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By Marc Cenedella  on Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Marc Cenedella

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When we talk to recruiters and hiring managers, we hear one thing from them over and over - keep it simple

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When we talk to recruiters and hiring managers, we hear one thing from them over and over - please have a simple format resume where everything is where I expect it to be. Please don’t make me guess.

It’s a common desire for people reviewing a lot of information. You do it too.

When you’re reading online, you want information to be in the place you expect it. When you’re using Yelp, Zillow, Netflix, or Youtube, you expect the information for each movie, restaurant, or house to be in the same place for each listing. You don’t want each particular restaurant to show off its creativity by putting the menu somewhere different. You don’t want the movie to stand out by changing the order of cast, reviews, or cost.

The same thing applies to your resume.

The people who review resumes for a living - HR professionals, hiring managers, recruiters - perform best when information is in the same place every time. That way, it’s easy for them to read, and they can find your information without a problem.

The Leet Resumes standard format provides your audience with exactly what they are looking for: an easy-to-understand resume where everything is exactly where they’ve come to expect.

And just like movies, restaurants, or home listings, the best way for you to attract the right kind of attention is with compelling content, not unique or quirky page design.

The most compelling content you can provide is the story of your success over the past five years. Sharing numbers-based achievements and accomplishments, a clear sense of what job titles you are pursuing, and an easy-to-scan summary of your qualifications and capabilities is the right kind of content that will make you and your resume stand out.

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