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Last updated on September 2, 2022
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Consultant Resume Example

Consulting touches all sectors of society, from health, business, education, and communication, among others. As a Consultant, you are an essential part of society that provides quality information that improves the quality of life. You should hold yourself in high esteem while writing your Consultant resume.

To achieve your objective of landing that dream Consultant job, you must draft a good resume showcasing your experiences and accomplishments. You must know what vital information to put in your resume and what to leave out.

It's good to know Leet can design an excellent Consultant resume template for you. It's for free; use this link! Or, you can choose to write your resume yourself with further information provided below.

An example of an Executive Consultant resume

Whether a Health Consultant, Business Consultant, Counseling Consultant, or Marketing Consultant, you play a fundamental role worldwide. You play a big part in society by providing specialized guidance. And because you give this guidance, you aid practical living of lives and businesses everywhere.

You should search for organizations that can successfully market your skill. Choose organizations that require your skill. After selecting them, you must accomplish your goal of being hired as a Consultant by putting together an impressive resume.

There aren't a lot of professional requirements needed before having the qualification to draft a Consultant resume. You should include in your resume the skills, experiences, professional certifications, and accomplishments that qualify you as a professional Consultant.

You need to carefully draft your Consultant resume template in such a way that you organize all these qualifications. Thoroughly prepare your resume to show your skills and the professional services you can render to land that job.

As a result, you need to take time drafting your resume because it is a personal document you are sending to represent you. Just as you would take your time to guide your client when providing your specialized services procedurally, you should take time when drafting your resume. The goal is to create a resume that will be explicit enough and say who you are with just a glance.

There are top-notch Consultant resume templates you can use to design an impressive resume. However, there is specific information you should include in your Consultant resume. Always be sure to include the following:

  • Name of applicant
  • A reachable telephone number
  • A great headline
  • A professional abstract
  • Experience in related field
  • Schooling
  • Impact and achievement

Title your resume

As a Consultant who renders professional services, the first thing you do when you get new clients, be it individuals or groups, is give their consultancy projects names. Similarly, you will give your resume a title which, of course, is your name.

Your name should be boldly written so that it is easy to see without prospective employers having to look for it. You could utilize a bold font to emphasize the name.

Following your name in regular font size, give details on your contact information. This information should be close to your name for easy access. This information makes it simpler for future employers to contact you when needed.

These are the details you should include in your contact information:

  • Personal phone number
  • Simple email address
  • Place of residence

Personal phone number

You do not have to provide more than one phone number. Make sure the one you provide is a personal cell phone, so hirers have direct access to you instead of a phone tree or receptionist.

Email address

Simplicity is key. As a Consultant, you are expected to have an official email address that depicts you as one. Avoid using a personal unprofessional email address that can turn employers off from the rest of your resume.

Place of residence

The old formatting of resumes mandates including an applicant's full street address. However, this has since been eliminated due to the progressive shift from physical to remote work in today's world.

Certain factors determine if you should include your geographical location in your Consultant resume.

If the working terms provided say the position is entirely virtual, your street address might not be needed. However, be it virtual or physical rendering of services, let your future employer know your city and state at the very least.

Enthrall prospective employers

The details mentioned above are simple but basic information required in every resume. The following information is meant to be catchy to include in your Consultant resume. Your attention-getting headline will be next up on your Consultant resume template.

The headline should be brief but very strong and mesmerizing. With this powerful headline, a hiring manager should want to read what you have written in the rest of your resume. In other words, leave a great impression on whoever reads your resume with your headline.

Now, to the main details

After writing your powerful headline, it's time for your Consultant resume readers to know a bit about you as a professional. In this next section, you give professional information about yourself that lets future employers learn more about the Consultant that gave such a great headline.

Remember to keep the information as concise as possible when giving this professional summary. In no more than four lines, briefly discuss who you are, why you qualify as a Consultant and your years of experience. Your professional summary is a great place to list any professional achievements. Just do not forget to keep it as short as possible.

Your experience so far is enough

You might be trying to apply for a chief executive position as a Consultant. Congratulations! That’s an excellent idea. Do not think that you do not have the experience or skill to perform this job function. The consultancy services you rendered in your experience thus far would have provided the needed knowledge to perform well in this job.

Looking at the more recent job roles you have performed and all other ones you took up before you became a Consultant, you would quickly see that you have gained enough expertise to apply for that higher-level job in that organization. An essential thing to do is to select related experiences carefully. After this, you categorize these experiences and list them underneath achievements.

Any additional skills?

You can always include additional skills in your Consultant resume if you look carefully. Besides consultancy services, what other functions are you skilled enough to provide that company? Whichever different skills you decide to list, ensure they will be adding value to your future employer.

How do you write a brilliant Consultant resume?

One essential factor you should always keep in mind when drafting your Consultant resume is simplicity. While you might have an extensive past with consultancy experience, keep it straightforward as it does not exceed a page.

The primary reason you are writing your Consultant resume is to show recruiters what skills you have, what you can do, what you have done, and what you will do for them. To effectively show this to your future employers, you need to understand the totality of your role when consulting for them.

Creative thinking, problem-solving, and communication are critical functions of a Consultant. Your Consultant resume should center on these roles. You should also include examples of how you have carried out these functions. It is good for employers to have a picture of your impact over the years.

Let Leet create an achievement-driven Consultant resume; sign up for free here.

Understanding the required and expected skills of a Consultant

There are specific skills needed as a Consultant, which must be included in the resume. To land that dream job, try to understand the job skills required for it first.

Pinpoint these skills and explain how you performed them in different roles in the past. Let's consider how to detail some skills in your Consultant resume—skills such as problem-solving, creativity, communication, implementing, organizing, and management might be written like this:

  • Problem-solving: “Solved more than 100 business issues for individual clients and groups.”
  • Creativity: “Birthed the innovation of the strategic invention that skyrocketed more than 52 organizations.”
  • Communication: “Communicated with clients to prevent gaps in project details.”
  • Implementation: “Worked as an influential team member with over 120 clients to assist them in implementing consulting advice.”
  • Organization: “Organized constructive learning to improve work productivity of clients.”
  • Management: “Managed more than 15 consultancy cases simultaneously.”

As you can see from the examples, you should use figures to show the prospective employer how productive and impactful you have been as much as possible. Quantifying your skills helps paint a clearer picture of your impact.

Succeed with help from Leet

Designing a Consultant resume template might be too much work for you. Leet recognizes this and wants to help. All you need to do is sign up with Leet today and get that brilliant Consultant resume you have always wanted.


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