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Last updated on May 23, 2022
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How to create an awesome Application Engineer resume

Application Engineers like you are a bridge between worlds. You have to be able to talk tech and understand how to work on complex software problems, but, as the liaison between customers and engineering teams, you’ve also cultivated effective communication, customer service, and problem solving skills.

Whether you’re training customers on system applications, handling project and task management, or ensuring that incidents are resolved, properly documented, and closed, you know how to stay flexible and accomplish what needs to be done. Your unique combination of hard technical skills and soft people skills make you a valuable asset for any company.

One of the hardest parts of your job is distilling lots of technical information into plain English for your customers and, on the other side of the coin, translating customer requests and complaints into actionable direction for the engineer teams.

Even with your expertise here, you might still have a hard time condensing your professional experience and accomplishments into a resume. If you’re struggling to get started, don’t despair. Leet Resumes can help!

Because your resume is the first step in finding your next lucrative position, it needs to be optimized. Keep it clear and concise. Your goal is to use the least number of words to say not only what makes you a great employee, but also what sets you apart from other applicants.

Are you ready to start? It’s as simple as going through our resume template and referencing our resume example to write a great Application Engineer resume that will help you to land a job.

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Guidelines for writing your Application Engineer resume

You’re adept at making presentations to management, clients, and peer groups. The way you frame your words will differ depending on who you’re talking to, but your goal always remains the same: clearly communicate the point that you need to make. Apply this same reasoning to writing your Application Engineer resume!

To begin, don’t ever write in paragraphs. Nobody wants to read an in-depth article or novel when they pick up a resume. This is particularly true in today’s competitive talent market, as your resume is going to need two key traits to succeed: be brief, and be one-of-a-kind. Use less words to say more.

Second, stick to basic fonts, like Times New Roman and Arial. You also don’t want to include pictures, colors, additional columns, or text boxes. There’s no need to get creative.

In addition to presenting a streamlined resume for recruiters and hiring managers, you also want to make sure that your resume gets past the application tracking system (ATS). This software automatically sorts applicant resumes, and if it encounters elements that it doesn’t expect, it won’t be able to parse your resume. That’s bad news for your chances of getting an interview.

Finally, you only want to include your LinkedIn if and only if you check it on a daily basis. Otherwise, you run the risk of missing out on an important message.

Will somebody be able to write my resume instead?

You’re a busy person, and it’s no secret that writing a resume can be hard work or even downright stressful. That’s why services like Leet Resumes exist in the first place.

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Formatting your Application Engineer resume

Decided to keep writing it on your own? That’s a great move, as you’re the #1 expert when it comes to your own career!

When you leverage our resume outline and resume example, you’ll be well on your way to creating an interview-worthy resume. Just keep in mind that it’s all about quality, not quantity.

Just like Application Engineers need to follow a method when testing code and performing QA checks, we recommend sticking to a method when writing your resume. This is the basic format:

  • Name + Contact
  • Professional Headline
  • Professional Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Keywords

If you follow our resume template, then all you have to do is fill in the blanks. Let’s get started.

Name + Contact

Just like nearly every piece of software starts with dependencies, creating a resume always starts the same way as well. Start by writing your name at the top of your resume in a font that’s a bit larger than the rest of it.

Beneath that, include a good phone number and a professional sounding email address. It’s not necessary to include links to social media profiles.

Professional Headline

When you’re making a presentation to nontechnical stakeholders, you don’t go through every technical detail. You make sure that everyone is on the same page by providing a summary or a high-level overview. The Professional Headline is just that for your resume.

This section is all about persuading your reader to keep going. For example, if they pick up your resume, and they read

“Accomplished Application Engineer”

then you’ve definitely captured their attention.

Basically, your goal is to use three to five words that will draw them into your resume and make you stand out from the pack.

Professional Summary

If the Headline was the overview, then the Summary is the details. It’s the reason why you’re able to draw those conclusions in the first place. These details, however, still need to be clear and concise. Follow this format:

  • Three or four titles that you could accept
  • Application Engineering skills that you have
  • Application Engineering accomplishments and achievements (optional)
  • Promotions and/or awards (optional)
  • Every resume will always include content from the first two lines, since they tell the recruiter who you are and why you’re qualified for the job. The third and fourth lines are optional yet a great opportunity for experienced engineers to show how they’ve added value at previous positions.

Work Experience

At this point, you want to cite specific achievements that aren’t common to every other Application Engineer. This is essential to getting asked to interview. Because hiring managers read resumes that simply list an applicant’s work history every single day, they can all begin to blur together.

Don’t fall for the trap of thinking that listing your everyday responsibilities will tell them how well you’re going to perform in the role.

Instead, you want to make sure to highlight Application Engineering accomplishments and successes. Go beyond the basics to show how you’ve overcome obstacles, innovated, or brought something special to the table. Then back up your claims with data.

Use numbers whenever you can

Numbers are the basis of computation. They're the closest thing that we have to objective truth. Show the recruiter the truth about how you would benefit their company by including numbers throughout your resume.

If you’ve managed a team, say how many people were on it. If you’ve increased adoption rates for a software product, say by how much. Write down how many applications you’ve worked on. This hard data goes a long way towards demonstrating your accomplishments.

When you’re finished writing your resume, go back through it and double the amount of figures in the next iteration.

Always use strong verbs

Begin your bullets with action verbs, such as developed, interacted, and managed. In addition to improving your concision and the effectiveness of your writing, action verbs present you as an active and driven person. That’s one quality everyone looks for in a hire.

Be sure to include dates

You might have a gap or two in your work history. Whether you do or don’t, one of the worst things that you can do is neglect to include specific dates on your resume. The person reading it will wonder what you’re trying to hide from them, and if they can’t trust you, then there’s no way that they’re going to hire you.


This section includes your educational background, so list what institutions you attended, what degrees you earned, and your final GPAs. Be sure to also include certifications for Application Engineering, such as those from CompTIA, AWS, the Linux Foundation, or any others that are important to your specific work.

Finally, don’t be tempted to list any degrees that you didn’t complete. The only exception is if you’re currently enrolled in the program.


The last section of the Application Engineer resume template demonstrates both the hard and soft skills that you use on a daily basis and that make you an obvious choice for the job. You need to leave a good impression to seal the deal, so think carefully about it! Some keywords that we recommend are:

  • Team management
  • Hardware engineering
  • Financial analysis
  • Communication
  • Collaboration You should also include specific technology expertise. Coding languages (Java, C, Python, etc.), cloud systems (AWS, Azure, Google), and CAD software are great options, but don’t forget productivity apps as well, such as Agile implementation software and even MS Office.

Now you’re armed with the knowledge that you need! It’s up to you to either write a great resume or feel free to ask Leet Resumes to write it for you. It’s always free. We know that you’ll love our work, and, when you do, please consider leaving a tip.


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