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Last updated on September 2, 2022
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Hospital Receptionist Resume Example

When you consider the number of people who visit a hospital daily, it comes as no surprise that receptionists directing them are critical to the success of a smoothly running daily operation.

Hospital Receptionists are essential to any hospital to maintain peace and decorum. Promoting a peaceful environment is necessary, as the overall atmosphere of a hospital can play a role in treating its patients. So, as a Hospital Receptionist, you are not only responsible for juggling coffee orders but also play a pivotal role in the hospital as an organization and the patients it treats.

Understanding your role in the hospital is imperative to landing the job. Once you can grasp the responsibilities that come along with becoming a part of maintaining the running of a hospital by receiving patients and visitors, you will need a rockstar Hospital Receptionist resume to land the job. This resume will include detailed information about the skills and experience that qualifies you as an employable Hospital Receptionist.

At Leet Resumes, we are happy to help you write an excellent Hospital Receptionist resume that will land you your dream job. We’ll even do it for free! But, you could decide to do that yourself by reading more on what to do below.

A typical Hospital Receptionist resume template to follow

Interacting with people and giving them directions is a fantastic job that you should not take lightly. Coupled with the fact that you dress well and are meant to serve as the first impression of a hospital, it’s clear the position is held in high esteem. Regardless of the hospital you work in, this receptive and warm welcome function stays the same.

Be sure to find a hospital that has a mission and vision statement that resonate with you as an individual. Finding a company that values its people, including its receptionists, will be critical on those especially busy days filled with one upset visitor after another. Once you’ve found a few options you think you mesh well with, use a well-written Hospital Receptionist resume to let prospective employers know why they need to hire you for the role.

Applicants vying for Hospital Receptionist positions aren't expected to have a long list of qualifications or certifications. Instead, the critical qualities of organization, neatness, basic computing, fluent communication, and the likes are needed.

Depending on the hospital you are applying to, specific additional tasks could be added. You must carefully write your resume to include all these qualities and any additional ones your prospective employer would require. Remember, your Hospital Receptionist resume is the tool you need to land that dream job. Therefore, take your time to write it.

Do not be in a rush to just draft a Hospital Receptionist resume and submit it. Just as you would take your time to give directions to someone visiting your hospital for the first time, you should equally take your time to put together an impressive resume.

To provide a structural design for your Hospital Receptionist resume, there are specific templates you should use. However, it is good you start with basic details such as:

  • Name
  • Contact details
  • A great headline
  • Short professional qualities
  • Experience in a receptionist job
  • The educational level attained
  • Awards or achievements so far

Boldly write your name

Your name is essential on your Hospital Receptionist resume for identification. If there was no name on your resume, how do you expect hiring managers to identify who presented such a great resume?

Your name should stand out and be the first piece of obvious information on your resume. To create this emphasis, use a large and bolded font.

After giving your name, write details about your contact below. This is very important to enable you to be personally reached by prospective employers. There are three quintessential data for your contact information.

  • Your telephone number
  • A simple but official email
  • Place of residence

Your telephone number

Keep this information simple. You do not need to add multiple numbers. Just one is enough. Make sure that no one other than you answers the telephone line you put in your resume. A prospective employee should always make him or herself easily accessible to prospective hirers.

A simple but official email

Email works excellent on resumes since they are more professional than a phone number. Both have their benefits. While a phone number might help reach someone quickly, an email can be used to share documents.

While both are required, you should include a professional email you access frequently.

Place of residence

A Hospital Receptionist's job function is a physical one. It is not remote, unlike the new waves of jobs being provided nowadays.

As you will be responsible for transporting yourself to work daily, it is good for future employers to know where you will come from. This information might seem unnecessary, but it is a piece of the essential information you should include on your Hospital Receptionist resume.

Add a mesmerizing factor

It is time to construct a good headline that will provide a glimpse of the excellent features of your Hospital Receptionist resume to follow.

You should capture hiring managers' attention by writing a catchy but powerful headline. Make it straightforward and strong. Your name should be prominent, but your headline should be firm and deeply impress the readers of your resume.

What qualifies you as a Hospital Receptionist?

After impressing your future employers and getting their attention with a good headline, you need to provide further information to increase the eagerness of wanting to look through your Hospital Receptionist resume. This additional information is meant to summarize how professional you are.

This summary should contain details of why you are qualified for the Hospital Receptionist position. Talk about the qualities that make you an exceptional receptionist. Include your years of experience, schooling, or professional training.

Synthesize your experience

Are you trying to apply for a Hospital Receptionist position for the first time? Are you worried you do not have what it takes?

Don’t put yourself down. Instead, look at the past few years and your job experience so far. Haven't you been meeting with people daily? Haven't you comfortably responded to calls? You have what it takes. All you need to do is to use the right words to present your experience and skills.

Additionally, you need to understand why you would be needed as a receptionist in that hospital. Every organization has a different way of functioning. Therefore, in your resume, you will organize this information so that recruiters can easily read it. To do this, write the job titles separately, then write underneath them the number of years of experience, including your impacts.

Any other valuable skills to add?

Before you add any additional skills to your Hospital Receptionist resume, ensure it is a skill that will be valuable to the hospital you are applying to. You could include the usage of new specific medical software, multitasking skill, and the like.

Consider adding receptionist software you are comfortable navigating through, like iLobby, Proxycliy, Envoy, or Sine.

How do you write an excellent Hospital Receptionist resume?

You are not writing an autobiography or a cover letter; you are simply writing a Hospital Receptionist resume. With that in mind, keep it simple. It should still contain the vital information prospective hirers want to see.

Your resume should not exceed one page. It is simply a tool you are to use to sell your skill and what you can do as a Hospital Receptionist. To create a Hospital Receptionist resume that will capture all of this, you should consider the intricate roles of this position.

Assisting, scheduling, and processing are part of the significant functions of a Hospital Receptionist. Hence, you should show in your resume how you have thoroughly performed these functions and more in previous job roles. Give clear examples and resulting achievements.

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Understand the skills expected of you as a Hospital Receptionist

You should know your role as a Hospital Receptionist and the necessary skills to succeed. You should detail the primary functions in your Hospital Receptionist resume template: welcoming, processing, documentation, terminology, scheduling, and assisting.

Read more below on how to state them in your Hospital Receptionist resume.

  • Welcoming: “Received and warmly greeted hospital visitors, directing them as needed.”
  • Processing: “Processed documentation needed by medical workers.
  • Documentation: “Helped individuals sign and process necessary documents including billing and payments.”
  • Terminology: “Great understanding of medical terminology, applications, and common procedures.”
  • Scheduling: “Scheduled outpatient appointments and ensured they were fulfilled on time. Also scheduled in-house meetings with hospital staff.”
  • Assisting: “Assisted in maintaining medical pieces of equipment by cleaning and sterilizing them.”

Quantifying your skills as a Hospital Receptionist might be challenging. However, you should use figures when you can, especially to showcase your accomplished skills in the field so far.

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