. Follow our formula, and you’ll write a great Scientist resume that will help you get your foot in the door at your next job.

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Guidelines to keep in mind

When you’re performing an analysis, you follow formulas and proceed step-by-step. The same thing goes for writing a winning Scientist resume!

First off, never format your resume with paragraphs. This isn’t a dissertation or a research paper, and if the person reading your resume wanted to read those, then they’d know where to find them. This point is especially important in today’s competitive job market. Your resume has to be short, sweet, and to the point if you want to maximize your chances.

Second up, use basic fonts like Times New Roman and Arial instead of trying to get fancy. Similarly, don’t include any colors, text boxes, pictures, additional columns, or anything else too creative.

Besides wanting to present a clean and approachable resume to recruiters and hiring managers, you also should shy away from these creative elements because it can hurt your ability to make it past the automatic resume sorting software that most employers use. These programs expect a certain formatting, and, when they don’t get it, they aren’t happy.

Last but not least, don’t put your LinkedIn unless you log into the platform every day. Otherwise, you might not see an important direct message.

Is there anybody out there who can write my resume for me?

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How to format your Scientist resume

Going to keep writing on your own? Good idea! There’s nobody who knows your experience, accomplishments, and career goals like you do.

Pay close attention to our Scientist resume outline and resume example, and you’ll end up with a product that you’re proud to hand out. Just remember that quality is always better than quantity.

Just like you have to follow the scientific method when conducting your research, we have a method for writing a resume. It all comes back to this format:

  • Name + Contact
  • Professional Headline
  • Professional Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Keywords

If you carefully follow this format, then all you need to do is provide the content.

Name + Contact

When you’re working on a research project, you don’t just start running tests. You don’t even start with a hypothesis. The first step is always to identify the problem.

Writing a resume is the same way. Begin with your name at the top in a font that’s slightly bigger than the rest. Then write down a phone number and professional email address—nothing silly or obscure. You also don’t need to put any social media.

Professional Headline

When you pick up or write a research paper, it always starts with an abstract. This tells the reader what to expect and primes their interest to keep reading. The resume analog of the abstract is the Professional Headline.

Imagine your future boss. They’re busy, maybe they’re stuck on a problem, and they need to bring another bright mind into the mix. Looking through some resumes, they pick up yours and read

“Persistent and patient Scientist”

and now you have their attention!

Put simply, the Professional Headline is three to five words that hook the reader and set you apart.

Professional Summary

While the Headline was the abstract, the Summary is the paper itself. It’s the supporting arguments. Make this section detailed yet brief with this format:

  • Three or four job titles that would be acceptable to you
  • Scientists skills you bring to the table
  • Scientist accomplishments and achievements (optional)
  • Promotions and/or awards (optional)

You don’t have to be a Nobel laureate to have great content for this section. Everyone will include lines one and two because they explain what you’re after and why they should hire you. The third and fourth are dependent upon your experience and career path, and they can make a strong resume into an even better one.

Work Experience

This part of the resume template highlights your history in a way that’s unique to you. Talk about specific accomplishments that other Scientists might not have. Your reader probably reads tons of resumes that just list an applicant’s basic work history, and the last thing you want is to bore them or blend in.

Instead of listing everyday responsibilities, cite ways that you’ve added value to previous organizations.

By showing how you went above and beyond or made a great scientific breakthrough, they’ll see just what you can bring to their position. Also be sure to back up your claims with tangible facts.

Numbers are critical

Trial results are almost always quantitative. These numbers are what enable Scientists to create theories, and, without them, your job would be an awful lot harder.

You know who else’s job is harder without numbers? The person who wants to hire you!

If you can give them clear figures, they have an empirical basis upon which to evaluate you. Look for as many opportunities as you can to include numbers into your resume as your writing. Then, once you finish, go back through it and include twice as many numbers.

Strong action verbs

When you begin a bullet point with an action verb, such as tested, created, or discovered. Not only does it make your writing more forceful and concise, but it also presents you as a driven go-getter, a quality that everyone wants in a new employee.

Always write down specific dates

If you have a hole or two in your resume, you might want to skimp on the dates. Resist the urge. When people don’t see dates on a resume, they often assume that you’re trying to keep a secret from them. That’s way worse than a common and understandable gap in employment history.


Of course, no resume would be complete without a section on your educational background. List the schools you went to, the degrees you hold, and the GPAs you earned. You should also include any certificates that you have. This is going to be highly specific depending on your scientific discipline.

Also, don’t put any degrees that you didn’t finish, unless you’re still working towards it.


The final section in our Scientist resume template is where you leave a lasting impression by showing off hard skills and soft skills that you use on the job. This is your last chance to stand out, so make it count! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Statistical analysis
  • Simulation
  • Field research
  • Communication
  • Grant proposal writing

This is also where you want to highlight technologies that you use in your work. Programming languages like R and Python, tools like Scientific Linux, and lab operation and organization software are all great options, but don’t forget regular old Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

Now that you know what it takes to craft a winning Scientist resume, it’s time to get writing! Just remember that at any point you can take the route of getting Leet Resumes to write it for you. We’ll write it for free, and we know that you’ll love our work. That’s why we work for tips!


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