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Last updated on July 18, 2022
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UX Designer Resume Example

Tech is one of the top-paying industries because almost all businesses have customized how they handle customers and audiences. Technology has enabled companies to reach their target audience without physical interaction. UX Designers are an integral part of every organization’s tech interactions.

To achieve your goal of landing that dream job, see yourself as a highly sought-after UX Designer. After this, you start the process of landing that job by writing a resume that will tell prospective hirers the reason their company needs you. However, not all information about your work so far should go into your resume.

At Leet Resumes, we aim to help you carefully select this information and craft an excellent interview-landing UX Designer resume template for free. Continue reading to learn what information should be on your resume if you’re interested in writing one yourself.

An example of a great UX Designer resume

Any organization with an online presence requires a UX Designer. A UX Designer analyzes how users of products and services find organization interfaces like websites, apps, and the like. They determine whether they are easy to use or difficult to navigate. With this information, they create suggestions that can be made on how to improve user experience, thereby increasing sales and reaching more people.

While the demand for UX Designers is high, you’ll need to take a moment to narrow down some of your options. It’s critical to find a company that shares some of the same values as you. This is a crucial aspect of the hiring process if you’re looking for longevity and growth within one business.

After you’ve chosen a few companies, the next step is to create a great UX Designer resume tool to let these companies know your intentions of working with them. Thankfully, there are no lengthy requirements needed. All you need to do is input what qualifies you as a UX Designer, work experiences so far, additional professional qualifications, and the like. Also, include the additional functions you will be expected to perform in this role.

You will need to carefully write a UX Designer resume in which you will organize all this information. This way, you can land the job after the company sees what you have to offer them.

Seeing that your UX Designer resume is practically a tool that projects who you are as a professional, you shouldn't create it in haste. Just like you would take your time researching user experiences and analyzing them, you need to analyze prospective employers carefully. Understand what they are looking for so that you can organize your UX Designer resume around their expectations.

Using a template that allows you to organize the content of your UX Designer resume, give the following personal information:

  • Name and contact information
  • A catchy headline
  • Professional synopsis
  • UX work experience
  • Educational background
  • Honors and awards

Resume naming

Naming your resume should not be a problem. Your name in bold fonts should be the first thing anybody who picks your UX Designer resume.

After naming, the next thing to write on your UX Designer resume is your contact information. It is a piece of the necessary information for hiring managers to get back to you for interviews. After all, you don’t want to present them with any challenges in getting in touch with you.

Give the following information on your contact:

  • Your phone line
  • Your email
  • Place of residence

Your phone line

If you are confident about your resume's content and know you will be called out for an interview, you should include your contact information just beneath your name. Be straightforward about it and give your phone number. Make sure it’s a line you have access to so you can respond promptly as needed.

Email Address

The following professional information you should give is your email address. Avoid giving an email with an inappropriate name. If you don't have one, now is the time to create one with your name. Remember to make it short and easy to read. The last thing you need is typos standing in the way of you and your dream UX Designer job.

Place of residence

You might be applying for a position whose work terms say you can work from home. That’s great! Still, you have to specify where you will be working. Provide the city and state where you are located to help employers know what time zone you will work from.

Capture the attention of prospective employers

It's time to give a great headline. Do not let your UX Designer resume look boring to hiring managers. Make them want to read the rest of your resume. You can achieve this by giving your UX Designer resume a concise but powerful headline that is catchy.

With a powerful headline, you can ensure that the rest of the content of your resume will be read.

Then, it’s time to provide more details

Get more attention from your prospective employers by providing more information that keeps them reading your resume until the end. The first form of this information is an expert overview of yourself. Let your intending employers know you are a valuable professional.

There's certain information needed in this professional synopsis. Include a specific impact in previous organizations. Use brevity and clarity and keep this portion simple. Your professional summary should be two to four lines long.

You already have that higher required capability

If you have the career goal of moving a step up the ladder, you should try it. You likely have undergone the needed experience in previous job functions. All you need to do is carefully select your experience and synthesize them in a thoughtfully presentable way to your prospective employer.

If you have previous experience that will further provide your hirers with a good projection of the length of your years of experience, you should talk about it. For better showcasing of these skills and experiences, list them. Quantify the years of experience and give specific impact accomplished when able.

Extra skills can be added

Any additional practical skills an employee has will increase their value significantly. You should indicate any valuable additional skill.

Suppose the basis of the final selection of an employee's resume hinges on the question, "what additional value can you offer?" Your resume will be selected because your additional skills provide added advantages.

How do you write an excellent UX Designer resume?

Your resume should not exceed one page. Yes, your resume makes more professional sense when you can give an excellent summary of why you should be hired. Still, only necessary information is needed, and you should keep this information simple.

Ensure the crucial data in your resume gives a concise explanation of who you are and what qualifies you as a UX Designer. State specific accomplishments that signify what values you have to offer a company.

Include specific roles of a UX Designer, such as market research, user understanding, and designing. Include how you will perform some of these roles in your UX Designer resume. Apart from showing these technical skills, let your hirer know some of your impacts so far. Sign up with Leet Resumes to get a free achievement-oriented UX Designer resume template today.

Understand the skills you should indicate as a UX Designer

There are specific work objectives of a UX Designer. It is better to show that you deeply understand the scope of each objective. You do this by explaining how you have previously carried out such job functions successfully.

Some functional details you should include research, design, implementation, data analysis, style, initiative, forecasting, and communication. So, to relay how you have accomplished these skills in previous roles, you might consider writing something like:

  • Research: “Performed research on user experience, analyzed the result, and came up with workable strategies.”
  • Design: “Designed over 40 structures that promoted user-friendly experience.”
  • Implementation: “Oversaw the implementation of the designs and ensure they were properly implemented to optimize the user experience.”
  • Data analysis: “Used both quantitative and qualitative data to solve problems.”
  • Style: “Designed visual styles and user flows for new features.”
  • Initiative: “Led initiatives to define UX guidelines.”
  • Forecasting: “Oversaw a multi-million budget and created monthly financial forecasts.”
  • Communication: “Ensured adequate flow of information among teams to enhance collaborative effort and an excellent production of designs.”

In addition, quantify your skill and impact so that your hiring managers can have a picture of your previous work. By doing so, they do not need to start to picture what you have done so far because the figures are there to guide them.

Let Leet Resumes lead your success

Leet wants to enhance your successful career by helping you create a great and compelling UX Designer resume. You could use the guidelines above or sign up with Leet Resumes now to get your UX Designer resume.


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