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Last updated on May 23, 2022
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How to write a Biological Technician Resume

You'll need a resume that showcases your skills, experience, and accomplishments to end up in the company of your dreams as a Biological Technician. In order to turn heads and present yourself professionally to prospective companies, you’ve got to figure out how to draft this critical report of yourself.

Not sure where to get started? Not to worry, we’re here to help! Leet Resumes can write a Biological Technician resume template for you for free!

But, if you’re interested in learning more about the process of drafting one up yourself, keep reading for more information about our Biological Technician resume example.

A great Biological Technician resume example

Assisting medical and biological scientists, Biological Technicians are responsible for conducting laboratory experiments and tests. The medical students and biologists supervise the work of Biological Technicians and aid when needed. As you can imagine, the role of a Biological Technician is crucial in laboratories, which is why the screening process to be hired can be pretty stringent.

Candidates seeking out these positions must possess a lengthy list of necessary skills and qualifications because the role of a Biological Technician can be demanding. In this role, you are responsible for tackling fieldwork assigned directly by your supervisor and remaining vigilant in the lab as you observe and conduct your experiments.

The ideal Biological Technician resume should provide an overview of everything you have to offer, including laboratory equipment responsibilities and project management skills.

A primary function of a Biological Technician is often collecting scientific data to develop a report on your findings. Much like you would take careful time and consideration in gathering this information, you’ll want to do the same for your resume. Think of your Biological Technician resume template as a final lab report from which you have thoughtfully highlighted your supporting data proving your original hypothesis.

The way you collect and present your data will be crucial. After all, how effective is a lab report that’s messy and unorganized, regardless of the data included?

You’ll want to stick to a Biological Technician resume template to keep things neat and easy to read. A strong Biological Technician resume example should always include the following quintessential items:

  • Name and contact information
  • Headline
  • Professional summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Awards or honorable mentions

Your name and contact information come first

The first text on your Biological Technician resume template will be your name and contact information. Although it may seem obvious to you, you’ll want to let your readers know who gathered the data and drafted the report. To make sure that your name is the first thing your future employer sees, put it in a bold and/or larger font from the rest of the document.

Your contact information should immediately follow your name so that recruiters know how to reach you. Since you can be hired in different locations depending on the work required, you should, at a minimum, include your regional location, including your city and state.

In addition to your location, your contact information should include your phone number and email address. Don’t overlook your email address. Something that is childish or inappropriate can destroy the scholarly image you are trying to portray from your resume. Opt for something concise, like a first initial and last name, etc.

Capture your audience with a powerful headline

The headline of your Biological Technician resume template should serve as a quick way for you to capture the attention of prospective employers. Much like you would title your lab report, you want to make sure it is assertive and meaningful to whoever is reading it. The headline should leave your readers wanting more, forcing them to continue on to the supporting information.

Provide a brief synopsis with your professional summary

Now that your powerful headline has left readers eager for more, you want to follow that up with a supporting professional summary. The professional summary will act as the brief in your lab report, identifying your purpose, procedures, and result in two to four lines.

The professional summary provides readers with a brief synopsis of what to expect from the supporting information to follow, which will include your work experience and education. Use the summary to highlight years of experience as a Biological Technician, accomplishments, and expertise you have developed in that time.

Quantify your work experience and education

You don’t need to worry about your lack of experience if you are applying for the role of a Biological Technician for the first time. Commonly, positions in this field require previous work in internships or other volunteer or research positions.

Therefore, you should include any research or lab experience on your resume since it will be considered relevant. What’s most important is that rather than listing off the duties you performed, use a bulleted list underneath each work experience job title to showcase your achievements in each role. Whenever possible, quantify your accomplishments to act as supporting data.

Education level may or may not play a role in being hired as a Biological Technician depending on the employer. While a bachelor’s degree is often required, associate degrees are also accepted in some companies.

Because the role of a Biological Technician is considered to be a scholarly position, include any relevant education on your resume, including any degrees you hold and from which institutions they were earned.

Conclude with compelling keywords

Neatly conclude your Biological Technician resume example with a keywords section. Use this space to highlight any additional skills you have not yet been able to feature. Excellent examples of skills to include in this section for a Biological Technician may consist of:

  • Calibrating laboratory equipment
  • Standardized testing
  • Collecting field data
  • Digitizing data collection

How to write an impressive Biological Technician manager resume

While medical and biological students act as primaries on tests and experiments, the role of the Biological Technician is pivotal in ensuring the work is completed promptly. Because Biological Technicians work so closely with their direct supervisors, having the skills to manage both experiments and people is essential in the role.

The primary duties of a Biological Technician include setting up, maintaining, and cleaning laboratory instruments. While the equipment list can vary, many technicians handle test tubes, microscopes, and other expensive and fragile items. Attention to detail is another critical skill required in any lab at any level.

Conducting biological tests and experiments, gathering and preparing biological samples, and analyzing and writing reports on their findings are just a few other roles that a Biological Technician can take on in an experiment. Organization, timeliness, and thoroughness are all characteristics the Biological Technician's resume must exemplify. Other skills that are required from a Biological Technician include critical thinking, observational, analytical, and communication.

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Getting promoted as a Biological Technician

For interns, research assistants, and lab volunteers looking to be promoted to a Biological Technician, your resume must demonstrate your capabilities. As long as you have research and lab work experience, you can show that you have performed functions in this role, even though you might not have experience as a Biological Technician on paper.

Your ability to perform as an effective Biological Technician to prospective employers can be shown through your previous experience supporting and contributing to research and lab work improvement. The achievements you highlight throughout your resume will allow the best indicators showing you are ready to rise to the next level as a Biological Technician to shine through.

Biological Technician skills

Mark your achievements by showcasing how you used each critical Biological Technician's hard skill on your resume. So for quality management, safety assurance, software, accountability, innovation, data collection, and compliance, you might indicate something similar to:

  • Quality management: “Adhered to GLP and ISO 9000 standards to ensure quality management in lab practices.”
  • Safety assurance: “Received 100% compliance reviews on monthly and quarterly safety and WRAIR inspections.”
  • Software: “Used GPS equipment to assist with biological data collection.”
  • Accountability: “Increased proper tagging and identification of all samples by 17% YOY.”
  • Innovation: “Developed leading analysis method saying company $11,000 in research funding.”
  • Data collection: “Conducted spill prevention, control, and countermeasure (SPCC) inspections in over 200 areas.”
  • Compliance: “Reviewed and finalized monthly DMR documents submitted to the state for permit compliance.”

Demonstrate your accomplishments from your hard skills by using a combination of numbers and words. Bullet points showcase this information and help make the factual data quick and easy to read.

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