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What happened to my fancy formatting?

By Marc Cenedella  on Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Marc Cenedella

Marc Cenedella is a nationally recognized thought leader on careers, resume writing, job search, career management and recruiting, Marc is frequently sought out by national media organizations for his expert commentary on employment, resumes, the job search and the job market.

Your resume format should be predictable and standard. Unusual or elaborate formats hurt your chances of getting an interview

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You may have had a fancy and complex format for your original resume. When we write you an industry standard Leet resume, you’ll notice that we remove complex formatting, fonts, graphics, columns, text boxes, and other distractions.


We’ve found through millions of resume reviews, thousands of hours speaking with recruiters, and watching what works in actual searches, that a strong, clean, simple format is best.

There is currently a fad among graphic artists to create resume formats with multiple columns, large initial capital letters, and extensive graphics. This fad does not take into account the preferences of your audience - the hiring managers, HR professionals and recruiters who read resumes for a living. They uniformly prefer a strong, simple, clean format. Using complex resume formats risks having your resume be ignored because it’s too difficult to read, understand and parse.

Overall, when it comes to resumes, you want the format to be predictable and standard. If the reader needs to guess where you’ve put an important piece of information, or adjust to your unusual format, it hurts your chances of getting an interview. As a result, resume formats should adhere as closely as possible to a standard format.

When it comes to content, your resume should be compelling, interesting, and exciting. Share the things you've achieved, the accomplishments you've had, and the hurdles you've overcome. Your content, describing your career successes and highlights, is what resume reviewers find most interesting, and that's what gets interviews.

And that’s why Leet Resumes avoids fancy formatting, and uses industry standard simple, clean, clear formatting to help you stand out.

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