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A resume for that technical support job should be carefully crafted. We can get you a technical support resume for free, or you can use an outline.

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Last updated on July 18, 2022
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Example of Technical Support Resume

We live in a world of technology where software and hardware are constantly utilized. Gone are the days when companies are forced to rely primarily on human staff. Technology, like artificial intelligence, has made work optimization more accessible and faster and is available on different platforms.

Still, companies rely on human staff to maintain their technology. The category of people that are involved in maintaining these technological processes is the technical support team. If you are applying for a technical support position, you should consider yourself crucial to the company.

To achieve your goal of getting that technical support position in that desired company, you need to be able to relay to your prospective employer all that you can do. The means of carrying this out is through an extraordinarily crafted resume.

But, how do you know what information to input in your technical support resume?

We’ll discuss the necessary information you need to include in your technical support resume. However, at Leet Resumes, we can draft an excellent technical support resume template for you for free. To prepare one for yourself, learn how to do it following the procedures below.

Here is how an excellent technical support resume should look

A technical support team is needed in every organization, both profit and non-profit. As much as specific software and hardware are utilized for organizational programs, a technical support team is required to ensure everything runs smoothly.

If you are a professional technical support staff, you are indispensable to running a business.

As an individual trained to provide technical support, you’ll need to consider the company you want to work with. After choosing some companies that align with your personal goals, it's time to show that you can make yourself fit to work with them. Draft a great resume that will make them call you in for interviews right away.

If you will be working as technical support personnel for a company, there is quite a long list of qualifications you should have. Apart from resolving network issues, you will also be responsible for handling hardware repair and the installation software, among others.

This is why you need a well-drafted technical support resume that will showcase all your skills, qualifications and how you can enhance the current progress of your prospective company. Prospective employers don't need to see you, but they should want to meet you when they see your resume.

You need to take your time when writing your resume, just like you will take your time to do some troubleshooting before getting to the root of technical issues. Resume writing involves expanding specific information details while applying brevity to others. However, the ultimate purpose of your technical support resume is to present yourself to hiring managers as a fit for the position you are applying for.

There is a unique technical support resume template you should use. Using this template, you set the tone of your technical support resume well enough for your prospective employer to glance through. Some key information to include are:

  • Contact information & name
  • An outstanding headline
  • An expert summary
  • Experience in related work
  • Educational experience
  • Achievements (awards or honorable)

Naming your resume is important

Naming is essential in whatever project you are working on. And since the technical support resume you are writing is yours, give it your name and ensure the name is well seen.

A boldly written name should be the first thing anyone that reads your resume should see. To achieve this, use a larger and bold font. This font could be different from the font of the remaining text.

To ensure your project details are organized, follow up your name with your contact information. Having your contact information close to your name makes it easy for future employers to get in touch with you when they’re ready to call you in for an interview.

These are details you should include in your contact information:

  • Your cell phone number
  • Your email address
  • Where you are located

Your cell phone number

You do not need to state two to three phone numbers in your resume. All you need is an easy-to-reach phone number that you answer directly. Do not give your prospective employers a hard time in trying to reach you.

Your email address

Use an e-mail address that portrays you as a professional, not just any email address with unprofessional names. You could create a new one with some variation of your name. Do your best to avoid making a long e-mail address that can easily lead to typos.

Where you are located

Unlike other job roles that can be performed remotely, almost all the functions of the technical support team of any organization are performed on-site. Hence, it is better to state your city and state of residence in your resume. This information will help the company you are applying to determine the branch of the company you can comfortably work in.

Provide a mesmerizing headline

The information you have given so far in your technical support resume template is just basic information that your prospective employers expect. How about you catch their attention with the unexpected?

The headline in your resume should prompt hiring managers to read more of what's to come in your resume. Keep the headline brief and straight to the point.

While your name on the resume should be bold, the headline should be in regular text. It should wow prospective employers with words, not formatting.

Now, to the good stuff about resume writing

A professional summary on your technical support resume is the information to give after getting the attention of your hiring managers. Hiring managers are not interested in what you can do. They want to know if you truly understand what you do in a way that can better the output of the company as a whole.

Using two to four lines, write a summary showing your expertise level in technical support. Give an overview of who you are, and state the numbers of years you have worked as technical support staff. Then, say something about your qualification and include a significant achievement. Note that all this information should be short and straightforward.

Giving more details

Next is the section where you will expand more on what you have summarized. If you are aspiring for a higher technical support position and trying to determine if you are fit for that position, don’t worry. Often, you already carry out some of the roles of this higher job, and you can highlight the procured skills in your technical support resume.

Let your prospective employer know what you acquired in your work experience. If you started as technical support staff in an information technology company like Microsoft, it is in this section of your resume. Remember, when drafting this section of your technical support resume, you should use a bullet list.

Do you have any additional skills?

There are specific skills your prospective employer might not indicate as a requirement. You should briefly highlight some of these skills to show how much you have acquired knowledge, information, and experience about what you do as a technical support employee.

What are the techniques for writing an excellent technical support resume?

One particular technique you should utilize is the "KISS" technique which means "Keep It Short and Simple." All the information on your resume should not exceed a page. Any additional information that exceeds this can be included in your cover letter.

Your resume should be filled with your qualifications, capabilities, and accomplishments. Use your technical support resume to show why you should be hired.

Troubleshooting, hardware repair, and software installations are some significant functions a technical support staff will carry out. Include in your resume how perfectly you perform these functions and how you will do more in the prospective company. Also, include how you have added benefits to the companies you previously worked with.

You could get a free, well-crafted goal-driven technical support resume template from us at Leet. Sign up today.

Understanding the required skills of a technical support role

When writing about the functions you have been trained to carry out in your technical support resume, it is better to be detailed about how you performed them. For a few of these functions like repair, resolve, troubleshoot, install, safety check, and multi-task, you might consider writing something like this:

  • Repair: “Replaced and repaired computing hardware for a company with over 500 systems.”
  • Resolve: “Resolved network issues and found solutions to ongoing issues within the network.”
  • Troubleshoot: “Found numerous technical faults and fixed them within 1-hour network downtime.”
  • Install: “Overseen the installation of more than 40 organizational software.”
  • Safety check: “Prevented more than 5 possible destructions of important software including firewall disruption.”
  • Multi-task: “Managed more than 8 technological issues effectively at once.”

To create the right picture of your capability in the mind of your prospective employer, you should use numbers and figures as much as possible.

Leet can add to your success story

Seeing the tasking procedures required in drafting an excellent technical support resume template, Leet Resumes has made it easy. You can get your perfectly written resume that attracts interviews at Leet. All you need to do is sign up for free today.


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