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Last updated on September 2, 2022
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How to write a fantastic Dermatology Nurse resume

Skin shields from the outside environment, helps regulate body temperature, and facilitates sense of touch.

Suffice to say, it’s important! Our skin holds everything together - literally.

Of course, human skin is far from impervious.

Between any number of dermatological conditions, infections, diseases, or wounds, a whole lot of medical problems can befall the body’s largest organ.

That’s where you come in. You’re an expert when it comes to the epidermis (and the dermis too).

Resume writing, on the other hand, may not be your forte.

Your work as a Dermatology Nurse is extensive, to say the least. How are you supposed to squeeze all of your qualifications, expertise, and skills onto just one page?

We can help. Over here at Leet Resumes we’ve been writing resumes for a long, long time. We know what works and what doesn’t.

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Why a great Dermatology Nurse resume will get you more interviews

Identifying and diagnosing skin conditions as early as possible requires a meticulous eye for detail.

Unfortunately, most resumes aren’t given that same level of attention.

Recruiters and hiring managers sift through countless resumes over the course of a single day, which means your Dermatology Nurse resume will have just a few precious seconds to make a strong impression.

And that’s assuming you made it past the initial applicant tracking software.

That’s right, most resumes nowadays are immediately fed to an AI system that sorts, ranks, and rejects applicants.

These systems are programmed to scan resumes for specific keywords and skills.

If your Dermatology Nurse resume isn’t written and structured in a clear, easy to understand format, it will be spurned by a computer long before it ever reaches a pair of human eyes.

How to format your Dermatology Nurse resume

The good news is you don’t have to concern yourself with formulating the best possible resume format. We took care of that for you.

We solved the resume riddle a long time ago, and now we want to share what we’ve learned to make your life easier. Just follow this basic structure:

  • Name + Contact
  • Professional Headline
  • Professional Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Keywords

Remember those resume reading robots we mentioned earlier? They tend to get confused by overly elaborate or messy resume setups. It can be tempting to deck out your resume with tons of visual additions like extra colors, patterns, or columns. This is ultimately a big mistake.

The number one rule of writing a great resume is keeping things simple and clean cut. This format will make sure your Dermatology Nurse resume adheres to that vital principle.

Next, we’ll touch on each section of your new resume in more detail.

Name + Contact

At the top of the document write your full name and medical title (RN, LPN, LVN) in a slightly larger size than the rest of the text.

Underneath your name readers should find your contact information: Email address, phone number, and physical address. Be sure to keep all of your contact information professional; avoid silly or goofy email addresses. If you’re open to remote nursing positions, that can be mentioned in this section as well.

You can also add your LinkedIn profile if you check your InMail every day. Other social media platforms are unnecessary.

Professional Headline

After addressing your personal details, it’s time to move seamlessly into stating your case. In order for you to land more job opportunities and callbacks, you need to immediately tell readers why you’re a can't-miss candidate.

Your professional headline will begin to tell the beginning of that story - using just three to five words (in ALL CAPS). This part may be brief, but it’s important. The right headline keeps recruiters reading, all while providing a glimpse into your skills, personality, and career trajectory.

Here are a couple of examples: “Compassionate Dermatology Nurse,” or “Dedicated Cosmetic Dermatology Nurse”.

Professional Summary

This next section isn’t just a summary of your career as a Dermatology Nurse. It’s also a summary of where you see yourself next.

The professional summary should succinctly tell readers “I want this job, and I’m more than qualified for the position because of X, Y, and Z.” You’ll have plenty of space to articulate and support your assertions and claims later on in the work experience section.

For now, this area is all about spouting off successes, skills, and aspirations for the future. Don’t be modest!

Consisting of two to four lines, your professional summary will feature a handful of distinct phrases or keywords on each line. The first two lines should be included on all resumes, but the last two are optional and best reserved for experienced nurses.

Here’s a breakdown of what to do:

  • Line one: Write down the job titles or positions you want to accept as your next role. Keep in mind these don’t have to be positions you’ve already held. This line is about the future. Examples include ‘Senior Dermatology Nurse” or “Dermatology Nurse Practitioner”.
  • Line two: List some of your most desirable professional skills. Some common skills used on Dermatology Nurse resumes include patient education, skin cancer screening, empathy, skin tissue collection, and microdermabrasion.
  • Line three: Name some of your most impressive nursing achievements and accomplishments.
  • Line four: This last line is for documenting any promotions or awards you’ve earned during your career.

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Work Experience

Accounting for the largest portion of your one page resume, the work experience section should never be completed in a rushed or careless manner. This is the heart and soul of your resume; treat it as such.

For starters, always list your job history in reverse chronological order. Most recent or current position should be up top.

Your professional summary spoke in general terms. This area is your opportunity to get specific. An ideal work experience section provides detailed proof and relevant examples to back up your skills and achievements.

Most applicants fill out the details of their job history with boring bullet points describing the expected duties and responsibilities of each listed position. You don’t want to be like most applicants! This approach is a major mistake.

Do this instead:

Show success, don’t just tell

A great resume is persuasive. You can’t expect decision makers to just take your word that you’re a great nurse.

Don’t just tell readers you're a great candidate, show them specific examples of your biggest professional successes as a Dermatology Nurse. Each bullet point you write should describe a nursing accomplishment or achievement that speaks to your high level of expertise.

Patients treated or educated, surgeries assisted, conditions diagnosed, satisfaction or recovery rates improved. These are all possible nursing achievements to utilize.

Nursing numbers

Conciseness is very important in a work experience section. With so much information to convey, and limited space to do it, numbers are an invaluable asset. Nothing validates and adds extra context to an accomplishment faster than a number, statistic, or other metric.

Use as many numbers as possible. Numbers help readers visualize and better understand your successes.

Our resume cheat code

Here’s a simple formula for constructing each bullet point under a listed job. Start the sentence with a positive action verb (provided, cared for, maintained, etc) then cap everything off with an accomplishment validated by a number or two.

For instance: “Improved patient screening protocols 24% by overhauling the onboarding and initial consultation process.”


Next up is the education section of your resume. Start by listing degrees earned and schools attended. Accuracy and honesty is key here (and throughout your resume!). Always provide a proper timeline of your education, and never add degrees you haven’t completed.

This area should also display your nursing license information (state, etc) and any relevant certifications (DNC).


The last part of your resume is something of a second chance. Here you can sprinkle in any additional hard skills, soft skills, or awards you haven’t touched on yet. Recruiters (and ATS software) look out for these keywords, so it helps to have as many as possible!

Here are some examples:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Critical thinking
  • Psoriasis
  • Pre-op/Post-op patient care
  • Practice development
  • Skin exams

And you’re done. You just wrote a fantastic new resume!

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