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Last updated on September 2, 2022
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How to write an awesome QA Engineer resume

In your role as a QA Engineer, putting software through its paces is only a small part of the job. You may not be trying to break it, but you know to explore the edge cases, the corner cases, and everything in between. Once you’re done with it, the code may not be perfect, but it’ll have a lot less bugs.

When the code is throwing more errors than it should and software engineers begin to grumble, a great QA Engineer knows how to proceed carefully yet forcefully. You backup your claims with data, you’re not afraid to speak the truth, and you make sure that your company is releasing a product that your users will love.

From unit testing to building automated testing suites in tools like Selenium, you’re the final line of defense. You always want the applicant to be the best that it can be.

Making software usable and user friendly may not seem like too tall of an order, but communicating what needs to change to the engineers who write the code is half the battle. A key part of your job is this on the job communication, and, if you can’t be successful there, then it’s hard to move the needle.

You might be great at this kind of communication, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re super comfortable with resume writing. If you’re struggling to know how to start, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s all in the name: Leet Resumes!

Since your resume is the first step in landing your dream job, you want it to be as good as it can possibly be. Keep it brief, and focus on quality over quantity. Just like with a codebase, you want to use less to accomplish more.

Ready to get started? Take some time to look over our free QA Engineer resume example, and you’ll see for yourself what an A+ resume looks like. Once you’re set, work your way through our QA Engineer resume template.

Another option is to leave it to the experts. The pros at Leet Resumes have written thousands of resumes for in-demand technical job-seekers like yourself, and we’ll be happy to help you begin your job search faster by providing you with a top notch resume at no cost. Click here right away!

General guidelines for resume writing

Quality is the job title, and you take it seriously. Apply that dedication to your resume, and you’ll craft an interview-worthy QA Engineer resume in no time!

Our first piece of advice is to avoid paragraphs at all costs. Especially in today’s competitive job market, if a recruiter or hiring manager receives a resume that’s wordy and difficult to skim, they’ll probably just pass it right by. Bullet points are your resume’s best friend.

Don’t be tempted to use unique fonts either. Stick with basics like Times New Roman or Arial and make your resume unique through the content itself. Similarly, avoid colors, pictures, text boxes, or additional columns.

In addition to making it harder to quickly skim your resume, these elements can also confuse the applicant tracking system (ATS) software that most companies use on resumes they receive. They do their job, but they have a hard time improvising when they receive a resume that’s formatted in a way that they weren’t programmed to expect. Make it easy on the poor ATS by keeping your resume simple.

Finally, don’t put your LinkedIn unless you’re able to check in on it every day. You’ll be kicking yourself for a long time if you lose a great job opportunity because you missed a message on LinkedIn.

Can I trust someone else to deliver a high quality resume?

Yes! While we promise that writing a great resume doesn’t have to be too difficult, there’s always a way to know that you’re handing out the best resume that you could be.

Trust Leet Resumes with your resume, and you won’t be disappointed. We’ll craft a personalized QA Engineer resume for you at no cost. Tips are appreciated! Click here now to find out more.

How to format your QA Engineer resume

Decided to keep writing on your own? That’s a good decision since you know best when it comes to where you’ve been in your career and where you want to go.

Start with studying Leet Resume’s free QA Engineer resume example. This will give you a good idea of what the end product should look like. When you’re feeling confident and ready to move on, work step by step through our QA Engineer resume template.

Here’s the basic layout:

  • Name + Contact
  • Professional Headline
  • Professional Experience
  • Education
  • Keywords

Name + Contact

When you’re testing software, you run it through even the most basic of tests, and sometimes you can be surprised by the results. It may seem basic, but the name + contact portion of the resume template is just as important as the rest.

Begin your resume by writing your professional name at the top of the document in slightly larger front. Right beneath that, readers should find your contact information. Usually this means the best phone number to reach you at and a professional sounding email address. Don’t put any social media links.

Professional Headline

If you had three to five words to summarize your current role and work style, what would they be? The Professional Headline should intrigue your reader and convince them to give your resume more time. Don’t just write QA engineer and leave it at that.

Instead, try something like “Details-Oriented QA Engineer” or “Thorough QA Engineer” to differentiate yourself from other applicants who are applying to the same job.

Professional Summary

Continuing on the headline is the Professional Summary, a section to quickly get the reader up to speed about what job you’re wanting to land, what prior experiences make you a great fit, and any career milestones that demonstrate your excellence in the field.

This is the format:

  • Three to five job positions that you would accept if offered
  • QA Engineer skills
  • QA Engineer successes/accomplishments (optional)
  • Promotions and/or awards (optional)

Although lines three and four are optional, depending on where you’re at in your career, if you do have content here, then we highly recommend including it. These kinds of details are resume gold because they show the unique advantages to hiring you.

Work Experience

This section of the QA Engineer Resume template is all about where you’ve been and how it’s made you into the professional that you are today. Remember to highlight specific achievements that are unique to you alone.

Recruiters see tons of resumes that all look the same. While we don’t discourage listing your employment history and daily duties, go beyond the basics to show how you added value at previous roles. How did you overcome obstacles? How did you improve a product or increase adoption rates? Then back up your claims with data.

Your resume needs numbers

There’s no denying cold hard numbers. If you can support the claims you’re making with tangible figures, that will help the hiring manager see how you can make their software the best it can be.

Start bullets with success verbs

Start every bullet point with a strong action verb, such as verified, tested, or accelerated. This improves your resume’s readability while also demonstrating your personality as an active and driven employee.

Don’t lie about dates

Don’t fall for the trap of thinking that you should lie about or omit any gaps in your employment history. Just be honest about dates! It’s much more important to retain trust by being honest than to try to cover up an understandable break.


This section is all about your education. All you have to do is list what degrees you hold and where you earned them. Certifications are the other important part of your education section, so be sure to include those here too. Don’t write any degrees you haven’t completed unless you’re still in school for it.


The final part of our QA Engineer resume template is where you make a strong case for hiring you by listing soft skills and hard skills. Some recommendations are:

  • Risk assessment
  • ISO standards
  • Compliance and regulation
  • Communication
  • Systems integration testing

Be sure to also include specific technologies that you work with, including the languages you know, the platforms you use, and the testing suites that you’re an expert in.

Now you have the knowledge you need to write a great QA Engineer resume. Or you can ask Leet Resumes to write it on your behalf for free! We’re so confident that you’ll recognize the quality of our work, we work for tips alone. Learn more now!


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