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Last updated on April 7, 2022
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How to write a great web developer resume

Web developer is one of the most in-demand careers in 2022.

But you’ll never get your dream job as a web developer unless you have a great resume.

It may sound simple, or even outdated – but it’s the honest truth: you can’t get a great job without a great resume.

That’s where we come in. We created a textbook example web developer resume that you can copy right here.

It’s pretty great, right? Do you know why it’s so great?

Because it follows the Leet Resume formula for a foolproof resume.

I’m going to do you a favor, I’m going to teach you our format for writing a killer web developer resume.

By the end of this, you’ll have the tools to write a great resume so you can get more job interviews.

Let’s get started.

Why is my web developer resume so important?

“But if web developers are in such high demand, why do I really need a resume?”

Good question. Here’s the answer.

For every job opening posted on LinkedIn or Indeed, around 119 people apply for the job.

That’s 119 resumes for a recruiter to sift through.

Even if a recruiter is knocking down your door, they still will want to see your resume to give to the hiring manager.

You need a great resume to sell the recruiter and hiring manager on you – to get that foot in the door and get to that first key interview.

With so much on the line, you might want to go with a professional resume writer.

That’s who we are.

We at Leet Resumes will write your Web Developer Resume for you for free!

Click here to get started today – tips appreciated for a job well done! ##How do I format my web developer resume? I told you I’d teach you how to write a great resume, and I’m going to keep that promise.

The first thing to know is that the general format of your resume is critical.

Use a standard font like Arial or Times New Roman.

Keep the formatting simple. Do not use text boxes, images, or multiple columns on your web developer resume.

Complicated formatting will confuse the software that processes your resume, and you may end up being incorrectly categorized and ultimately not given an interview.

That’s just the housekeeping. It’s time to look at the structure of your resume.

You’ll want to structure your web developer resume like this:

  • Name and contact
  • Professional headline
  • Professional summary
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Keywords

Six sections, no fluff.

Let’s look at each in greater detail.

Name + Contact

Your name and contact section is the URL for your resume. It’s the “who you are” and “how to get ahold of you” section.

And just like with any decent website, you’ll want to make it simple for the reader (in this case, the recruiter).

Stick to the name you go by professionally and a professional-sounding email. You can choose to add your LinkedIn profile if and only if you check it frequently.

Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for a missed connection.

The goal of your resume is to get interviews, not miss interviews, so plan accordingly!

Professional Headline

What’s next on your financial analyst resume? Your professional headline!

Think of this as the tagline for your resume.

Apple’s is think different. TikTok says make every second count.

You’re going to use 3-5 words to convey how you market yourself as a job seeker. You’ll include work style, seniority, and position targeted.

Here’s a sample: Innovative Web Developer

Boom. Simple, yet effective.

Professional Summary

Coming off your Professional Headline, you need to write out your Professional Summary.

Professional Summary? When do I get to my work experience?

I know – there’s a lot of stuff that comes before the experience, but it all exists to help orient the recruiter.

Put yourself in the shoes of a tech recruiter. They have a job opening for a position called “website code specialist.”

It’s basically a web developer, but the company has re-marketed it as a “website code specialist.”

Because of this title difference, the recruiter gets a lot of resumes from candidates that aren’t a great fit.

Maybe they’re graphic designers. Maybe they’re app developers. Either way, they’re a little off the mark.

You want to show the recruiter that you are on the mark.

That is what your headline and your summary are for: they tell the recruiter “this is what I do, and this is the job I’m looking for.”

For your professional summary, you’ll want to use four lines, formatted like this:

  • Job title(s) you’re seeking
  • Web developer skills you’ve developed (haha, but seriously)
  • Your web developer accomplishments
  • Relevant promotions and awards

Lines one and two are mandatory, as they help orient the recruiter.

Lines three and four are optional, depending upon your experience. If you have promotions to include, include them!

Nervous about getting your resume right?

Have Leet Resumes write your resume for you.

We’ve written thousands of resumes, and are happy to write your web developer resume for you, for free!

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Work Experience

I told you we’d get to your work experience. And here we are.

For a web developer, you’ll want to put your work experience positions in reverse chronological order.

Then you need to fill out each of these positions with bullets (not paragraphs) that capture all of your hard work and experience.

Don’t bother with listing daily job duties. It makes your resume look like you simply copied and pasted the job description.

You gotta make it original to you.

How do you do that? By following 5 key concepts.

Focus on successes, achievements, and accomplishments

If you take away one thing from this guide, I want it to be this. Focus on successes, achievements, and accomplishments when you bullet out your work experience.

You have to get your recruiter’s attention. You need to make her think, “I need to get this candidate in for an interview.”

You do that by bragging truthfully.

You brag effectively by showing off your impact at your jobs.

Reframe your daily duties into projects that you completed over time. Highlight that website you built for that key client. Show off those impressive web developer projects you spearheaded.

You’ll attract attention and get more interviews. Promise.

Start with a strong verb

Don’t start each bullet with a string of non-essential words. “I was chosen to lead the …”

No. We’re not writing novels. We’re not even writing full sentences.

We’re writing snappy bullets.

Lead, developed, prototyped, completed, launched.

Start with the action to keep the recruiter hooked.

Quantify your experience

You’ve shown the recruiter you’ve had a great impact on each company you’ve worked for.

Now it’s time to quantify that impact.

Instead of saying that you built websites for clients, say how many websites you built – how many pages, how much traffic they drive, how big a budget you managed.

Add figures wherever you can to help make the business case that hiring you is a good investment.

Include your promotions

Speaking of investment, you want to show that you’re a good long-term investment.

You do that by including promotions (if you have any).

Promotions tell a recruiter that you can grow and develop at a company. In effect, you’re telling a recruiter, “you’re hiring me for this present job, but you’re possibly hiring me for another job later.”

It makes you look like a smart investment. Recruiters love smart investments.

Don’t forget dates

Last but not least, don’t leave off dates for any jobs you’ve listed.

Gaps are understandable. Omitting dates seems suspicious.

Suspicious people don’t get interviews.


Ok, we’re coming up on the end of your resume. This is a small, concise section where you’ll put any programs you’ve completed and degrees or certificates you’ve earned.

Leave off any program that you’re still attending, unless you’re set to graduate within the next couple of months. In that case, put “expected graduation,” followed by the date the degree will be conferred.


For the last section of your web developer resume, you need to focus on your keywords.

What are keywords?

They are the hard skills, soft skills, and awards you’ve acquired that are relevant to your job search.

They function as the last chance to convince your recruiter to give you an interview, so it is important to list every possible skill you possess.

Here are some examples:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Debugging
  • SEO
  • Graphic Design
  • Hosting
  • Communication
  • Problem solving

There are tons more skills, but this is a good starting point. Make sure that you include whatever is relevant for the job you’re applying to.

Can I get someone to write my web developer resume for me?

Little bit overwhelmed by all of this resume advice? Do you need someone to help you out? Try Leet Resumes. We will write you a personalized web developer resume for free (tips are appreciated).

You have nothing to lose and a whole career to gain.


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