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Last updated on September 2, 2022
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Write a Business Professional Resume that Gets Interviews

Business is business. And when it comes down to it, you’re pretty good at analyzing opportunities, making deals that benefit the company and keeping up the rapport with those in the business world with you.

Whether you’re consulting, advising or implementing, good business is second nature to you. But why has writing down your experience and expertise in a resume got you stumped?

Not to worry, Leet Resumes can help.

We’ve created a step-by-step resume template and guide to help you navigate the writing process. We’ve even added a business professional resume example to reference along the way.

In this article, we’ll show you how to apply your excellent communication skills, persuasive nature and analytical thinking to write a business professional resume that lands more interviews.

Prefer to have someone else write your resume?

That’s an option, too. If you’d like a custom business professional resume written for you, Leet Resumes will do the job. Better yet, they’ll do it for free. (Tips for a job well done are always appreciated.)

How to Format a Business Professional Resume

There are five key components to your resume:

  • Professional Headline
  • Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Keywords

We’ll cover what to include in each section of this resume template, but before we get started, let’s strategize your overall approach.

Keep it Simple

Simple is easy. The easier you make it for your recruiter to buy in, the more likely you are to receive an interview request.

Don’t distract from the business skills they’re looking for by adding multiple columns, colors and fonts. Stick to the tried-and-true single-column format you see in the resume example. This keeps the data of your career easy to find so they learn more about you in a short amount of time.

Speak to One Person

Rather than creating a single resume to fit the needs of multiple potential employers, use each resume to target one job.

You know how convincing you are when you approach a deal with a custom solution or give a presentation that is tailored to your audience. Applying this method to position yourself as the ideal candidate for each role will get you hired faster.

Throughout this resume template, there will be areas to customize and incorporate the skills and proficiencies a specific recruiter is looking for. Out of the arsenal of skills available to you, choose the ones that are most relevant to the recruiter’s needs and let your engaging communication skills win them over in the interview.

Name + Contact

Let them know who to call by placing your full name at the top center of the page. Choose a font that’s professional and legible and make it slightly larger than the rest of the text.

Underneath, add your contact information: phone number, email address and location (city and state).

Keep it simple with your call to action, and don’t add additional methods to reach you.

Unless InMail is your main method of communication, your LinkedIn and all other social accounts should be left off your resume entirely.

Remember, every part of your resume should convert your recruiter to take action and call you for an interview. You can replace your random newsletter address with a more classic firstname.lastname approach if you want to be taken seriously.

Professional Headline

Pop quiz: what’s the purpose of the first line in any sales copy?

To get them to read the next line.

And that’s all your professional headline is meant to do. You don’t need to fit all your expertise and experience into the first sentence they read.

Think of your resume as an advertisement and your headline at the top of the page: you just want to capture their attention so they read more about you below. Here’s how:

Start with a slightly flattering adjective that puts you in a positive light. Something like: practical, strategic, innovative, industrious or motivated works well.

Then add a word to describe your level of experience: executive, junior, senior, entry-level, etc.

Finally, top it off with your official job title.

You should have something like: Strategic Consulting Business Professional

Professional Summary

After your captivating headline, your summary gives additional context in an easy-to-scan format. So easy, in fact, that you won’t find any paragraphs in the resume example above.

In the first line, list all the job titles you’d accept for your next position, including the specific title of the job you’re applying for. These don’t need to be roles you’ve already held, just titles you’re qualified for and interested in.

In the second line, list the most relevant skills that qualify you for the business professional position you’re targeting.

If you’re looking at an analyst role, you might want to mention statistical analysis, SQL, report visualization and presentation skills.

If the role you’re applying for is more client-facing, add your communication skills, CRM and prospecting.

To understand what your recruiter is looking for and how you can position yourself as the solution, refer to the original job listing for the specific qualifications you can fulfill.

The third and fourth lines are optional. If you’re just getting started as a business professional, you might not have the experience to include. Don’t worry, two well-targeted lines are enough to get an interview.

If you do have the experience and accolades, add your career achievements and highlights in line three and any awards and promotions in line four.

Need a break?

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Work Experience

A common misconception about this section of your resume template is that you’re supposed to list the daily duties and tasks that make up a business professional’s role. Even though your recruiter might not know exactly what you do every day, they’re more interested in the results of your work rather than the work itself.

To show off your value proposition, use the resume example’s structure to format your work experience:

List all your previous positions in reverse chronological order Include your official job title and dates of employment (be 100% accurate here), along with your previous employer Under each role, add a bulleted list of how you brought success to the organization

Your Value Proposition

Your work experience is all about answering this question: How can you bring success to my company? (Namely, their bottom line.)

You’ll answer this by highlighting your credible background and how your skills added value to each company you worked for using these three elements:

Strong Success Verbs

Start every bullet point with a success verb that highlights the positive outcome of your action before you share the details.

These are words like: boosted, optimized, maximized, reduced or advanced, instead of tepid verbs like managed, operated, performed or the dreaded “was responsible for.”


To pair with your success verbs, add as many numbers as possible.

Show how much you increased revenue by streamlining logistics, or the percentage increase in sales volume when you stepped into your previous role.

You can find metrics in the size of the team you managed, how many outbound sales calls you performed on average, the sign-on ratio from your proposals and so on.

When you feel like you’ve added enough numbers, go back and try to double the amount again. Numbers are the most effective way to get anyone from the HR recruiter to the CFO to see the measurable impact you make for an organization.


Since they’re neither required nor common, each promotion shows your competency and performance with the validation of a previous employer.

That’s enough to create a little more demand for your business professional skills in any future employer.


Brief and succinct, you’ll simply list these four items here:

  • Where you attended school
  • Dates of your attendance
  • Degree(s) obtained
  • Honors or awards received

Everything else (unless it’s hyper-relevant to your future employer) can be left out.

Keywords and Skills for a Business Professional Resume

At the bottom of your resume template is a list of keywords to highlight your skills and compatibility for the open position. Include a mix of soft skills, hard skills, technologies and certifications to create a well-rounded portfolio of expertise.

Remember to address their pain points from the original job listing with the keywords you include.

  • Soft Skills: communication skills, leadership, team-oriented, attention to detail, growth mindset
  • Hard Skills: project management, B2B sales, market analysis, data visualization, negotiation
  • Technologies: Microsoft Office, Salesforce, SQL, Python, Tableau
  • Certifications: Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP), Salesforce Advanced Administrator; APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)

Once your keywords and skills are in place, your resume is complete! Well done.

Can someone just write my resume for me?

Absolutely. Leet Resumes will transform your expertise into an interview-generating document like the resume example above. Try it for yourself…for free (tips are always appreciated).


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