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Writing a great marketing resume doesn’t need to be hard. Follow our guide to discover how to write your own resume that will land you more job interviews. Or, hire us to write one for you for free.

Written by Marc Cenedella
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Marc Cenedella

Marc Cenedella is a nationally recognized thought leader on careers, resume writing, job search, career management and recruiting, Marc is frequently sought out by national media organizations for his expert commentary on employment, resumes, the job search and the job market.

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Last updated on March 14, 2022
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How to write an amazing marketing resume

Marketers are storytellers.

You invite the reader in, understanding their needs, directing their attention, before finally reeling them in with a powerful call-to-action.

It’s time to use that art of storytelling for your resume.

Resumes are a form of marketing. They market your ability to perform a job competently.

At Leet Resumes, we designed a marketing resume template that shows how you can efficiently organize your experience to get a recruiter’s attention. Take a look at our sample here.

Want to learn how to craft your own resume? Follow along with our guide, and we’ll show you how to write a resume that will get you more interviews and more job offers.

Let’s get started.

Can you write my resume for me?

If the hiring manager is your customer, then your resume is the first piece of “copy” that they’ll see.

As a marketer, we don’t need to tell you how important that first impression is.

Here’s a sobering fact: each marketing job gets almost 120 applications. That’s 120 resumes for each hiring manager to sift through.

You have to make your resume stand out.

That’s why you should consider hiring a professional.

At Leet Resumes, we’ve written hundreds of resumes for professionals of all career levels.

And we’re ready to start writing yours today. For free – though tips are encouraged!

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How to format a marketing resume

Seeing as you’re the creative type, I understand that you want to write your resume on your own.

I applaud that. I’m here to help you out.

Before we dive into the perfect Leet Resume format for a resume, I want to cover a few things you should avoid.

As a marketing guru, I know that you focus on creative spins on traditional messaging.

This is one area where that will work against you.

Don’t use any funny formatting, such as images, text boxes, or multiple columns. These additional elements may look good on a screen, but will end up confusing the software that first reads your resume. It could send your resume straight to the trash.

Don’t use any illegible fonts such as Jokerman. Stick to the tried and true fonts like Times New Roman.

Don’t put a bunch of clunky paragraphs.

Those are my don’ts. Now, let’s take a look at the format for a winning marketing resume.

  • Name + Contact
  • Professional Headline
  • Professional Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Keywords

This is your winning resume format. Stick to this format, and you’ll wind up with more job interviews in a shorter timeframe.

Name + Contact

Right at the top of your resume, you’ll need to put the name that you go by professionally. First Name (or name you’re called), followed by your last name.

Underneath this, you’ll put your contact information. We recommend sticking to two contact sources: phone number and email address.

Remember, your email address is part of how you market yourself, so keep it professional.

Optionally, you may choose to include a LinkedIn profile or a portfolio link. Only include a LinkedIn URL if you check your account regularly.

Professional Headline

Every line of your resume needs to be written like it’s a piece of precious copy.

The Professional Headline is no exception.

This Headline is how you market yourself, as a professional, in 3-5 words.

You’ll want to show off your job title, your seniority, and your work style, if possible.

Here’s a sample for a marketer: Imaginative Marketing Specialist

Three words: one excellent profile.

Professional Summary

If your resume were a piece of copy, this part is the short-form ad.

You have to make your pitch to a recruiter in 2-4 lines, getting them hooked to read the rest of your resume.

Here’s how you’ll format your summary:

  • What job title you’re targeting
  • What marketing skills you bring to the table
  • What marketing achievements you’ve accomplished (optional)
  • What promotions and awards you’ve received (optional)

Lines one and two are the heart of your pitch. It’s what you’re looking for and why you can do it.

Lines three and four are optional, depending upon your experience. They serve to reinforce line two, showing a recruiter that you are a great fit for the job.

