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Last updated on May 23, 2022
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How to write a great Assistant GM Resume

To end up in the company of your dreams as an Assistant General Manager or AGM, you'll need a resume that showcases your skills, experience, and accomplishments. But how do you go about drafting this pivotal document in order to turn heads and show prospective companies that you mean business?

The quick and easy answer is that we can write one for you for free! Or, for those eager to learn the process, you can keep reading for more information on our assistant GM resume example.

An example of a great Assistant General Manager resume

For every good general manager a company has, there is an Assistant General Manager right at their side helping pull their weight. While the general manager primarily focuses on the functions of a company behind closed doors, the Assistant General Manager often wears multiple hats. It’s not uncommon for an Assistant General Manager to play a significant role in both front and back of the house operations.

Because the job of an Assistant General Manager can be so demanding, candidates seeking out these positions must possess a lengthy list of qualifications and necessary skills. Not only are you responsible for juggling many of the big picture projects assigned directly from your boss, the general manager, but you also must be on your toes and ready to take on the day-to-day operation.

The Assistant General Manager resume should provide an overview of everything you have to offer, including everything from customer service to interpersonal relationships to project management.

Scheduling is often a primary function of an Assistant General Manager. So, consider the time and effort to craft the perfect schedule. That’s the type of care you want to put into your resume. All of the necessary information should be clear and easy to read, without any confusion for whoever may pick it up.

You’ll need to stick to an Assistant General Manager resume template to land the interviews. Include these quintessential items for a strong general manager resume example:

  • Name and contact information
  • Powerful headline
  • Professional summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Awards or honorable mentions

Start with the basics: your name and contact information

It might seem obvious, but your name and contact information should be the first text on your Assistant General Manager resume template. Your name should stand out in bold and/or larger font so that it is the first thing your future employer sees.

Immediately following your name should come your contact information. After all, you want recruiters to know how to reach you to call you in for an interview. To help employers figure out if relocation will need to be discussed, at a minimum, you should include your regional location, including your city and state. Since most Assistant General Manager positions are hands-on, it’s not likely you’ll be looking for a remote job anyway.

Your email address and phone number are critical to your job seeking. Don’t let your email address be off-putting. Keep it short and simple, like a variation of your name.

Follow-up with an unforgettable headline

A quick way for you to capture your audience's attention will be with the headline of your Assistant General Manager resume template. Your name should stand out in terms of formatting, but your headline should leave an unforgettable impression on readers.

Use your professional summary to highlight your assets

Once you’ve captured your audience’s attention and left them eager to read on, it’s time for you to follow up with your professional summary. Your more relevant and essential skills and accomplishments should be highlighted in this two to four line section of your resume.

Before moving on to specific details of your resume, including your work experience and education, the professional summary will help provide an overview of what employers can look forward to reading more about. This section should include all relevant information, including significant professional accomplishments, critical expertise, and years of managerial experience.

Quantify your work experience and education

Lacking experience in the role of an Assistant General Manager isn’t anything to be worried about when applying. After all, many companies have different structures. Often, you can be working in this role at one company under a completely different title while still performing all of the same job functions of an Assistant General Manager in the company for which you are applying.

Include any professional management experience on your resume since it will be considered relevant. Showcase your achievements in each role rather than listing off duties using a bulleted list underneath each work experience job title. Use numbers to quantify your accomplishments in each position as much as possible.

To be hired as an Assistant General Manager, education level may or may not play a role, depending on the employer. Still, it’s worthwhile to include your highest level of education, including any degrees you hold and from which institutions they were earned.

Wrap up with keywords to showcase any additional skills

Any additional skills you have not yet been able to feature on your Assistant General Manager resume can be neatly wrapped up in a keywords section. Payroll processing apps, project management tools, and CRM systems (listed by name) that you are proficient with are all excellent examples of skills to include in this section.

How do you write a great Assistant General Manager resume?

While the general manager is responsible for planning, coordinating, and directing the day-to-day operations of a business, the Assistant General Manager plays a critical role in supporting that position. Because of this, Assistant General Managers are often tasked with lending a helping hand in meetings and training sessions, meaning effective public speaking and leading characteristics are needed to succeed in this role.

Assisting on both ends, training new employees, and taking charge of administrative duties also often fall into the lap of an Assistant General Manager. Your Assistant General Manager resume should reflect your ability to manage marketing strategies, company policies, and predetermined budgets to show your readiness for this role. The necessary technical skills to support business objectives for the company should also be included in your resume.

The relevant skills, accolades, and achievements you've compiled are other critical components of a highly effective Assistant General Manager resume. Relevant skills for an Assistant General Manager resume include assisting with human resource activities, managing daily operations, ensuring smooth workflow, and creating weekly schedules.

While soft skills can be helpful in the position of an Assistant General Manager, listing these on your resume will not help you stand out from the masses. Instead, focus on hard skills within the job function, such as management skills, analytical skills, and any technical skills needed for your industry.

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Getting promoted as an Assistant General Manager

If you want to be promoted from a manager to an Assistant General Manager, you must use your resume to demonstrate your capabilities. While you might not have experience as an Assistant General Manager on paper, if you have management experience, this will all come into play.

Your ability to support and contribute to the improvement of day to day operations of a company will reflect on your capabilities as an Assistant General Manager to prospective employers. The best indicators that you are ready to rise to the next level as an Assistant General Manager will shine through the achievements you highlight throughout your resume.

Assistant General Manager skills

Showcase how you used each critical Assistant General Manager’s hard skill on your resume to achieve something to support your general manager or company. So for management, customer service, scheduling, compliance, recruiting, analytical reasoning, and team motivation, you might indicate something similar to:

  • Increased YoY sales 17% by supporting the general manager in achieving a record-breaking quarter.
  • “Boosted positive name recognition in guest satisfaction surveys by 80% YOY.”
  • “Reduced payroll costs by 4% while increasing sales YOY resulting from improved scheduling practices.”
  • “Improved team’s EcoLab rating by 10% YOY during annual self-assessment.”
  • “Hired and trained 17 new employees YTD, all of which are still with the company.”
  • “Developed monthly forecasts based on historical data and monthly trends with 0.08% accuracy.”
  • “Achieved 22% fewer call-offs YTD by leading a team incentive program.”

Using a combination of numbers and words, demonstrate what you achieved with your hard skills. You can paint a better picture for your audience by using bullet points to showcase this in a quantifiable way.

Leet Resumes Can Help

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