If you haven’t been promoted, or if you don’t have any marketing awards to show off, you don’t need to be worried. In that case, you’ll want to focus on lines one and two only.

That will keep your resume looking clean, and it’ll give you additional space to use on your work experience and keywords.

How are you holding up? Are you still following along?

I know that resume writing can be a frustrating chore – especially if you’re doing it all alone.

Why not hand the reins over to us? We’ll be happy to write your resume for you... for free – tips encouraged!

Work Experience

This is the heart of your marketing resume. If the summary is the short-form ad, then the work experience is that SEO-optimized article.

Just like how you need to optimize your article for your audience, you need to optimize your work experience for the recruiter.

You need to present your experience in a way that gets a recruiter excited.

You do that by following these five key concepts.

Focus on successes, achievements, and accomplishments.

You have to market yourself. Do this by bragging (pleasantly) about all of your big wins you’ve accomplished at each job.

Don’t focus on your daily tasks such as, “writing daily eblast.” Instead, repackage these daily tasks into long-term accomplishments, “developed and deployed annual email campaign through unique daily eblasts.”

By focusing on your big achievements, you show off the best work you’ve completed at each job, which gives a recruiter a snapshot into what great benefits they’ll gain by hiring you.

Use strong verbs

As David Lee Roth said for the hit song, “Jump:” you can never go wrong with a positive verb.

Start each bullet with a strong verb to show your work in action. Created, developed, wrote, designed.

Your resume will become more active and dynamic, allowing your recruiter to envision you working in the position they’re hiring for.

Help them paint that mental picture. Add those strong verbs.

Put numbers wherever you can

As a marketer, you already have a strong grasp of important metrics: clickthrough rates, bounce rates, open rates. You know that data tells a story.

Use data to show how great you are at your job.

Instead of saying you improved the company’s clickthrough rate, say that you improved it by 25% leading to 4% more sales.

Adding metrics will show the specific impact you’ve had as a marketer, which will help a hiring manager see what impact you’ll have at your next job.

Call out your promotions

Breaking up a job by separating out promotions is a great way to build up your resume’s narrative.

Recruiters love reading a candidate’s work history. They like seeing how you’ve progressed from one job to the next.

Seeing promotions is exciting. It shows a recruiter that you are able to learn and grow within an organization. Hiring you, therefore, will be seen as a wise investment.

Always include dates

So your resume has some gaps.

I get it. Mine does too. In full disclosure, I got laid off from a startup.

But you still have to put the dates on the resume.

Recruiters won’t discriminate against gaps. Instead, they’ll probably ask about gaps, and you can use that opportunity to explain their existence.

When you skip out on dates, it makes you look like you’re hiding something. This makes you seem untrustworthy, and untrustworthy candidates rarely get interviews.

Put the dates on the resume.


This section of your marketing resume is pretty short. All you’ll need to do is add any institutions you’ve attended, along with any degrees or certificates you’ve earned.

If you’re still in a program, it’s wise to avoid adding it to your resume – unless your expected graduation date is right around the corner.

So, if you’re an undergrad looking for your first marketing job, and you graduate in May 2022, it would be acceptable to add anticipated graduation May 2022.


This is the final section of your resume.

Here, you’ll put any hard skills, soft skills, and awards that you’ve received for your marketing work.

When a recruiter reads a marketing resume, they are judging it against a job description. The JD often has a list of must-have skills.

This keyword section is where you list those skills to make it easier for a recruiter to give you an interview.

Here are some marketing skills you may want to include:

  • SEO
  • Semrush
  • Google Analytics
  • MailChimp
  • Brainstorming
  • Writing
  • Communication
  • Leadership

Once you’ve filled out your keyword section, you’re done! That’s how you write a marketing resume.

Congrats! You’re ready to send that resume out and get to interviewin’!

Can I get someone to write my marketing resume for me?

Still struggling to write that perfect resume?

Give Leet Resumes a shot. We will write you a personalized marketing resume for free (tips are appreciated).

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